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Total Integration Surveillance Solution

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CCTV Total Integration Surveillance System (iNet-TiSS)


CCTV Total Integration Surveillance System (TISS) is to integrate, link and centralize all the dispersed CCTV Monitoring & Control Centers for prevention of crime or terror and maintenance of public security and safety.

When each Monitoring & Control Center was separately installed and managed, it could be used only for its specific purpose, and thus, there has been complaints of inefficiencies due to difficulties in sharing CCTV Image Information with other centers in case of a certain crime occurrence.

However, if CCTV Total Integration Surveillance System (TISS) is built up, in the day time or in the normal time this system can be used for prevention of crime and/or traffic control as its original purpose, and at night or at the time of any accident/incident occurrence this system can be used for prevention of crime and makes it possible to respond more rapidly to such a case.
iNetTISS (Total Integration Surveillance System) is the Central Monitoring & Control System based on Network Image Management, which is the appropriate system for the project of large scale and wide range.

iNetTiSS supports IP Surveillance Equipments (e.g.: IP Cameras and Network Video Server) of the different manufacturers and models, and enables either new network equipment or the existing equipment to be used together.

Network Equipment of high resolution such as Mega-pixel & HD Cameras causes the servers to be additionally installed due to high system load, but iNetTiSS secures the maximum of stable operation with the minimum of server even in case of Network Equipment of high resolution.

iNetTISS is the very Enterprise-class Control & Monitoring System that is designed to integrate multi systems for the more convenient and stable use.
1. Optimum to Control & Monitoring System of Large Scale and Wide Range
    - Integration and management of multi Control & Monitoring Systems which are widely dispersed in the different sites.

2. Unrestricted System Extension
    - iNetTISS enables System to be extended by the partial addition as necessary, without recomposition of all the system.

3. Flexible Operation and Management
    - Integrated management makes it possible to flexibly operate the system and mutually share multi systems and rapidly
      react in emergency case as a result.

4. Convenient Event Management
    - Integrated Management of all the event facilitates Search, Statistics and Analysis of the events occurred.

5. Unrestricted User Configuration
    - User's configuration is available regardless of place.
    - Backup function of Setup values helps the User to simply recover the latest environment without reset of all the setup
      value even if the setup environment is deleted due to problem occurred in the system.

6. Reduction of Personnel Disposition and Flexible Disposition
    - The existing DVR system requires disposition of proper management personnel to each system, but iNetTISS makes
      Total Integration of Multi Systems and facilitates the flexible Disposition of Personnel and reduces the management


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