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Automotive Ignition Circuit Control System with various Sensor

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■ The equipment allows to educate overall ignition systems such as composition
   and operation principles of various types of ignition systems.
■ Compares the histories of 4 kinds of ignition systems to those of intake system,

   being practice training mode has educational function.
■ In the inspection mode of sensor value, it is able to inspect the measured

    values as change voltages and resistances of sensors. And through practice

    manual supplying understanding and practices of sensors, can be trained to

    repair logically by trace repair.
■ Able to check the overall system at a glance because the compositions of 
   ignition system are installed on the panel and the power and wiring 
   terminal attached.
■ Connection sockets are installed for each sensors, circuits and components so

    that it is able to help wiring practices and measure wave patterns.
■ By manipulating the controller, able to check the waveforms in accordance with

   RPM speed.
■ Students are able to understand flow of entire circuit, find out what causes fault

   and how to repair.
■ The panel composing the ignition circuit is made with aluminum CNC-treated 


■ Composition
 1) Carburetor Point ignition circuit system
   - Spark plug, Power distributor of point system, Variable motor
     for the distributor, Diagnosis jack, Key box, Function-selection switch
   - Ignition device pin point, Injector device, Carburetor
 2) Suction type MPI, Kalman swirl system
   - Power distributor type, Kalman swirl system, Optical type
   - DLI Type, Kalman swirl system, Optical type
   - 2 in 1 set. Ignition system as 2 arrays
   - ECU, AFS, TPS, BPS, MPS, WTS, O2, ISC, ATS, Injector, Spark
     plug, Power transistor, Power distributor, Variable motor for the
     distributor, AFS suction motor, Diagnosis jack, Control relay
 3) Intake system MPI AFS
   - DLI -2coil, magnetic type
   - DLI -2coil, magnetic Type
   - DIS -4coil, magnetic Type
   - 2 in 1 set. Ignition system as 2 arrays
   - ECU, AFS, TPS, WTS, ISC, ATS, Injector, Spark plug, AFS intake 
     motor, Diagnosis jack, Control relay
4) Intake system map sensor
   - DLI -2coil, hall sensor type
   - DIS -4coil, hall sensor type
   - 2 in 1 set. ignition system as 2 arrays
   - ECU, AFS, TPS, WTS, ISC, ATS, Injector, Spark plug, AFS
     suction motor, Diagnosis jack, Control relay, Key box
5) 4 Cabinet type storage space with 2 door
■ Size : Approx. 1,800 X 600 X 1,800 mm
■ Weight : Approx. 200 kg



Training Contents
■ Measure the waveforms and check the changes according to RPM speed.
■ Engine operation : check the operation of the injector and sparks in the order
                                 of switch plugs (1, 3, 4, 2) and inspect whether normal 
                                 operation of each sensor.
■ Failure code : the device allows to inspect failures on purpose.
■ Sensor inspection : It is able to check failure by using variable simulation. 
                                   (Variable RPM : 0 - 3000RPM)


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  • 52 Achasan-ro 15-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (04799)
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