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The highest quality Under floor heating film Hot-film (Carbon film Heater, Far-infrared heat film)

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Origin Korea
Model Number KH203, KH205, KH206, KH208, KH210, KH305, KH308, K
Brand Name HOT-FILM
high efficiency  Simple Installation 
Semi-permanent life Eco-friendly Technology 



General Information


HS CODEHS CODE 3921.90.6020
Order Unit 1 roll (150m or 100m)
Minimum Order Quantity 30 rolls per order
Daily Producing Quantity 100 rolls per day
Payment Terms F.O.B. Busan Port, Korea or  F.O.B. Incheon Airport, Korea



What is Heating Film (HOT-FILM)

Heating Film is far-infrared ray heating element unit which is made through the following processes

1) Printing carbon paste on the base film (PET film) as a heating element

2) Printing silver paste on the carbon paste printed base film

3) Making the electrodes with copper foil

4) Finally, laminating process with carbon paste and silver paste printed PET, laminating film and copper foil booth bar.


Heating film emit far-infrared radiation evenly because carbon heating
element are printed on the entire film.

Far-infrared ray is not only beneficial to our health, but also gives
the warmth of sunbeams.

Heating Film can be used in various ways as a heating material.
It can be used for walls, ceilings, and floors.
Moreover, it has a semi-permanent product life span.


    Specification Of Korea Heating Co., Ltd. HOT-FILM    


Model No. Product Width(cm) Thickness (mm) Packing(m/roll) Gross Weight(Kg) Power Consumption (watt/m) Using Temperature Highest Temperature Remarks
KH-205 50 cm 0.27mm    150m 32Kg 110w/m 50~60℃ 70~80℃ For General Under-floor Heating(EVA) 
KH-206 60 cm 100m 26Kg 130w/m
KH-208 80 cm 100m 32Kg 180w/m
KH-210 100 cm 100m 40Kg 220w/m
KH-305 50 cm 0.338mm 150m 39Kg 110w/m
KH-308 80 cm 100m 40Kg 180w/m
KH-310 100 cm 100m 48Kg 220w/m
KH-205e 50 cm 0.27mm 150m 32Kg 170w/m 70~80℃    


 Superiority of HOT-FILM Heating System  


Easy-to-install and Economical Heating System

Capable of reducing installation expenses due to easy
construction / installation and a short period of work.

Capable of having a fast heating effect due to a parallel
structure of heating element and use of electricity.

Capable of heating partially and saving unnecessary heating expenses
(Possible to adopt a central control system)

Capable of having a more capacious living space because
it doesn’t need separate boiler space.


Eco-friendly and Healthy Heating System

Heating element is made of carbon, such as charcoal (activated carbon),
so it gives off less electronic waves.

Far-infrared ray and anion suppress Sick House Syndrome, odor,
and growth of germs.

It does not use flame, so it generates less noise, dust,
and carbon monoxide.

Especially, it is perfect for facilities where children, senior citizens,
and patients are present.


Maintenance Cost-Saving Heating System

30% cost efficient than electric heater and over 50% cost efficient
than oil boiler.

Simple structure and design means fewer product failures and
maintenance costs.

For house remodeling, it is easy to remove and relocate.

General Installation Place of Heating Film (HOT-FILM)

Ease of installation and varied uses of Heating Film (HOT-Film)

Heating film is very easy to install, and it provides far infrared way
and anion, creating healthy heating environment.

Allowing HOT-Film to be used in:


Hotel, Motel, Condominium, Academy, School, Dormitory

Studio Apartment, Office


Pension, Residence, Bungalow

Kindergarten, Nursery School, Day Care Center, Training Institute

Hospital, Oriental Medicine Clinic

Church, Mosque, Sanctuary, Buddhist Temple, Prayer house

Container steel house


Check Points of High Quality Heating Film



Heating Film Component Comparison Explanation Check Points
Film (PET and Laminex) The Extent Of Shrinkage By Heat Check the width difference between base film and laminex film.
Adhesive Strength Between PET And Laminex Film Check of adhesive strength after separating base and laminex film 
Insulation/ Flame-Retardant Film Check if insulating/ flame-retardant PET film is to be used. Transparent film - For general use or display Milky White film - For electric &electronic use.  / Contained insulation &Flame-retardant chips 
Heat Durability Of Adhesive Substance Check the durability of adhesive to be used in laminex filmEVA - Used a film for general heating/ Heat durability of 80°C EEA - Used a film for sauna / Heat durability of 100°C
Film Surface Condition Check if there is any scratch of film surface or insulation damage Check if laminating surface is rough or uneven.
Copper Foil Booth Bar   Width Copper foil booth bar has to be fitted to the width of the product so that electric current can be supplied to silver booth bar and carbon heating element. (If copper foil booth bar is too wide, air layer can be formed and leading electrical sparks)
Thickness The thinner copper foil, the better supply of electric current between copper foil and silver booth bar and the risk of electrical spark can be prevented.
Type Of Copper Foil A rough surface can damage the insulation of film or silver printing side, which can prevent electric conductivity that is transmitted to carbon. Copper foil has to be a pure copper color. If there is a black line formed in copper foil booth bar, it indicates that the copper foil is a inferior product containing iron. 
Carbon Heating Part & Sliver Booth Bar  Carbon Printing Side The more uniformly carbon printing side are printed, the more safe and evenly it emits heat.
Silver Booth Bar Width &Content  The wider silver booth bar, a better supply of electric current is produced. The higher silver contents, a better electric current are supplied to carbon heating element, and increased heating efficiency. 
Resistance Value Of Silver Booth Bar  An ideal resistance value is 1Ω or less



Precautions for Hot-Film Installation

It is advisable to keep the place of installation clean and
its floor flat in order to prevent scratch, bending,
or other damages of HOT-FILM.

The place to install HOT-FILM needs be free of wetness/moisture,
and precautions needed not to have Hot-Film directly
exposed to wetness/moisture.

Insulation coated with conductive material, such as rough
insulation or silver foil, not to be used as it may damage
the surface of Hot-Film during installation.

Caution should be taken not to damage the surface of Hot-Film
or step on it during installation. In case of surface damaged,
it has to be insulated with a thin insulating tape.


Finishing material to be free of paint, coloring agent,
or hardening adhesive that can cause transformation,
discoloration, or cracks during heat transmission. 


It is advised to decide insulating/finishing materials in consultation
with an installation company or experts in order to maximize
the effect of heating in different installation places.

When cutting HOT-FILM and connecting it to thermostat,
electricity consumption not to be above 75~80% of capacity
of the thermostat.



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