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PHERMIA S1 ( Natural Sterilizing Disinfectant)

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Kitchen sanitation, food poisoning prevention of home and food service industry


Sterilizing disinfection of various food industry processes

Aerial floating germ and sterilization and disinfection

Sterilizing disinfection for suckling·infant·child goods

Flesh & meat

Freshness preservation of marine products and processed products

Vegetables (Kimchi and organic vegetables)

Freshness preservation of fruit

Sterilizing disinfection of food keeping place such as a refrigerator

Personal hand sterilizer



In the case of food : Sterilization is achieved and freshness preserved when baking, noodle making, seasoning, for boiled fish paste, fishes, flesh & meat products, fruit, vegetable processing and other processed goods


As a sterilizing disinfectant of instruments etc.. Various floating bacteria at food manufacturing processing facilities, food machine instruments, and work sites are sterilized


Sterilization of operator: Places where sanitation is required such as an operator's hands, feet, clothes, shoes etc.



Nation's highest germicide content rate at 1,100ppm

Nation's first strong hybrid sterilizing power by using both grapefruit extract and chitosan

Sterilizing skin hydration coating membrane formation through a combination of chitosan and glycerin

Residual agrichemical ingredient removal from vegetables, fruit

Nation's sole skin stimulation test that passed among ethanol ingredient-contained products


How to use

Food manufacturing


1. Spraying on food exterior

- To help prevent contamination during cooling, after food manufacturing, and cooking, spray immediately before packing so that the generation of various bacteria, mold is suppressed

- Effective with regard to products that are easily contaminated during cooling after being manufactured in high temperature, aseptic conditions (Example: candy, bread, cakes, hamburgers, boiled fish paste, buns or dumplings, side dishes, processed meat products -ham, sausages, bacon, dried fish, meat etc ))


2. Adding to food


- Prevents or delays spoilage by adding 2~3% to raw materials upon food manufacturing

- Used to primarily prevent damage caused by bacillus or yeast

(Example: soy sauce, bun filling, pickled fish, salad, packed pickled radish etc)


3. Dipping into food


-The main idea is dip the product into the mixed chemicals for a certain time so that microorganisms on un-touched parts are removed. (Example: rice cake for rice-cake soup, boiled egg etc)


In the case of sterilizing disinfection for instruments etc


1. Sterilizing disinfection for food machine instruments, kitchen utensils etc

- Sterilizing disinfection for food manufacturing machines and kitchen utensils (knife, cutting board, refrigerator etc). Spray at any time whenever necessary

- For wet products like dishcloths etc, dip into diluted solution of Buy-Care


2. Sterilizing disinfection for work sites


- Spray in the inside of work sites, refrigerators, freezers, display cases etc so that various floating bacteria in the air are eliminated

- There is a choice of spraying methods -small sprayer or automatic sprayer depending on work site conditions


In the case of operator sanitation

1. Operator sanitation


- Spray in places where disinfection is required such as an operator's hands, clothes, shoes etc

- Effect is high only when used after well cleaning the spot where disinfection is required by water, and removing the alien substance


Where to use

House: Single-family house, multiple house, official residence, multi-family house, apartment, dormitory, row house, multi-households house


Vicinity living facility: Super market, barber shop, clinic, office, power substation, pumping station, general restaurant, singing room (noraebang), religious gathering place, karaoke bar, massage parlor


Cultural and gathering facility: Religious gathering place, performance hall, gathering place, watching hall, exhibition hall, animals & plants zoo etc.


Sales and business facility: Wholesale market, retail market, railroad station, airport facility, harbor facility etc


Medical facility: Hospital (general hospital, mental hospital, etc.), isolation hospital (infection, narcotics clinic), funeral chapel


Educational research and welfare facility: Vocational training institute, private educational institute, library, elementary school, middle school, high school


Exercise facility: Table tennis hall, gymnasium, playground etc.


Business facility: Public government building, finance, officetel, etc.


Accommodation facility: General hotel, inn, tavern, tourist hotel, rest condominium


Entertainment facility: Pub, amusement hall, dance hall etc.


Factory: Food manufacturing factory, food additive manufacturing factory


Warehouse facility: Warehouse, loading & unloading place (vegetable, meat, fruit)


Dangerous storage and treatment facility: Gas station, dangerous article manufacture, storing place, high pressure gas filling, storing place, transaction hall, repair shop, driving school


Automobile-related facility: Parking lot, car wash, junkyard


Animal & plant-related facility: Stall, livestock market, slaughterhouse, mushroom growing house, seeding cultivation facility, greenhouse, etc.


Excretions, garbage treatment facility: Excretions, waste treatment facility, junk shop, waste recycling facility etc.


Public facility: Prison, military facility, broadcasting station, power plant


Graveyard-related facility: Crematory, charnel house


Tour rest facility: Outdoor concert hall, children's hall



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