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Air-refreshing humidifier

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Air-refreshing humidifier
Air-refresher and humidifier in one form!
New product of 2018

Becoming the new trend of humidifiers
A smart and clean humidifier we found at nature

VVINT, a certified humidifier
VVINT acquired the HH(Healthy Humidifier) mark, which is given to humidifiers that pass the quality certification test by Korea Air Cleaning Association, the only humidifier standard in South Korea. VVINT is certified for its safety and performance as a humidifier.
The new trend that VVINT brings
Used as an air-refresher/quiet humidifying/ hydrogen humidifying/ humidifying a wide area /germ-free humidifying

VVINT’s 3-step natural and safe germ-free humidifying

Step 1
Humidifies a wide range with 0.1~0.4 nm clean hydrogen ultramicro water molecules that germs stick to germs
Step 2
As the washable wrinkle filter absorbs the sanitized hydrogen, the ultramicro fine dust absorbed outside are absorbed to the filter which prevents emission.
Step 3
Clean hydrogen that destroyed cell walls of harmful germs with its plasma ionizer underwater sparking

Germ-free natural and safe humidifier!
Ultramicro water molecules that are smaller than germs prevent germs to be attached when humidifying. Therefore, it only emits safe and clean water molecules.

Humidifying a wide area and corners!
Unlike other ultrasound humidifiers that cannot spread out and only humidifies nearby areas. It can even reach out to the corner of your room with its ultramicro water molecules, providing moist, wide, and stick-free humidification.

1.5 times faster-humidifying effect compared to another same level ultrasound models
By using the BLDC motor from NMB in Japan, a worldwide bearing and motor brand, it humidifies with 340cc of water per hour through its fast and accurate fan-rotation, even reaching out to the indoor corner in a very short time.

Eco-friendly hydrogen sanitization
adds more cleanness!
We added more cleanness to our product by using hydrogen water which destroyed 99.9% of cell walls of harmful germs in the water tank by using OH- created by plasma underwater sparking.

Sterilize 99.9% of harmful germs
A public testing organization certified that our product sterilizes 99.9% of harmful germs in water such as Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, and pneumococcus that cause various diseases.

The cleaner, the healthier
A humidifier with mom's heart

Moist and healthy skin with hydrogen humidifying
Hydrogen ultramicro water molecules filling up the room will get into the deep sides of my and our children's sensitive skin, and they will give moisture to our tired and weak skin and protect our healthy skin.

Night moisturizing
As we use low-noise and regular speed BLDC motor from NMB in Japan, the 23db of low-noise does not bother our sleep and keeps the moisture when we use the sleeping mode.

Silence in the forest at night
Low-noise 23db, for sleeping mode
Provides a night-long wet moisturization with its 12 hours of continued humidification

Convenient water loading
Supplying water in VVINT is simple!
You can either conveniently supply water by pouring water directly into the lower water tank or in the upper water supply pocket.

4-Step wind control
VVINT can control the humidifying volume.
You can use 4 levels (sleeping, low, medium, high) for humidifying wind volume depending on the situation.

Smart water level detection
VVINT is smart!
It has a smart function that automatically alerts when water is low or enough.

The whole water tank can be washed easily and also be disassembled for cleaning.
With its totally removable structure, you can wash the inner water tank, fan, and the filter, you can keep it sanitary at any times.

Humidifier and air-refresher in one form
2 in 1 double care
If the lower container is replaced, VVINT provides the 2 in 1 function which allows us to use it interchangeably as a humidifier and an air-refresher, allowing us to use it more economically and efficiently.

You can trust VVINT, the natural humidifier because we made with the best technology in Korea from the beginning to the end.


Model Name DH-7000WB
Color Pure Black
Humidifying Method Natural Evaporation
Maximum Humidifying Volume 300 cc/hr
Duration of Humidification 12 hours
Volume of Water Tank 2 L
Humidification Filter Washable Antibacterial Filter
Water-level Detection Water Shortage, Normal Water Guaze Alarm
Plasma Ionizer
Water Icon Writing
Upper Part Water Supplying
Power Consumption 17 W
Product Size (W*H*D) 262 * 354 * 262 mm
Weight 2.4 Kg
Certification HH


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Ever since the foundation in 1993, Daeyoung Electronics has been producing electronic-electrical pars for more than 20 years and produces the best quality products based on long accumulated experiences and technologies. We have always been trying to provide a better-than-expected quality and service by exactly identifying what the customer wants. As we introduced 'natural humidifying air purifier in 2015, we have become a company encompassing not only parts, but also complete products. And for greater leaps and dreams, we are expanding to the global markets. With continued challenge and innovation, we will try to meet the customer demand and become a company that everyone wants to be with by growing our company into a strong company. We would appreciate if you watch us grow into the world's market beyond Korea with interest and love. Fun and happiness has to be with us and we pursue the best quality and technology as well as to be the top-notch company by delivering a quality corporate culture
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