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Seasoned Jae Rae Seaweed

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- Item : Seasoned wild seaweed(KL8)
- Package : 3g x 8pack x 30bundle / CTN
- Measure : 510 x 345 x 310mm      
- Min Quanitity : 100 CTNS      
- Ingredient : Wild Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil

This wild seaweed is produced from purity sea zone, having excellent taste with delightful touch when crunch, and it has the taste of nature.

As 2.25% of basic protein is found in seaweed, it has more than 38.3% protein. For comparison, rice has 6.2%, milk 2.84%, and beans has 34.3% protein (data from FAO/WHO-1973).

Myoungga Kim(Seasoned wild Seaweed)is suitable for side dish of lunch or picnic.
We produly recommand "Myoungga Kim"which has the longest the first seasoned seaweed in Korea made with our own know-how of 31 years. It is exported Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and USA.


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  • Name : Yun Woo Park
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 2F, 138 Songpa-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (05829)
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Samhae Commercial Co.,Ltd

Samhae Commercial Co.,Ltd

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    Deok Sul Kim
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    2F, 138 Songpa-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (05829)
저희 명가김은 1968년에 창업하여 지금까지 장인정신으로 김사업만 해왔습니다. 한국 최초의 조미김을 개발하였고, 김수출로 1999년에 500만 달러탑을 받았으며, 2002년에는 정부로부터 세계일류상품인증도 받은 한국 최대의 김전문기업입니다. 1990년에는 맛있는 김생산지인 전북 부안군 줄포농공단지에 공장을 지어, 안전하고 위생적인 식품으로 소비자의 건강을 지키기 위하여 최신자동 설비에 ISO9001과 HACCP을 도입하여 운영하고 있습니다. We have been doing our best to protect customers health and enrich their diet with seaweed since our foundation in 1968. Laver is a pure food containing various kinds of vitamins and minerals. It will be a popular food all over the world in the 21C, but it is popular mostly in the Far East such as Korea and Japan, etc. for the moment. Therefore, we are devoting ourselves to develop it as the international food stuff of the future. For 31 years, "Myoungga Kim" is a leader and has settled a reliable distribution system from production to consumption with the best quality and service. We are friendly with our consumers, producers, and fishermen without self-conceit. Although nature is becoming polluted, 'Myoungga Kim' will preserve our health, not only with pure traditional food but also with nutritious side dishes with much alkaline contents. 1) Strong Points - For 40years, seaweed business only - We cover from raw material to various products - Global partnership. 2) History & Awards - Korean style seasoned seaweed developed (82', 5) - $5,000,000 Export Award (99', 6) - Korean Wrold-Class Product Award (02', 2) - $10,000,000 Export Award (07', 6) 3) Vision - Always supply the safety product with customer - Seaweed product is go out into the whole world - win-win strategy and long term partnership with customer
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    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    101~500 people

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