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Mami KF7 Lime

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    Model KF 703
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    Republic of Korea
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Microfiber Dust Cloth Cleaning
Cyclone Vacuum Inhalation Cleaning
Recharging time 1hr 30min., Cleaning Time 2hr
30min, 1Hr, Continue (Select Cleaning Time)
Cross 1.2cm threshold
Using remote control
Stair avoidance detector
Non-Marring Bumper
Auto selection 4 clean types


Recharging time 2 hr, Cleaning time 2 hr. Mamirobot cleans your wanted place without any care, because it is designed as an intelligent program with a high speed recharging system.
Free Voltage for World Wide In addition, the excellent rechargeable battery for 3,000 mA is reliable to extend battery life. It doesn't require high cost when you purchase for replacement.
Intelligent Robot, Auto Cleaning Service. Cyclone Vacuum Clean!!! Wipe the floor place with Microfiber Dust Cloth. Front Side for Vacuum Clean, Back Side for Wet Cloth Clean Service. Mamirobot is an Intelligent robot clean
Rubber bumper prevents your valuable furnitures during cleaning time. Rubber bumper, attached on the front part of the Mamirobot for safety cleaning service, prevents your furniture scratch.
Easy control cleaning service. Mamirobot provides auto cleaning service as well. And, the direction can be changed as you order if you use the remote control. The long distance frequency of the remote control can be reached on the receiver part of the robot.
Powerful vacuum inhalation function. Cyclone vacuum inhalation will clean all dust, pet hair, hair, and ashes etc. (Patent)
Wider size and double vacuum inhaler. Wider double vacuum inhaler that pulls powerful ground air saves cleaning time with larger space.
4 Steps inhalation adjustment and powerful fan motor!!! Powerful fan motor, creates powerful inhalation, makes an effective cleaning. Adjustable inhalation power for normal and Turbo Cleaning depends on dust condition expects to save battery usage.
Disposable Dust Filter Precision Dust filter increases powerful dust inhalation capacity.
Noiseless hermatical design is applied into Mamirobot for your personal care. Noiseless robot cleaner will be served for your comfortable family life.
Effective wet dust cloth cleaning. Attached microfiber cloth wipes out dust, hair, and pet hair on a flat surface.
Anti Bacterium The filter doesn't need to be reused and cleansed because it is disposable, keeping it anti bacterium.
Select Cleaning Time! Spot Cleaning Option Mamirobot can be selected 30 min, 1hr, and Max(2hr) cleaning time for effective cleaning. You wanted place can be cleaned well with using powerful turbo cleaning within short time.
Stair Avoidance Sensor Stair avoidance sensor will not be covered with any dust, reduces falling off damage.
Narrow space is not a big trouble for Mamirobot movement.
Intelligent Mamirobot is able to cross threshold, and to pass narrow space through artificial intelligent program.
CDS (Lignt Sensor) Mamirobot will not be stopped under your bed when discharging of battery electricity. It will automatically come out of darker place (under bed, sofa, and the other dark narrow space) with using light sensible sensor.
Upgrade cutting-edge features and design, more convenient voice guidance system.
Implementation of the world's first 2way cleaning system.
Western style brush module and asian style vacuum suction module are adopted.
Classified by k3, k5, k7. Consumers can tailor-made choice.(ex. automatic charging system, corner-cleaning small cleaner.)
No matter which model is selected every model uses damp cloth cleaning system which is Mamirobot's strongest advantage.
Charging the shortest time, Using the longest time.
Mamirobot can do all things at once.
Up to Damp cloth, carpet, flooring, tatami, corner, and windowsill cleaning by the smarter function..
Holder for remote controller.
Holder for remote controller when not in use the PPORO.
Charge holder for handy cleaner Zaaloo.
Holder for charging and storage of handy cleaner which can be charged simultaneously with the PPORO and Zaaloo.(Notice charging status by the lamp)
Automatic charge inducing signal window.
By a similar way to aircraft landing guidance system, PPORO can be induced to the charge station by quick and accurate.
Easy to book cleaning function.
Efficient time management by convenient booking function, shortest charging time and the longest working period.
Convenient automatic charging system.
By a similar aircraft landing guidance, PPORO can be guided quickly and accurately to the charging station.
Status display, voice guidance.
Status display and voice guidance indicate all sorts of status including booking and error messages.
Sanitary disposable dust filter.
By antibacterial mass storable, separable and washable dust bin and sanitary disposable dust filter, always you can manage as neat and clean.
Using anti bacterial material.
Using anti bacterial material which can inhibit breeding of bacteria to major parts, PPORO is always clean and hygienic.
Air reinforce guard.
Suction power maximization by sticking inlet to the bottom which is Mamirobot's patent.
PPORO's Powerful suction system can remove even fine dirt.
Wet mopping cleaning is basic.
Brush clean mode is ok.
Cyclone vacuum cleaning is ok
Can clean all situations by exchanging rotating brush and vacuum suction guide.
Easy to clean using microfiber damp cloth.
Clean and clear at the same time by using microfiber damp cloth (Patent).
Damp cloth and attachment plate are all-in-one system which can clean easily.
Carpet Cleaning.
Powerful suction and the main brush can remove contaminants between carpet wool at once.
Floor, marble floor and tatami cleaning.
Clean all sorts of dust even fine dust at once by powerful cyclone vacuum system.
Corner cleaning.
Clean more smoothly from cellar to rafter by front and side collision-prevent sensor.
Cleaning fine area (window frames, corners).
Handy cleaner Zaaloo cleans neatly to the smallest detail (furniture, computer, frames, etc.).

Brand : Mamirobot
Model : PPOROCleaning Speed : 0.3m/sec
Cleaning Mode : Random, Spiral, Corner, Wave
Run-time/Charging : Max 2.5Hours / 2Hours
Battery : NiHM / 3000mA
Remote : IR
Noise : 55dB
Dust Bin : 37ml
Dimension : 34Cm(? X 9.2Cm(H)
Weight : 3.5Kg
Cleaning Time : 30min /1hr/Max
Adaptor : Free Voltage AC 100~240V 50/60Hz   




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