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Korea Loess Germanium Far-infrared Ray Dry And Wet Type Fumigator Seat Device For Fumigation

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    Model DYB-650
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    Republic of Korea
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    380 x 380 x 420 (mm)  
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    Alternative medicine product
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    Infrared Radiation-dry And Wet
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- Women's secret trouble 
- Fumigator, no better than this
- Loess germanium far-infrared ray dry and wet type fumigator

• Far Infrared, Wet and Dry Dual Purpose Ocher Fumigation Apparatus utilizing the traditional Korean ondol and cauldron fireplace mechanisms!
• Try the ocher based oriental herb fumigation. You can feel the body warmed up, the best treatment in curing various women’s diseases and contraction of vagina.
• Try the ocher based oriental herb fumigation. You can immediately feel the effect of curing the blood circulation disturbance, menstrual pain, leucorrhea and cold limb. 

• Try the ocher based oriental herb fumigation, the best treatment in removing lipid & abdominal obesity, and curing the enlargement of the prostate gland!!

Feature of loess and far-infrared ray
Mass far-infrared ray in the loess is emitted and permeates into human body deeply(4--5-mm) and has effect to female disorder, skin disease, eczema and postpartum care.
For its loess material, no harmful for human body and no electro wave is produced. 
This product prolongs soft and warm feeling and gives comfort. 

Convenience and variety in use 
 This fumigator adopts fie hole of traditional kitchen, and dry type is effective for vaginitis, itching and eczema, and wet type has effect to leucorrhea, body chill, corpulence and postpartum care with water and herbal medicine in the vessel.
Luster and bounce of skin recovered even apply steam massage on your face with hot herbal medicine. 

Ergonomic design 
 It is designed ergonomically so as to feel comfortably in use, and its width and height are almost same as general toilet bowl.  
When it is used in wet type, it does not matter if you open or close the cover.
Dry type fumigator that is realized the cauldron fire hole our mothers had used in old time.

What is loess? 
 Loess is like as sponge, in small room molecular structures of solar energy reflect each other, activate and emit energy. We can say loess is lump of alive microbe, and it's silicon mineral which has received solar energy for long time emitting a lot of far-infrared ray anion. Its active yeast is benefit for human body with the active metabolism such as anti-aging and preventing geriatric diseases, so a lot of people go to natural loess such as fomentation center and loess sauna.

Story of kitchen fire hole 
 In old time, women cooked with firing in the cauldron fire hole, and far-infrared ray was emitted naturally while fire wood is burning, so it results there was almost no female disease in old time, while a lot of  women have female disease in these days because of cement and pollution.

-------- We recommend fumigation to whom bore no result by herbal medicine for female disease.

Characteristic of far-infrared ray.  
 Far-infrared ray is absorbable light. It is absorbed and energized in human body. Also far-infrared ray is heat carrier and it conveys absorbed heat rapidly. Near infrared ray is reflecting ray while far-infrared ray is absorbable ray.


Effect of far-infrared ray 
 Ultra-violet ray   infrared ray  microwave   radio wave   near infrared ray    midium infrared ray        far-infrared ray
far-infrared ray is transmitted by emission and reach into skin (40~50mm) or deeply in matter absorbing to promote metabolism, blood flow, waste discharge and it is effective to restrain fatigue and aging. Also it ensures health and youth with outstanding effect in healing of various diseases. 

Product advantages
1.  Time setting range is 10~55oC and timer setting range is 10~90 minutes. 
2.  For safety purpose, after 2 hours even in manual operation mode all power is turned off automatically. 
3.  Selecting wet and dry type operation is available and tea bag package provides convenient use. 
4.  Cleaning inside is easy, portable and easy use. 
5.  100% ceramic material maintains warm longer with good incense.
6.  Good for face massage. 
7.  Wearing gown in fumigation gives warm feeling. 
    (Herbal medicine is sold separately, 20 tea bags per bag)
8.  Automatic power control for keeping proper temperature during fumigation. 

Features of fumigation 
It disinfects body clearly. It eliminates menstrual pain, cares your skin lovely and prevents haemorrhoids.
It solve corpulence issue.      
It gets rid of sexual dysphoria after childbirth.

Effect of fumigator 

;  Fumigation has strong sterilizing power so as to effect to eczema, itching, leucorrhea and cystosis in affected part or female organs.
Anodyne action
:  It is effect to menstrual pain, lumbago by activating blood circulation and lymph circulation.
Restoration action
:  In the medicine being used for fumigation, there is content which increases leukocyte of human body so as to restore cell in affected part and skin disease area.
Removal of fat
;  It activates blood circulation and removes wastes and fat. Also it is effect to prevent pimple or treatment by activating sebum secretion. 
Antiphlogistic function
;  It reduces inflammation so as to effect to anal disease and prostatic disease. 
Contraction action
:  When fumigator is used in postpartum, it is effect to contract womb and vagina which have been loosen by childbirth. 
Cosmetic action
:  By treating female organs that controls the endocrine system, it removes freckles, pimples and lentigo so as to change clear skin as well as it has effect to allergy skin.
:  Effect to lose hypogastric abdominal muscle
Skin disease
:  freckles lentigo, pimples
Anal disease
;  haemorrhoids, anal fistula, prolapse of the anus
Male disease
;  Declined vigor, prostatitis
Female disease
;  8 herbal medicines are packed in tea bag for leucorrhea, pudental itching, menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea, odor from vulva, chill body and female disease 



• Product ------------------------------ Loess fire hole               
• Model -------------------------------- DYB-650        
• Manufacturing license ----------- #1687
• AC ------------------------------------ 110V and  220V 
• Power consumption -------------- 650W                
• Power cord ------------------------- 1.5M           
• Item approval ---------------------- # 06-564
• Size ---------------------------------- 380x380x420(mm)    
• Weight ------------------------------ 13kg                
• Manufacturer  --------------------- Doo Young


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Doo Young is a company that makes environmentally friendly products by applying the wisdom of Korean ancestors. We are mainly exporting seat device for fumigation using far infrared technology, and it is recognized as an alternative medicine in Korea and loved by many consumers. We want to spread our products around the world and for those who need our products. We will always strive for your better health. Thank you.
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