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AT-2000G GRAM Auto Slide Stainer

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      USD 8,000.00 ~ 10,000.00

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    Model AT-2000G
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    Stain smeared slide for GRAM staining
AT-2000G GRAM Auto Slide Stainer
This Auto Stainer provides fast, easy and stable staining process for staining specimen and culture colony
for detecting GRAM positive and negative by automated system control. This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and
performances over manual staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience. 
It can provide safety and comfortable environment of test lab.
A . Features
1. GRAM Staining 
; Can be available to stain for GRAM method in stainer.
2. Easy software upgrade and the function can be controlled by microprocessor.
3. Slides horizontally fixed to the infusion of the reagent supply, to prevent specimen falling off
 from the slides.
4. No cross-contamination in all of process by separate and individual slide tray.
5. Available to apply fresh and metered reagent on to the surface of each slide precisely
    through separate and individual injection system to prevent contamination of reagents.
6. The reagents used only where desired number of slide. So no overuse of reagents.
7. Checking and Warning for lower level of reagents to prevent wrong stain.
8. Provides consistent reproducibility by controlling all phase of Stain cycle precisely.
9. Special time setting function is adopted to adjust the injection & wait time freely
    to suit user's environment, such as the thickness of specimen smear and the different kinds
    of specimens.
10. Easy to maintain and clean inside of stainer by adopting the design for individual, horizontal
     and separate injection system.
11. Simple operation and it can be available to obtain accurate and precision stain.  
12. Available to apply additional slide tray for staining 20 slides(With optional tray).
B. Technical Specification
1.  Max. Slide Capacity : 10 slides (The Q’ty for staining can be set up to 10)
                                        20 slides ( With optional tray)
2. Fitting slide : Fixed Horizontally (Injection)
3. Injection method of Reagents : Trickle down to the slides (from nozzle)
4. Staining process: GRAM Positive stain→Mordanting→Decolorizing→GRAM Negative stain→
                                 Washing & Dry
5. Possible staining methods:  GRAM
6. Tray Rotation Speed : Approx. 6rpm(Staining),
                                        Approx.300rpm(Dry mode), Approx. 250rpm(Dry in Staining)
7. Display : 4 Line by 20 character alpha-numeric LCD dot-matrix
8. Key Function Control : 6 Mode Key(Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Up, Down),
                                  6 Function selection
9. Basic Function : Staining, Auto washing & Drying, Set Q'ty of slides,
                               Injection of reagents (Auto/Manual), Stop
10. Special Function : Set of staining method and time(Injection, Waiting)
11. Consumption of reagent : Approx. 1.2 – 2.2 ml/slide(varied by injection time)
12. Monitoring the level of reagent : Display separate LED display and Alam
13. 1 Cycle Stain Time : 8 to 15 minutes (Varied by set of time)
14. Used Power : AC 100~240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, Max. 50W
15. Dimension & Weight : 480(W)x265(H)x445(D)mm, Approx. 17kgs
16. Drain : Nipple on rear Panel
17. Safety : Lid interlock : Lid must be closed, and it is locked down during operation
C. Consist of product
1. AT-2000G GRAM Auto Stainer 1 SET
2. Reagent Holder and Cable 1SET
3. Power Cord 1 EA
4. Spare Fuse 2 EA
5. User's Manual 1 EA
6. Quick Installation Guide 1 EA
7. Drain Hose 1 EA
8. Reagent tube kit 1 SET
9. Staining reagent kit (950ml) 1 KIT
10. 5.0 litter empty Bottle for cleaning water 1 EA
11. Carbon filter for Ventilation Fan 5EA
12. Service Manual 1EA
13. Option:  Additional slide tray for staining 20 slides



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