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ENT Treatment Unit(PRT-5)

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[Product Description]

This is a medical apparatus for diagnosis and treatment in ENT which is composed of a spray,
suction, light source device for Endoscopy, endoscope hanger and an examining table.
This product aims for the convenience of diagnosis and treatment by a rotating base between the
power supply and treatment area on which a chair can be put to make treatment system rotate
when the doctor examines and treats patients.

[Product Features]

1) Spray: drug application by spraying.
2) Suction: suction of foreign substances from the nasal area.
3) Warmer system: raises the temperature of tools used inside the body and prevents the frosting of medical tools in the winter.


PRT-5 is divided into four parts: treatment, rotating base, power supply, and table. The treatment
part is composed of a control part, suction, spray, light source, warmer system, UV sterilizer, can,
reagent bottle support, and an LCD hanger. The power supply is composed of a compressor
motor, suction motor, treatment light, LCD hanger and a power plug. In addition, the table area is
composed of a UV sterilizer, scope hanger, and power plug.

1. Operating principles
1) The power code attached to the power supply uses a rated voltage of 220V, 60Hz. When power
is supplied, it passes through the power switch of the glass tube fuse and intermediating type for
the machine to operate. The compressor motor operates through the glass tube fuse for
compressor motors that when air filled into the air tank reaches a preset pressure, it stops
operating. In addition, the compressor motor operates again at a pressure below a preset level to
always maintain the air tank pressure over a preset level. If more air enters the air tank above a
preset pressure, it has a safety device that automatically blows out the air keeping it safe from the
risk of machine errors.
2) When plugging in the power switch attached to the treatment system, commercial electricity of
220V, 60Hz is supplied to the power supply and passes through the intermediary power switch
and the glass tube fuse attached on the PCB for the machine to operate. By manipulating the
switch of the control panel attached on the upper part of the treatment system and using the relay
attached on the PCB, one can turn each machine on/off.

2. Safety devices
1) Device to block excessive electric current: Two fuses (15A) are installed in the power input part
of the power supply, one (7A) on the table input part, one (2A) on the compressor motor, one (2A)
on the camera controller, and two (10A) on the PCB of the treatment system to block excessive
loading (excessive electric current) of the circuit. 
2) The exterior sealing protects the device from  powder, the main body from vibration, absorption,
and corrosion from all kinds of drugs and other pollutants.
3) A soundproof sponge is attached on the interior of the power supply to absorb sound.
4) Safety vent: When pressure over the safety valve of 8㎏/㎠ is exerted on the air tank, it
automatically emits air.
5)  Air filter and regulator: maintains the pressure emitted from the air pump at 1.5㎏/㎠ and
absorbs humidity from the air to provide clean air to patients.
6) Door interlock: During light source operation, when the door opens, a micro switch operates to
block the power supply.
7) UV sterilizer: During UV sterilization, a micro switch operates to block power supply if the cover
is opened.
8) An additional, a supplementary bottle is attached to the filth bottle to reduce the risk of filth entry
into the motor from user negligence.
9) A screw bottle is attached to prevent the emission of humidity outside the treatment device.
10) A temperature fuse is attached on the motor itself to prevent excessive motor loading.


Power Source

AC 220V, 160Hz

Power Consumption



250W  /  2500cc & 800cc


Oilless Compressor (250W)

Light Source

& CCD Camera

Light : More than 4.0 × 10,000 Lux

Light distribution angle: 45°

Camera resolution: 768 × 494 pixels

Memory Board

1/2/4 Still Image Capture

Office light

Illumination: More than 4.5 × 10,000 Lux

UV Sterilizers

Wavelength: 253.7

Rotate Base


Warmer System

Work about 6 seconds

Dimension & Weight

TreatmentSystem : 910(L)×530(W)×900(H), 70




RotateBase : 1940(L)×640(W)×329.5(H), 90




Table : 1130(L)×660(W)×800(H), 95

1. Spray : 4ea
2. Suction : 1ea
3. Can  50㎜ : 6ea
4. Can  80㎜ : 9ea
5. Can 108㎜ : 2ea
6. Medicine Bottle : 8ea
7. Ventilation : 1ea
8. AntiFog Device : 1ea
9. Joystick : 1ea
1. Endoscope System : 1set
2. Microscope System : 1set
3. Monitor : 2set
4. X-ray View Box : 1set






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