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Cervical Vertebrae Pillow alumina

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[Product Description]

Cervical Vertebrae Pillow (alumina)

*Keep a cool head and warm feet~
*High pillow, short life: High pillows shorten life.
*Selected as an excellent HT500 product of Korea
*Selected as the 2010 Best of Best by the Korea Economic Magazine
* Member company of the Korea Far Infrared Association
*Selected as a premium brand grand prize of a small and medium business in 2011

The solution for better head posture!  SMC’s cervical vertebrae pillow is true applied science!
The pillow is shaped and designed with human engineering to fix the cervical vertebrae into a C shape When placing the head on the pillow, the pillow comfortably supports the back and does not pressure theneck causing no pain. It also does not block the flow of carotid arteries into the brain for a smooth blood flow and a clear head. The pillow also sterilizes well leaving no room for germs or mites to form. We use natural mineral bio ceramics (tormanium, barley stone, serpentine, aluminum, etc.) that emit infrared rays and anion for a clear head aside from providing better physical condition and inducing better flow of brain waves.
To create a C-shaped neck, the pillow has been designed into a half moon for natural pulling of the cervical vertebrae and opening of the respiratory track for comfortable breathing during sleep, thus, preventing snoring. 

Comfortable cervical vertebrae pillow
The cervical vertebrae pillow is a product designed to prevent bad head posture.
The cervical vertebrae should be maintained in a C-shape form to absorb shock. The developers used bio ceramics and uretan for comfortable and sound sleep. In addition, only eco-friendly materials are used such as uretan without the presence of heavy metals harmful to the body. 
According to recent statistics, about 72 percent of the population uses high pillows that cause forward head posture. Furthermore, the use of smartphones, tablet PCs, and computers is hurting our neck and causing headaches, all kinds of neck pains and neck disc problems. 

Let us all change our daily habits.
How to use the cervical vertebrae pillow
1. Choose a pillow to fit your neck - For the obese and those with long neck, a pillow of 8.5cm and those with normal bodies, a pillow of 7.5cm are recommended.
2. When using the pillow, place it at mid-neck and sleep straight.
3. Place the pillow on the temple if one turns to the side when sleeping.
4. Sleeping with head in a forward posture may cause pain - You may feel the pillow a bit hard if you have used memory foam or cotton ball pillows. You need to be patient and use the pillow for a healthy neck. 
5. Those who snore should pull the pillow toward the shoulders for the head to fall back, which will open the respiratory path and reduce snoring.
6. Those having difficulty sleeping while lying down straight with the cervical vertebrae pillow, place an ordinary  cotton ball pillow to support the knees for a comfortable back and sound sleep.
7. When the ceramic gets cold in the winter, you may heat it on a heating mat before use.
8. It is good to place the pillow under the shoulders and head for a good posture.
9. Time it takes to adapt: one to four days (those with sensitive bodies may take longer).

“Excellence of the cervical vertebrae pillow”
1. The bio ceramic cervical vertebrae pillow sterilizes well and helps suppress the propagation of all kinds of germs.
2. The bio ceramic cervical vertebrae pillow ventilates well cooling the head for a clear and cool
head(keeping the head cool and the feet warm).
3. Due to its design, it does not put pressure on the head or neck bones and disperses the body pressure for
a comfortable C shaped cervical vertebrae and sound sleep.
4. Using the cervical vertebrae pillow will improve alfafa (concentration) by about 10 percent ande-wave (creativity) by about 12 percent, and decrease β-wave (stress) by about 15 percent.

Cervical vertebrae pillow best for the following people
1. Those whose heads heat up and sweat much
2. Those who disturb families by making noise during sleep 3. Those with dull heads when waking up in the morning
4. Those who want to prevent neck wrinkles
5. Those tired from long studies and work 
6. Those with frequent long-distance driving and travel 
7. Those who often use computers and cell phones 

Precautions to take
1. Don’t use for purposes other than the one it’s designated.
2. Don’t step on or throw the pillow.
3. When washing the pillow, don’t soak it too long it in water (within 10 minutes).
4. Hand-wash the part where the ceramic is adhered with lukewarm water and brush.
5. The cotton cover may be washed in a washing machine.
6. Don’t wash the uretan foam.

1. It sterilizes 96 times better than ordinary pillows where about 520 mites form per 1cm2 and excrete waste
(Professor Jongsik Chun of Seoul National University)
2. If you sleep face down, it may change the natural jaw and spine joints.
3. Before and after going to bed, stretch lying down to maintain a balanced spine and promote blood circulation. 
4. Those with forward head posture, stretch the head to the front, back, left and right for over five seconds four times to strengthen the neck muscles. 
5. Frequently dry the pillow you have used under direct sunlight to suppress the propagation of mites and germs. 




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