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WON Hi Tech

N2 PSA Gas Generator

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    WON Hi Tech
    Model N2 PSA Gas Generator
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    Republic of Korea
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    No power is needed for the nitrogen generator module.
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    Nitrogen production
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Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a technology that can separate the desired gas compounds by using the difference of adsorption force of the individual crystals of gas from Molecular Sieve. In other words, adsorption may be defined as binding the gas molecules to the Adsorbent that is a solid substance through the suction force of the molecule.
A PSA system can separate the gas compounds by using the difference of adsorption force presented by the various chemical compounds or each individually. In the gas separation process, the compressed air passes through the Molecular Sieve layer composed of crystals with micro pores and the gases to be adsorbed becomes adsorbed by the adsorbent while the gas to be separated passed through the layer freely. The PSA Nitrogen Generator with the adsorbent called CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) phases in the compressed air filled with two or more adsorption towers that are moisture controlled, progresses the following steps that are repeated: compression -4 adsorption -4 decompression ^ purge to
continuously produce the high purity Nitrogen.
Compact system with simple structure through optimum design. Fully automated unattended operation by the electronic control.
Since the nitrogen can be produced on site by using the compressed air, it is not affected by the delivery delay or nitrogen price change of high priced liquid nitrogen.
The system can be customized according to the user requirements about nitrogen purity, production rate and gas delivery pressure, etc. (95~99.9999%, 1-600Nm3/Hr) CMS, the absorbent used in gas separation, can be semi-permanently used.
There is no need to have it managed by the dedicated safety personnel or to keep the gas container since it is operated at low pressure and not subject to the High Pressure Management Act.
Features of Membrane Type Nitrogen Generator 

  Nitrogen is simply produced from dry compressed air.
  No noise is generated as the adsorption/recovery cycle is not needed.
  Light weight and smaller size require less space for installation.
  It can be arranged horizontally or vertically.
  No power is needed for the nitrogen generator module.

Electrical components and connections meet CE standards. All pressure vessels are designed to meet ASME code(Section VIII, Div. 1).
Membrane Type Nitrogen Generator.
Gas separation using the membrane applies the principle of selective gas permeation of the membrane. The substance of the membrane determines the relative solubility and ransmittance of each gas component. For the membrane type nitrogen generator, polyimide or polysulfone is used.  The membrane type nitrogen generator from WON Hi Tech uses a hollow fiber gas separation membrane which transmits more oxygen than nitrogen. In other words, when the compressed air is passed through the polyimide hollow fiber membrane, the nitrogen, which passed relatively more slowly, is passed through the high pressure side (inside of the membrane) while the oxygen is passed through the low pressure side (outside of the membrane) and discharged to the atmosphere.













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WON Hi Tech Corp.

WON Hi Tech Corp.

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    22 Ansantekom-gil Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15523)
WON Hi Tech Corp. Since its foundation in 1993,WON Hi Tech Corp. has officially acquired the patent (Patent No. 10-0861550)for gas separation technology using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), based on the relentless R&D striving efforts and the vast extensive field experiences accumulated in the relevant field. Hence WHTC has become an expert specializing in the industrial Oxygen generators and the Nitrogen generators with its own innovative technology development providing to the domestic market as well as to the worldwide. The electrical stability of the equipment is guaranteed by the acquisition of the CE certification and the durability of the equipment has been advanced by using the parts which conform to the international standards. In comparison to the domestic and the international market, the products of WHTC are economically feasible as the gas productions to input air volume is especially high. WON Hi Tech Corp. manufactures and supplies Ozone Gas Generators, Ozone Dissolving, Systems, Ozone Analyzers, and Gas & Water Monitors. All the staff and administration of WON Hi Tech Corp. will naver cease striving to become the world’s leading manufacturers of the gas genarators under our faithful committed motto of’Ingenious Creativity, Callenging Spirit, and Team Work.
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    Other water treatment and supply equipment
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    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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