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Hydrogel Face Mask

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What is Hydro-gel?

Hydrogel contains the extraction from natural, eco-friendly materials, such as carrageen and agar -easily turns to nature without creating contaminants.

Why a Pure Hydro-gel Mask?

Disadvantages of Mesh-type Hydrogel Mask

  • Properties
    - Various typed mesh used to make up for the Hydrogel Mask's tearing strength
  • Advantages
    - High strength by using synthetic fiber mesh such as polyester, nylon etc. This functions as a support.
    - High productivity and strong adhesiveness
  • Disadvantages
    - Lowering of texture and uncomfortable to use
    - May cause fungus or skin troubles
    - Stability analysis between synthetic fiber and the Gel-typed is not identified
    - Fluffs and fractures may occur on the cutting line due to the low solidarity of gel.
    - Not easy to find the front and rear of the mask and it may causes skin irritations as the fiber sticks to sensitive skin.

Premium Super Hydrogel - Pure Hydrogel

Crystal Cell-1
(Jincostech's pure hydrogel mask)

  • Affluent essence and strong adhesiveness
    - Rich essence and the high-strength gel provide sensual feeling on the skin with strong adhesiveness. Pure Hydro-gel Mask displaying refined and sensual image. Rich and moist, excellent skin adhesion Not containing mesh, Pure Hydro Gel Mask is free from skin irritations.
  • Applicable to various types
    - With high viscosity of gel properties, design modification is easy .more flexible to customer's demand.
  • Properties
    -1. Holding the shape by the Pure Hydro Gel, displaying refined and sensual image.
  • Advantages
    - 1. Not containing mesh, Pure Hydro Gel Mask is free from skin irritations and more stable.
    - 2. Pure Gel-typed, sleeky and transparent properties give a fresh and comfort feeling.

Crystal Cell-2
(Pure Hydrogelbeauty Mask)

  1. Jincostech's Pure Hydrogel Mask has strong adhesiveness and solidarity, developed by many years' worth of know-how.
  2. Contains nature-friendly ingredients which are used in food materials, extracted from agar, Konjac, Carrageenan and various kinds of plant gums.
  3. Since the gel-typed essence does not flow out, it prevents troubles caused by excessive essence release from the non-woven fabric.
  4. Pure and transparent gel tightly fits to the facial skin so that it enables you to check your skin condition while applying.
  5. Since Hydrogel tends to get contracted little by little as releasing the essence , it gives a tight and refreshing feeling after use.
  6. Provides strong adhesiveness and rich moisture. Cool, transparent gel provide a feeling of luxury.
  7. Biodegradability in nature is excellent due to the use of natural gelling agent.
  8. Effective in the summer because of refreshing feeling after use.

Crystal Cell

JINCOSTECH'S Pure Hydrogel Mask is using naturally derived ingredients (such as herbs, roots, various botanical ingredients) without the use of synthetic chemicals, manufactured in such a way to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

Hydrogel Product

Pure-Hydrogel Mask

Separated type & one-pieced type
Special care crystal hydrogel mask contains patented ingredients Greenol(Patent No. 10-0820010), BotaniceuticalPlus-10 (Patent No. 10-0966835) to supply rich moisture to facial skin. With high viscosity of gel properties, transparent or translucent, design modification is easy .more flexible to customer's demand.

How to Use

  1. Remove make-up and use skin toner to increase effectiveness.
  2. Take out the mask and remove each plastic cover and apply mask with the eyes and lips as the center for the upper face and lower face each.
  3. Wear for about 30 minutes
  4. Remove mask and gently stroke face to make remaining essence completely absorbed into the skin.
    * Summer: Keep it stored in the refrigerator in fresh cold to enjoy the pack


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