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mycare(Ostomy Collection Supplies)

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[Product Description]

First meeting!! We restore your skin’s beauty.
New convergence of nature and tech
my care for resilience and beauty
Solution to skin trouble, dead skin cells, visible and unclean pores, sebum and waste substance.

[Product Specification]

Makes your skin smooth, resilient, and glowing
My care
- Natural My Care containing no artificial colorings, scent, or alcohol
- My Care that removes grease, heavy metals, and waste substances from pores
- My Care that normalizes the skin metabolism
_ My Care that kills demodex, which causes various skin troubles
- My Care with natural germanium and other minerals for soft and smooth skin
- My Care that controls dryness, sensitivity, wrinkles, and other skin troubles
- Removes sebum from pores
- Removes wastes
- Removes dead cells
- Relieves trouble, controls black heads, and reduces pore size to make skin resilient
Germanium, sericite, mucovite, biotite, fine feldspar, chlorite, kaoline, monmorillonite, quartz,
SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, K2O, MgO, Na2O, CaO, Cr2O3, TiO2, P2O5, BaO, MnO, PbO, ZrO2, V2O5, ZnO, Ge, Hg
My Care How to use
- Use the product 2~3 times before you go to sleep.
- In some cases, you can wash your face 30 minutes after applying the product or you can
  wash in the morning.
- After massaging the face with the product, the powder will help face lift and skin
  lightening. It is better to wash the face in thenext morning.
- Do not use any skin products that includes chemical components after you wash and dry
  your face.
Dry skin
- If you rub the stones on your bare face, it feels a little rough.
- After you apply the powder and massage your face, it feels much softer.
- If you massage enough for 2~3 minutes, the pores will be open and the skin waste will be
  eliminated effectively in a short time.
- Wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not use any products that include chemicals like
- Dry skin usually keeps plenty of dead skin cells. When you use the stones on dry skin, you
  might think the white power short time.is from stone but it is dead skin cells.
※ Notice 
- If you feel burning on your face after washing it, apply the powder again on the spot then
  it will relieve the pain., In this case, wash your face in the next morning.
- Using the stones on skin which has plenty of dead cells might be uncomfortable because
  dead cells come out fall down on the ground. It will be better if you use in front of sink.
Oily skin
- For oily skin which is usually greasy with oil, do not massage the face with powder and rub
  the stones right on the face and remove the oil first. Then apply the powder all over the
  face. You can see waste in your skin is eliminated and the pores are also minimized.
※ Notice 
- Rub the stones against each other to get the powder and apply it on your face. Then the  
  oil on the stones will be removed.
- Wash your face with lukewarm water after 30 minutes. Do not use any product which 
  includes any chemicals.
- Apply the powder on the spot that you have black heads and massage until they are
Apply a little more powder on the spot. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not use any product which includes any chemicals.
Sensitive skin
Please be aware of notice below when using stones on sensitive skin including Acne, Atopy and other skin deases.
1) Acne
- It will be uncomfortable to use stones on your bare skin, apply some water on the spot you 
  have acne first then massage with the stone using the edge of it to remove the white
  sebaceous glands.
※ Notice 
- You will have a scab over the acne scar. Do not scrape it off, it can lead to a secondary
  infection. Any scars from using stones will regenerate.
2) Atopy
- When you feel itchy from using stones, rub it until you don't feel itchy and apply the 
  powder on the spot.
3) Other skin disease
- Massage the skin with the stones. The powder will act on the spot you have problems and you may have temporary rejection symptoms. Continue to use the product to improve and regenerate your skin.
Notice for use and store
- Be careful not to drop the product in the water or on the ground. The products can be
- This product can be affected by humidity. Please keep the product in the case.

[Product Features]

- You can feel the difference after just one use.
- It is quickly absorbed into the skin, easily dried, and wiped off.
- Easy to use anytime, anywhere.



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