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Turf Protector | Sigma Mat

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What is SIGMA MAT?
SIGMA MAT is "Grass Protection Mat" that can protect your nature grass from getting damaged by golfers' intensive walking on grass areas.

 Sigma Mat is not an ordinary protection mat but:  
 - Aesthetically designed with very natural grass-like look
- Long lasting effect of grass protection (5~10 years)
- Saves cost, labor and time in changing the damage grass
- Simple installation method
- Registered 5 patents and 6 utility models in numerous countries in the world
- Acquired the official ‘K mark’ which confirms the quality, given by the government
- Export to the USA, JAPAN, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, etc.

Sigma mat can be applied to a variety of places where natural grass has been created and managed, such as golf courses, school grounds, parks, gardens and multipurpose squares.


Features and essential functions of SIGMA MAT
1. Hexagon structure (Honeycomb structure)
Compared to four pillars in a square structure, the hexagonal structure (beehive structure) formed with six pillars is excellent in durability and safety, and has an excellent effect of preventing slippage due to dispersed power. 
2. Anti-sink plate ? International patent
These simple plates have proven to effectively prevent mat from sinking and getting buried, and thus Sigma Mat does not press turfgrass flat. 
3. Anti-lift (scientific coefficient of expansion 1.8%) 
Normal grass protection mat is bulging or getting warped on the connection area where two mats meet during the hot season. Sigma mat solved this problem completely by securing enough space between each piece of the mat.
4. Easy to installation ? Slide type hook
Installation is quick and easy.
We invented heavy duty polymer pin and peg to help connect and fix our mat with less difficulties. The pin and peg are grass colored to match well with grass
5. Optimized design for buffer wings 
These grass-like buffer wings are spaced out wide enough so as for grass to grow though and thus, help provide environment that grass can photosynthesize.

6. Concave sides 
Sides are concave so that grass roots can spread out beneath the mat. As grass grows, it will soon interwind with the Sigma Mat and the area will resume its natural appearance and provide a stable space.

7. Excellent recovery
Made from quality resin, the Sigma Mat has excellent flex quality that absorbs shock effectively and that elongates the life of the product.
8. Anti-age and anti-discoloration
Reinforced UV coating agent and antioxidant prevent the Sigma Mat from discoloration and oxidation and thus increase the life of the product far longer than other mats.


Processes before installing SIGMA MAT
Aerating soils of damaged grass areas and topdressing with nutritious sands are vital processes in order to tender the soils. Flating process is followed to make the surface of the soils smooth and flat. Replanting healthy grasses on the areas is final process to prepare for installing SIGMA MAT a week later.


Note of caution
a) The area of installing the mat must be as much level as possible so that the mat can be stick to the surface of the soil.

b) Places such as the area that is chronically filled with water because of a bad drainage system and the area that keeps providing shades due to enormously huge trees, can not bring positive effects on the mat simply because grass can not grow well enough.
c) Make sure that the mat we are providing must be used after replanting fully grown grass and sowing and spreading seeds of grass must be avoided because sinking soils can be drastically developed and the function of grass protection mat can be lost.
d) Make sure that installing the mat in the areas where heavy transportation vehicles such as huge carts are passing by everyday must be avoided because process of sinking soils can highly increase from the surface of the soil, therefore the function of grass protection can easily decrease.
e) Installing the mat properly towards walking direction can increase the life span of the mat.
f)  Make sure that the mat must be installed a week later after replanting fully grown grass into the area because taking a week off can possibly firm the soil for the grass to root deep inside.
g) Make sure that keeping people from walking by the area for about 7 to 15days after installing the mat must be carried out in order for the grass to root deep inside the soil with mat. 
comparison table for SIGMA MAT


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