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Electromagnetic Waves Free - Acupressure using air pressure

Massages by hands - Massaging head with hands as if a therapist did personally

Power Supply

HeadTime uses a 220V/DC9V 500mA adapter.

In a region using 110V, use a step up transformer.

Special Features of Head Time

Head Time is developed and manufactured domestically by pure domestic technology and is operated

with air (pneumatic method) to massage a scalp (head) with 29 acupuncture balls.

When you put on the Head Time on your head comfortably by yourself without anyone’s help, the Head Time

helps you to find your way out from stressful and weary ordinary life, obtain mental stabilization and

comfort and improve the health, scalp massaging of ceramic balls.

It is time to leave your weary body and mind to Head Time.

How to Operate the Adjustor

. Whenever the Message selection button is pressed, the product operates in order as described below.

(Weak A mode à Medium A mode à Strong A mode à Weak B mode à Medium B mode à Strong B mode)


※ A mode (Strong, Medium, Weak)/ B mode (Strong, Medium, Weak)

- A mode: Acupressure for firmly pressing the head with fingers

- B mode: Acupressure for scrubbing up the head with fingers

. Whenever the Sound selection button is pressed, the product operates in order as described below.

(Sound of Bird à Wave à Rainfall à Brook à Nature) A function of selecting one of the five sounds.

. Wiring for power supply (Adapter)

. Massage mode indicating lamp

. Anion indicating lamp

. Far infrared ray indicating lamp

. Massage operation lamp

. Massage

(A mode / Strong, Medium, Weak)

(B mode / Strong, Medium, Weak)


Why is it sharp?

It aims at giving direct stimuli to the scalp while closely contacting the scalp in the hair.

It is effective to provide acupressure on a wide area of the head.

How to use HeadTime

. Use HeadTime in a comfortable position. (seated on a sofa while watching TV or taking a rest)

. Wear the main body on the head.

. Use HeadTime in a function desired by a user (select massage mode and sound therapy)

. Adjust the size and strength of acupressure balls suitable to the user. (Due to difference

in the size of the head)

. Since HeadTime automatically turns off by the function of a 10-minute automatic timer,

it can be used for an additional period of time.

. Depending on the angle of wearing HeadTime, a variety of acupressure effects can be expected.

Applied wearing methods

Basic, On the top portion of the head, On the rear portion of the head


Standard of Products

. Product name: HEADTIME Scalp Massager - ABS (strong type)

. Rated voltage: 220V/DC9V , 500mA

. Size of a product: 32x28x18(Cm)

. Weight: approximately 1.3Kg (only Head)

. Material: ABS, P.P, silicon

. Place of origin: Korea

. Item : heatime 1ea, adaptor 1ea, controller 1ea, spare ball 1set

How to replace acupressure balls of HeadTime

. When acupressure strength is weak due to the difference of head size, HeadTime can be used

after replacing the acupressure balls with acupressure balls of a big size. (Eespecially for women)

. When strong acupressure is desired, replace the acupressure balls with acupressure balls of a big size.

. When soft acupressure is desired, replace the acupressure balls with acupressure balls of a small size.

. When powerful acupressure is desired, additionally consult the main office of our company.

An acupressure ball of a big size, An acupressure ball of a small size,

a view replacing acupressure balls

Acupressure principle of HeadTime

. By selecting a massage function of the adjuster, an effect of massaging using hands can be expected.

. It is a patented pneumatic method employing an acupressure technique that does not

radiate electromagnetic waves.

People who need Head Time

Head Time solves the problem of loss of hair due to excessive labor and stress.

Head Time provides mental and physical stabilization through the use of hair tonic and body equipment


thereof to enable a user to live a healthy life.

. Person who suffers from great stress.

. Person whose forehead gets broadened.

. Person whose hair gets thinner and softer.

. Person whose hair falls out often.

. Person whose part in his hair gets broadened.

. Person who has difficulty in making good hair style.

. Person who wants comfortable and stabilized body and mind.

. Person who needs to concentrate like an examinee.


1. Student

2. Housewife

3. Salaried man

4. Person who is thin on top.

5. Worker who uses a computer a lot.

6. The Head Time is good for all family members to use in turn.

Effects of Massage

à Make you feel relieved as if you were massaged with hands.

Provide effects of resolving stress by performing acupuncture and massaging with 29

acupuncture probes.

Various ingredients (Ingredients of shampoo and hair tonic), Provide nutrition easily for a scalp.

Emit Anions and Far Infrared Rays

à The anions and far infrared rays of 34 ceramic balls exist in nature as natural vitamins,

and are material good for health of a human being.

Letters Patent, International Patent, Trademark Certificate, Utility Model Certificate

- 1 patent right (Technical evaluation has been completed.)

- 2 utility model rights (Technical evaluation of two cases has been completed.)

- 3 Trademarks (Head Time) - Device, shampoo

- Publication of PCT application – WO2007/073106 (June 28, 2007)

Completed entry into national phase in the U.S., EU, Japan, Canada, China, Australia,

Russia and India.


- 1 Utility model right of a pneumatic device (The technical evaluation is being executed.)

Warnings/Cautions for safety

① Warnings

. To prevent fire and electric shock, do not put this product in a wet place without care.

. Be sure to use only rated voltage indicated in this product.

. When this product is used in a region supplied with voltage other than the rated voltage,

use an appropriate voltage or current transformer after consulting our company.

② Cautions in use of the product

. Since a strong impact may cause a breakdown, avoid severe impact.

. Pay attention to the power supply parts of the controller and the main body when moving this product.

. Do not open the main body. (A/S will not be provided after opening.)

. Since this product is made up of precise parts, unnecessary handling of the product will cause

a breakdown or accident.

. After using the product, be sure to turn off the power switch.

. When this product is not used for an extended period of time, unplug the power cord if possible.

. Since the switch operates with a soft touch, applying an excessive force to the switch

will cause a breakdown.

③ Cautions on storing the product

. Avoid a wet or dusty place.

. Avoid direct sunlight and heaters.

. Avoid a place where cooking utensils or kerosene heaters that make much soot are used.

. Keep away from a shaky or magnetized place.

④ When surface of the product is dirty

. Wipe the surface of the main body with dry cloth.

. Clean acupressure balls with neutral detergent after removing them from the main body.

. Do not clean the product using strong chemicals, cleansing solvent or strong detergent.

⑤ Electrical precautions

. This product is only for AC 220V. Plug the product into a receptacle dedicated to 220V

of rated 15A or more. (Otherwise, there may be a risk of an electric shock or fire.)

. Do not touch the power plug with a wet hand. (Otherwise, there may be a risk of an electric

shock or fire.)

. Do not move the product by pulling the power cord. (Otherwise, there may be a risk of

an electric shock or fire.)

Cautions on handling the product

. Do not connect several electrical products at the same time to one power tap having

a plurality of outlets, and use a dedicated receptacle. Otherwise, there may be

a risk of heat generation, fire outbreak, electric shock, or fire.

. Do not use any power supply other than AC 220V. Do not use a step up transformer to convert

110V into 220V. There may be a risk of an electric shock or fire. Use the product after

consulting the Korea Electric Power Corporation for a step up power transform work

and transforming the power from 110V to 220V.

. Do not insert a damaged power plug or cord into a loose receptacle. There is a risk

of an electric shock.

. When the product is out of order or malfunctions, be sure not to repair the product

at your own risk, but consult the service center of our company.

. Pay attention not to damage the product

Do not drop the product, and avoid applying a strong shock. Otherwise, the product

will be damaged.

. When acupressure massage on the head is too strong, use soft acupressure balls.

If pains are still felt on the head, stop using the product,

and use the product after consulting our company.

. Persons using an artificial pacemaker or a medical support apparatus that uses electric power are

required to consult a doctor before using this product.

. Do not place a magnetized material on the lid, or do not use the product in the vicinity of a strong

magnetic material. It will cause a breakdown.

. Do not pull the connecting lines of the product severely with hands. It will cause a poor contact.

. Persons with high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases, and pregnant women are required

to consult a doctor before using the product.

. Keep the product in a safe place out of reach of children.


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