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PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is an autologous concentration of human platelets in a small volume of blood plasma. Blood plasma is the yellow liquid component of blood in which the blood cells, nutrients, antibodies, clotting factors and other substances in the blood travel. Since PRP is an autologous concentration of platelets, it is also a concentration of several fundamental protein growth factors used in various nonsurgical tissue regeneration procedures. Studies proved that platelets actively secrete seven fundamental protein growth factors that all initiate wound healing and regeneration. Because of the healing ability of PRP, it has been safely used in many fields including sports medicine, orthopedics and cosmetics.


How is PRP acquired?

PRP is acquired either by the process of sedimentation or centrifugation (Our company uses centrifugation).

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is nonsurgical ligament reconstruction and is a treatment for chronic pain. The word “Prolo” is derived from the word ‘proliferation’ which means to grow or multiply by rapidly producing new tissue or cells. It is nonsurgical ligament reconstruction and a treatment for chronic pain because it only involves the injection of a non-pharmaceutical drug and non-active irritant solution into the damaged/weakened ligament or tendon to initiate the growth or formation of new tissues. The injection causes inflammation in the area which then increases the blood supply. Since blood carries different nutrients, tissues are stimulated to repair and strengthen itself thus no longer sending pain signals. Other names for Prolotherapy are Proliferation Therapy, Regenerative Injection Therapy, Proliferative Injection Therapy and Nonsurgical Ligament Reconstruction.

PRP in cosmetics?

PRP is not limited to treating damaged ligaments and tendons; it is also used in cosmetics. Conventional PRP treatment for skin rejuvenates and slows down the aging process of the skin thus giving one radiant, younger looking skin. PRP serves as a stimulator that accelerates the natural healing capacity of the skin and to increase the production of collagen in the treatment area. Collagen is a type of protein that is fibrous in nature. It connects and supports other tissues such as the skin. It also supports internal organs.

Is PRP skin treatment safe?

The treatment uses the individual’s own blood. Since the PRP that will be acquired from it is autologous, there is no risk of side effects or transmission of diseases.

How long does the PRP treatment last?

The treatment is never the same from one individual to another since it also depends upon each individual’s healing capacity.


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