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Quti one IceCream MagicTotalCleanser Strawberry

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Cumbersome and complicated cleansing

"Diet your time!"
Eye make-up remover + lipstick remover + cleansing cream + cleansing oil + foam cleansing + natural cleansing soap, six in one!
Complete cleansing of your make-up all at once!

"Feels like scooping ice cream to clean~"
Magical cleansing at once to remove all BB cream, sun cream, foundation, mascara, eye line, and waterproof make-up with ample bubbles!

1. Made of plant ingredients and milk through special processing.
Non stimulating cleansing of PH=8.1-8.3 similar to mineral water
2. Preservative, petrochemical, parabens, alcohol, EDTA and TEA free product
3. Verified as a product without germs through testing of all kinds of germs
4. Certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as not containing 12 items (harmful elements testing)
5. Certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as not stimulating during body skin stimulating tests carried out on 67 people.

Dermatologists warn women who try hard to cleanse for 15 to 30 minutes every night that "cleansing for over 3 minutes damages the skin and propels ageing."

This product is the best and innovative product for tired women looking for a non-stimulating cleanser that can completely work within a minute (certified as non stimulating during body skin stimulating tests carried out on 67 women by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
In addition, it doesn't contain alcohol, preservative, petrochemical and synthetic surfactant, making it an excellent product also to bathe babies. It produces many bubbles that even a small amount may be used to create bubbles.

- Strawberries contain elements cleansing the skin that it helps prevent freckles. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C to smooth rough skins damaged from exposure to ultraviolet rays.
- The lemon essential oil softens and sterilizes the skin as well as acts as an astringent to help remove freckles. In addition, it is useful to remove dead skin cells of aged, pimple prone and oily skin.
- The aloe is highly effective as an astringent, shrinking muscle cells. It also moisturizes and calms the skin to cool summer skin exposed to much sunlight and sterilizes the skin for effective treatment of pimples.
- The coconut oil protects the skin that could be damaged from exposure to hot sunlight and helps maintain a healthy skin. In addition, it helps dead cells to fall off thus naturally removing dead skin cells. 
- Milk moisturizes and whitens the skin, making it moist, clean, shiny and elastic . In addition, it removes oil stains and dead skin cells for a smooth skin. 
- The orange essential oil is a skin tonic oil that helps remove skin poison and generates collagen.
- The grape extract is rich in vitamin C, the best element for skin whitening and recovery of skin with blemishes. The fruit acid of grapes also has the same effect as dead skin removers.
- The tannin acid in bananas delays skin ageing, prevents wrinkles and keeps the skin elastic. Bananas do not stimulate and help keep a safe and moist skin especially for ultra dry skins. 
- Eucalyptus helps sterilize, remove odor, and increase breathing of sensitive and oily skin with all kinds of rashes and cleanses it well to remove waste in the pores. 
- The green tea extract helps remove harmful oxygen and odor as an antioxidant. It prevents skin damage from exposure to ultraviolet rays and shrinks pores for an anti-wrinkle effect. It is good for the skin care of not only women but also men.
- Honey does not only contain nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and organic acids good to the body but is also excellent to moisturize skin sensitive to seasonal changes and dry skin.
- The lavender essential oil supplies an appropriate amount of oil and moisture for a moist skin. It also helps solve insomnia and relieves stress.
We can also manufacture in bulk the product with which one can make 45 containers of 95g.
(like an ice cream shop, for franchise business of selling a certain amount by scooping ice cream)

Features : This product is a highly-enriched ice cream type cream soap manufactured that uses a new concept and a secret formula processing with which one can completely cleanse all kinds of make-up in one minute. As a product for perfect cleansing and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as non stimulating through body skin stimulating tests carried out on 67 people, it may be safely used by people with sensitive skins. In addition, it is alcohol, preservative, petrochemical and synthetic surfactant free that it may also be used to bathe babies. It produces much bubbles and one may use a small amount to create much bubbles.

Spec :

ㅡ This ice cream magic total cleanser is recognized worldwide~
ㅡ Experience its amazing effect~ 99 percent repurchase rate~!
ㅡ Use a spoon to scoop~
ㅡ You will be mesmerized by its smoothness and amazed with its cleansing effects!! Perfect for deep~ cleansing
ㅡ Apply by scooping with a spoon like ice cream.
ㅡ With ample bubbles working like magic to smoothly clean even full make-up!
ㅡ Deep cleans in just one minute. Cleans as if you’ve washed your face three times~!!
ㅡ Deep cleansing + massaging effects
ㅡ How to use :
* Scoop a small amount by using the spoon.
* Aapply onto face and massage to remove make-up.
* After a certain amount is removed, apply water and make bubbles.
* Use bubbles to massage and remove make-up once more. 
* Wash with lukewarm water and finish it off with cold water.
ㅡ We deliver the product to 1,500 drugstores in Japan and we also sell in our shop in the Life Cooperative of Japan     
ㅡ Certified by and registered with the Korean Food and Drug Administration
ㅡ Evaluated as hypoallergenic at PH=8.3 according to results of tests carried out by the Korea Testing and Research Institute
ㅡ Evaluated as not containing free alkali and Pb harmful to the skin according to results of tests carried out by the Korea Testing and Research Institute
ㅡ One minute cleansing while taking a shower!
ㅡ From cleansing to taking a shower, all problems are solved with this product alone!
ㅡ Remove make-up while taking a shower!


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MYRRHTECH ltd always selects the quality ingredients and produces the quality soap products in a strict production management, focusing on providing high class bath culture as well as hygienic facial wash. Since 2008, MYRRHTECH has been researching and developing soap products and succeeded to release ice cream-like textured thick soap and now leads to distribute in the market. QUIIT1 is the unique soap product that is matchless to any other manufacturers' soap products and highly reputed in the Skincare Exhibition in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
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