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Cleaning appliances capture dust and mites up to 99.97% Konimax cleaner head for bedding

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  • Brand
    Model KM-102
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    260 x 260 x 90(mm)
  • Material
    ABS, PE, PC
  • Weight
  • Package Includes
    Main body, dust bin, stainless mesh filter, Hepa filter, 3 kinds of pipes for connection
  • Function
    Capture dust and mites up to 99.97%

[Product Description]

Koni-Max is an attachment to a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly suck mites from the beddings. (Not a motorized cleaner) Koni-Max has a HEPA filter and a stainless steel mesh filter in the dustbin to capture dust and mites up to 99.97%. Another feature of Koni-Max is that its inlet and dustbin are in a single unit. It is easy to attach to and detachfrom a cleaner with three connecting nozzles, not to stick to bedclothes with a pneumatic-pressure controller, and easy to clean mites and dust from bedclothes, mattress, carpet, pillow, etc. HEPA filter is washable with water and reusable economically. It is recommended for those struggling to remove house dust and fine dust children, weak parents. I have a sore throat because of the smoky exhaust wind!! Do not bend over your body cleaning the bedding! Your waist hurts! You can remove unseeable fine dust and mites without bending down and without breathing in fine dust. Because there is no exhaust port in the cleaner, smoky fine dust is not emitted
while you are cleaning bedclothes with it.
• Eliminating fine dusts and contaminant from bed mattress, blanket, carpet, pillow, etc. which are not easy to wash.
• Compatible to attach or detach with existing cleaner you have.
• Absorbing foreign materials as rotating casters move on the textile.
• Filtering out fine dusts, dead skincell, dandruff, etc. up to 99.95% from the surface of textile.


[Product Features]

• Absorbing foreign materials as rotating casters move on the textile.
• It has obtained a patent of invention, in which mesh filter and hepa filter are combined inside the dust bin.
• It eliminates dust mites, blanket lint, dead skincell, dandruff. etc. as well as fine dusts, effectively.
• The best way to remove mites from bedding, foreign materials(dead skincell, dandruff) can be proceeded by vacuum cleaner.





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• Origin : Republic of Korea

• Size(Capacity) : 260 x 260 x 90(mm)

• Material : ABS, PE, PC

• Weight : 700g

• Package Includes : Main body, dust bin, stainless mesh filter, Hepa filter, 3 kinds of pipes for connection

• Function : Capture dust and mites up to 99.97%



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  • Name : Son Hyuk
  • Tel : 82-220680017
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 3-4 Gyeongin-ro 82-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07371)
Konimax Co., Ltd.

Konimax Co., Ltd.

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    Hyuk Son
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    3-4 Gyeongin-ro 82-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07371)
Konimax Company Limited has developed a dust mite cleaner for the first time in Korea, which is exclusively used on the bedding by fitting it to a normal vacuum cleaner. The Company is recognized in the home care industry for its excellence in technology that has resulted in the registration of domestic and international patents thanks to its ceaseless commitment to R&D for the past 10 years. The product of the Company was successfully commercialized through the Company’s R&D activities and the R&D project of the Small & Medium Business Administration to promote and support technological development, and the Company has been nominated as INNO-BIZ, Venture and Promising Exporter. The bedding cleaner and other health care products which have been developed in-house based on the Company’s technological competences receive high praise in customer satisfaction surveys, and the Company plans to identify and develop various products having competitiveness in the global market and suitable for the convergence industry. The bedding cleaner head, in particular, which is proven of its quality is currently exported to the USA, China, Japan and South East Asia, and the Company is expanding the export market to include Europe to improve the quality of life of the users.
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    HighMoisture BETACAN Ampoule, Konimax cleaner head for bedding
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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