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Bio-Glue Powder

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Bio-Glue Powder
Bio-Glue Powder For Wall Papers.

Important Specification for Application of Bio Glue Powder at Site
♦ Water Quantity for Dilution (500g/L)
- Dilution with water of 8L-8.5L
- Conduct an adhesion test by applying the diluted Bio Glue Power on the wall paper, allowing a curing time (for 1 day use or for use on the applying date) after applying it 3 times (The test is not necessarily to be conducted).
- If there is no glue lumping on the roller when a machine application is being processed, then dilution has been done properly.
- It should be noted, if more water is added, adhesion strength to the wallpaper decreases.

♦ Thickness of a Machine Glue Application (mm)
- Test conducted under soaking: 0.35mm
- Test conducted on the thickness of Bio Glue Power: 0.5mm
- Test conducted on the (thinner) thickness of Bio Glue Power: 0.4mm

Applying Area: 15-16 pyung (50-53 )
Curing Time: 1-2 hours
Time Required for Increasing Adhesion Strength: 5-10 minutes (Glue application work after 10 minutes)  6 July 2011

Midas Bio Glue Business Department
1. Execution Method

1) Application of Lining Paper
Join lining papers by overlapping more than 10mm, applying the glue evenly.
For the bottom surface of the gypsum board, apply 2 times with the lining paper on the joints only.
In the event a vinyl silk wall paper is applied on the exposed concrete wall, apply a nonwoven fabric instead of lining paper, and then, on top of it, put one (1) Hanji lining paper (unyongji), 20cm on the applied joint area.

2) Formal Application
For joining wall papers, make the joints of the overlapping joint, face to face, based on the specific character of the wall paper.
For the wall papers, separate them in groups according to their sizes, and then cut the matching colored patterns.
For installing the wall papers, apply the glue evenly (on them), and then remove creases by rubbing them with a brush or a piece of cloth. For the area around the paper edge, adhere it closely.
There should be no joints toward the horizontal direction, and also no joints should be made on the edge toward the vertical direction.

3) Application of Oiled Floor Paper
Cut the oiled floor paper to the actual floor size, and trim the edges of the floor.
For putting the oiled floor paper, wait until it has sufficiently expanded after soaking or after applying the glue and folding it face to face; and then apply the glue again evenly and remove the creases by rubbing it with a bowl so the floor won’t come off, then put it on tightly.
The joints of the oiled floor paper must overlap and the width of the joint must be more than 4cm, and the portion used as a base molding around room must be 5cm.

4) Cleaning
Remove the glue and other foreign substances left on the joints area.

“Environment friendly” “Non-toxic” Glue Powder

Characteristics of Glue-powder:

- Quickly dissolves & saturates in mild water
- No change in viscosity over a long period
- Ease in brushing & easy handling of wallpaper attachment
- Anti-mold treatment
- Odorless & non-toxic
- Easy storage & portability
- Clean and transparent when it seeps out and dries on the surface of wall papers.
- Never contaminates the environment

How to use
1. Pour the powder in mild water (do not use hot water).
2. Shake the powder while pouring into water for 1 to 2 minutes and wait 10 minutes before use.
3. The amount of water vs. quantity of powder must be observed as indicated on table for best results (for silk paper, wait 30 min. before use).

- Do not use hot or boiling water.
- Shake the powder while pouring into water. Do not dump the powder into water.
- Do not add the powder once it is fully dissolved and saturated in water.
- To increase the viscosity (adhesive property), mix the old mixture with the new mixture.
- Exercise caution.

Mixture ratio of water & powder



Wall paper category




Ordinary wall papers

500 g

10 L

Wait 10 min. before use.

10 min.

10 min

Silk wall papers

500 g

8 L



250 g(Han-ji)

10 L



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