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Chensamdacho is a health functional food, approved by KFDA, which improves immunity, relieves fatigue and prevents blood platelets from cohering, and helps blood circulation.

(Notification No. 2004-0159-0025)


① Raw materials of Cheonsamdacho include 9% of 6 year old red ginseng (Korean), 1% of native Sanyang wild ginsengs raised in Taebaek Mountain, Baekdudaegan, and 90% of wild plants (102 kinds).

Producing Cheonsamdacho, consisting of only wild plants, requires skilled herbalists to search for the wild plants and pick them with the greatest care not to harm the plants on Baekdudaegan every four seasons. The picked plants are fermented, matured for 3 years and concentrated without any artificial additives. Cheonsamdacho, a completely pure product, has a unique wild flavor and scent. This special health functional food can be easily consumed.

Raw materials should be the first consideration when purchasing products.

Raw materials and content: 9% of 6 year old red ginseng concentrate (1.2% combination between ginsenosides of Rg1 and Rb, more than 60% of solid, Korean), 1% of Sanyang red ginseng concentrate (Korean), 90% of leached concentrate of combined plants (102 kinds of wild plants, Korean)

102 kinds of wild plants:

The leaflet of ailanthus, Persimmon leaf, Siberian chrysanthemum,

The fruit of hazel tree, Acer mono Max sap, Royal fern, Lotus-persimmon tree,

A kind of groundsel, The leaf of Chinese matrimony vine, Chrysanthemum, Galium spurium L., The asiatic self-heal, Raspberry,

The sprout of oriental bittersweet, Lepidium micranthum,

The sprout of siberian gooseberry, A kind of sage plant, Evening primrose seed, The sprout of a spiderwort, Korean angelica root, Deodeok,

Eucommia ulmoides oliver, The sprout of a solomon’s seal, Balloon flower root, The leaflet of an aralia, Helianthus tuberosus, Edible shoots of a fatsia,

The bark of a mountain ash, The sprout of sulphate of soda, Korean wild grapes, Liriope rhizome, The leaflet of persicaria perfoliata (L.) H.Gross,

Angelica utilis makino, Ramie plant, Dandelion,

The leaf of cacalia hastate var. orientalis (kitamura) ohwi,

Amethystanthus japonicus, Wrinkled giant hyssop, Rubus coreanus fruit,

The leaf of a new Zealand spinach, Chickweed leaf, Ground ivy,

Pachyma hoelen, Mulberry tree, Perennial artemisia, Wild pear,

The fruit of torilis japonicus, Hawthorn, Raspberry, Ziziphus spinosi,

Powdered medicine, The root of atractylodes ovate (thumb.) DC., Pine needles, Horsetail, Purslane, Kind of marsh plant, Sour sorrel,

The leaf of achyranthes root, Ginger plant, Aster glehni FR.SCHM.,

Syneilesis aconitifolia (Bunge) Maxim., Houttuynia cordata thumb., Wormwood, Sasa veitchii, The leaflet of a kalopanax, Thistle, Ling chiu mushrooms, Syneilesis palmata, Clematis mundshurica, Mulberry,

The sprout of acanthopanax, The alder tree, Motherwort, Corlius versicolor, The bark of root of an elm tree, Dried honeysuckle stems and leaves,

Saucer for a wine cup, Pine nut, Violet, Wild rice, Peony, Gromwell,

Azalea flower, The young sprout of Siegesbeckia glabrescens MAKINO, Agrimony, Plantago major var. japonica (Fr. et Sav.) Miyabe,

The sprout of the wild rose, Oak tree fruit, Yam, Salicornia herbacea,

Pimpinella koreana, Young leaves of a kind of aster,

Aster Koraiensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong HORT., Biotae Orientalis Folium, Flowers of an arrowroot, Cuscuta seed, wilfordi root,

A kind of small-leafed lotus, Hovenia dulcis THUNB.,

The leaf of a winged euonymus, Milk vetch root.

② Directions :

Take about 8g once a day. You can either take the concentrate only or put it into 50-100 ml of warm or cool water, and stir and take it.

It works better when taken on an empty stomach before meals or 2 hours after a meal. (Children should take 1/2 amount recommended for adults)

Notes: the amount of 8g equals two medicine spoons for Cheonsamdacho or one usual tea spoon.

For those who have severe fatigue, feel deeply exhausted, or want to recovery quickly after surgery, take about 8g twice a day as described above.

③ Caution:

Keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Close the lid completely after using.

④ This product underwent strict quality management and inspection procedures in facilities in accordance with GMP (good manufacturing practice). Products damaged during transportation or

distribution will be replaced.

⑤ This product can be replaced or refunded in accordance with customer reward policy (notified by the Ministry of Finance and Economy)

⑥ Weight: 100g, 240g

⑦ Container : Glass bottle

⑧ This product is not a medicine for curing and preventing disease.

⑨ Precautions: Broken bottle could injure you, so great carefulness is required.

⑩ Dealer specializing in health functional food :

HU Service Co., Ltd. - #1338-20, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul Korea

⑪ Manufacturer specializing in health functional food :

Dongwon Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd - #418-5, Janggwan-ri, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do Korea

⑫ Supplier of Sanyang ginsengs and wild plants :

#676-1, Hyeondong-ri, Socheon-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsanbuk-do Korea

⑬ Customer Service : 054-674-3321/15 . Shelf life : 2 years


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