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Thermal Solution for electronic,telecommunication,vehicle,LED,Solar,Computer,home appliance

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1. Thermal Module (Component Part in System)


- Product Design: Provides with differentiated design of products that comply with customer identity

- Best thermal design: Provides with optimal radiation designing by considering product design, radiation efficiency, productivity and cost

- Test & analysis& approval: Conducts thermal test and simulation test related to product performance and lifespan

- Mass production: Meets the quality and delivery date that customer demanded through vendor SCM management and strict quality management


* Major Applied Fields of Radiation

1. Environment friendly energy field LED lighting, photovoltaic module, LED application

2. Newly growing field fingerprint scanner, bio, healthcare, robot field

3. Computer field Desk top , Note Pc, Net book, PMP, Navigation, STB

4. Medical field X-ray, ultrasonic wave, blood measurer, other medical equipment

5. Video LED, LCD TV, Projector, Monitor

6. Home electronics & printer Washing machine, air conditioner, cleaner, wine, cosmetic, refrigerator, high performance printer

7. Semiconductor, communication field Semiconductor chip, high performance PCB, outdoor communication equipment


2. Cell-Q (Medical equipment or beauty Machine)

In the term Cryo Electrophoresis, “Cryo” stands for cooling and “Electrophoresis” stands for cataphoresis. Cryo Electrophoresis is a method of penetrating vitamin and other solutions into the skin with a use of electric current.

Traditional electrophoresis therapy was unsafe due to high electric current level which may cause burning of skin. Also the effectiveness of the solutions used in the electrophoresis was lowered as solutions were applied with use of cotton.

Cryo Electrophoresis enhances the penetration level as it cools down the skin surface and therefore prevents skin from burning even under strong electric current. It also contracts the blood vessel, thereby prevents the solutions from being absorbed into blood vessel but to remain in the treatment area instead.

CryoCell Q ( or simple Cell Q) is a personal skin care version of CryoCell, a medical device based on Cryo Electrophoresis technique. We are bringing the users with a miniature version of CryoCell which is supplied to hospitals and clinics for post-treatment and/or aesthetic device.



Cell Q is equipped with “Combination Therapy” which can combine ‘CryoTherapy’, ‘Hot

therapy’, ‘Iontophoresis’, and ‘Electric Medium Frequency Therapy’ functions.


Cryocell Q promotes blood circulation and improves general circulation function.

Utilizing the principle of the “Contrastive Therapy” it helps maintaining the homeostasis

of the human body.


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  • 1150, Siheung-daero,, Siheung-si,, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (14950)
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    1150, Siheung-daero,, Siheung-si,, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (14950)
Presently, the system failures and cutting of lifespan are significantly affected by heat in all the electronic communication products. While products characcteristics need be reflected in the designing, radiation is considered more than anything else. Our company is a producer of cooler and LED highbay-lights. From the beginning, the primary concern about LED lights was heat issues and as a heat expert group, our company produced LED lights in 2015 based on accumulated knowledge in heat and experience with customers. In 2016, we produced highbay LED lights for factories and managed to sell about 10,000 lights last year. Up to today, we produced more than 10,000 lights and demand is constantly increasing. We plan to develop many more products and prepare for overseas market.
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    high bay [factory]- light
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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