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Hinoki Shower

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15 Steps Purifying System of Hinoki Shower

9 Steps of water keeper

Sediment non-woven filer : filtering a rust & foreign materials
Silver mineral stone : anti-bacteria, absorption of heavy metal, emission of far infrared ray
Water dispersion filter : making fine particle and activatinf of water
Carbon block : anti-bacteria, remove the bed smell and taste
Composed bio ceramic ball : anti-bacteria & oxidation
Carbon filter : anti-bacteria, remove the bed smell and taste
Water dispersion filter : making fine partide and activating of water
Natural germanium & bartey stone : anti-oxidation, emission of natural mineral
Final non-woven purifying filter : remove fine dust

6 Stemps of shower head

Pre treated non-woven filter : filtering a rust & foreign materials
Ceramic ball : Get rid of the residual chlorine
Silver mineral stone : anti-bacteria, absorption of heavy metal, emission of far infrared ray
Post treated non-woven filter : filtering a rust & foreign materials
Hinoki ball : anti-bacteria & living organism
Final non-woven purifying filter : remove fine dust

Checking of the Residual Chlorine in Public Tap Water

What is the residual chlorine in tap water?

The residual chlorine is remained chlorine in tap water used for water purifying process as a disinfectant. The reason that a fish can not be survive long time in real tap water is caused of this residual chlorine. And so, it is recommended for a sensitive person abot disinfectant, weak-skin women, newborn baby and chhild to use the water without residual chlorine.

Put the test reagent for checking the residual chlorine enclosed in the box into two glassed cup sufficiently.
- The color of water is changed to yellow if it has a residual chlorine.

The influence of residual chlorine to human

  1. Skin trouble such as Atopic dermatitis & pruritus.
  2. Expedite skin senescence
  3. Cause of alopecia, discolor ation of the hair and dandruff
  4. Housewife's eczema : trouble of skin and mucous membrane

Put the germanium filter into the color changed glass cup and shaking enough.

Checking method of residual chlorine

Please compare a tap water to the Hinoki shower water after install the shower system.

Pre paring two transparent glassed cup

  • Put Hinoki shower water into one glassed cup
  • Put normal tap water into the other glassed cup

And then, you can confirm the color is changed to clear as removing the residual chlorine in the water. The color of cleared water is not changed as putting the test reagent any more.

The parts & spec of Hinoki shower

The Parts

1. Water keeper
2. Shower head with germanium filter to eliminate the chlorine
3. Germanium filter for refilling
4. Spanner to install the Hinoki shower
5. A reagent for testing the residual chlorine

When you open the product box, if there are not any of above parts, there are damaged parts, please repack it and return to the customer service center.

The Sepcification

Major Materials
Permissible Water Pressure
0.7~7.5Kgf / cm2
Permissible Temperature
Hole size of shower plate
Exchanging period of filters Shower filter
about 6 months
hinoki ball & Non-woven filter
about 12 months
Water Keeper
about 12 months

The Effect of Hinoki

  1. Helping you have a good sleep as getting rid of stress and becoming calm of mind.
  2. Keep bathromm from the propagation of noxious bacteria and moldy.
  3. Keep bathroom from the accessing of harmful insects such as a mite, nisquito and cockroach, etc.,
  4. Get rid of an unpleasant odor.
  5. Be efficacious on dandruff and tinea.
  6. Have an effect to prevent of falling out of hair.
  7. Be efficacious on atopic-dermatitis.
  8. Sterilizing infectibility bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, candida, etc.,
  9. Emitting a beneficial wave to health.
  10. Good for beauty treatment of skin.

Installation of the Hinoki Shower

Remove the existing shower hose from water pipe using spanner enclosed in the box Connect the inlet of water keeper to the water pipe
Checj the status of nubber packing to prevent a leakage of water. Connect the hose to the bottom of water keeper using by the spanner
Remove the existing shower head from the hose using by spanner. Install the Hinoki shower head to the end of hose.

Notice for using of the Hinoki Shower

The usage of product

  1. It is not medical device and so don't misunderstanding as a medical instruments or drugs.
  2. It is the sourece of the trouble for you to do not follow the filter exchange period. (The cleaning of Honoki ball and non-woven filter is needed every 3 months.)
  3. Don't use the shower head being under the water of bathtub.
  4. The usage of it as below 70°C is recommended.
  5. Be careful do not missing the rubber packing when it is disassem-bled for filter exchange.

Trouble shooting of the Hinoki shower

1) Lacking the water pressure

  1. In case of using the water keeper
    - Unscrew the cover of both side of it.
    - Take out the non-woven filter.
    - Removing foreign materials or washing rust on it
    - Inserthe filters after exchanging each other.
    - Screw the both cover and fixing it to the water pipe.
  2. On used shower head only
    - Unscrew the head of it.
    - Take out the non-woven filter.
    - Removing foreign materials or washing rust on it.
    - Use it after re-fixing the filter.

2. Abnormal shower of water
- Rubbing the related extreme small holes by finger or toothbrush.
- Open the cover and remove a dust on shower plate.

3. Leakage of water
- Find out the leakage spot exacity.
- Check the rubber packing.
- Use it after re-fixing the rubber packing.


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With the belief that there is no illness to fix by water, BIOLIFE is dedicated. In order to contribute to the health of mankind with honest water, good water, good water, water of life, water which is close to nature, it is the best way to contribute to the health of mankind. We are working hard.  The world's first high-functional hinoki shower using natural quartz stone, Skin shower water softener for atopy to remove 100% of rust and residual chlorine - Atowell, High-performance water filter that can be easily installed in a sink, sink, shower faucet, and can be used as a portable water purifier instead of a simple water purifier -
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