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Korea Technobio Excellent Functional Fuel Saving Products POWER-Z(for heavy oil)

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    Model TBS-1M-0000/TBS-4M-0000
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    Republic of Korea
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    Depends on the products
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    Fuel saving products
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  • Features
    Effects in ships, boilers, cars, buses, trucks
Effects in ships
• Increase power and raise engine speed.
• Remove sludge in fuel tank almost completely.
• Prevent carbon deposit in nozzle no need to change nozzles.
• Carbon deposit on engine cylinder walls is removed, protecting metal surface and maintaining high pressure. The engine resumes its original condition.
• Fuel cost can be saved by about 3~5%.
• Rapid combustion and low temperature explosion protect engine from being overheated and exhaust gas temperature is decreased by about 20°C. (Nox reduction effect)
• PM(Dust) can be reduced by as much as 50% and Nox, HC, and CO can be reduced by 30% ~ 50%.
Effects in boilers
• The soot on the combustion chamber walls is turned into soft powder and removed, which increases heat
transfer efficiency.
• Facilitates oxidation of the chemical elements in the fuel during combustion and explosion, which reduces excess air ratio (Nox reduction effect).
• Boiler heat efficiency and steam generation per unit fuel consumption can be improved by more than 3%.
• PM(Dust) can be reduced by up to 50%.
• Complete combustion greatly increases thermal calorie and raises exhaust gas temperature.
• Disperse / remove sludge in fuel oil tank almost completely.
Effects in cars, buses, trucks
• Greatly increases torque in low-high speed and power at acceleration.
• Gasoline and diesel oil can be saved by more than 8.5%.
• Protects engine oil from degradation extending oil change period.
• Rapid combustion and low temperature explosion protect engine from being overheated and lowers exhaust gas temperature (Nox reduction effect).
• Smoke can be reduced by as much as 50% and Nox, HC and CO can be reduced by 30% ~ 50%.
• Engine nose can be reduced by about 5% on idle condition.
 Most of various fuel saving products marketed home and overseas are just additives and what is worse, they rarely meet customers’ expectations for fuel saving. This innovative POWER-Z has been originally developed to save fuel consumption, so the selected quality materials have been utilized. It is also assured with the unique safety that this product can significantly contribute to the pollution prevention such as air pollution and the protection of internal/external combustion engines. This product is a special organic chemical compound manufactured in liquid from the main ingredients [fat acids] extracted from compounding microorganism enzymes (decomposition temp: 200'C) and otherwise special enzymes.
- PM (Particle Matter) reduced up to 50% in case heavy oil is used. -Exhaust fumes reduced up to 50% and higher in case light oil is used.
POWER-Z re-forms oil particles into super fine particles in fuel, facilitating oxidization-combination reaction so that HC is completely combusted and oxidized into H2O and CO2.
 In addition, since this product contains plenty of oxygen, it is possible to reduce excessive air volume resulting from increasing oxygen due to chemical reaction when combustion occurs (NOx diminished). Heat calorie in fuel increases because compounded gas(O2) occurs at the special chemical reaction at the combustion with this product (fuel saving effect). Due to POWER-Z, oxygen(O2) is increased drastically at fuel combustion and therefore reduces excess air to engine, burns without heat calorie loss, hence raises POWER and TORQUE, and as a result, customers can experience/feel fuel saving effect.
[How to use]
• Dilute 1 liter of POWER-Z to 1000 liter of fuel


• Dilute 1 liter of POWER-Z to 4000 liter of fuel
Product Code
Mix Ratio (Oil to Power-Z)
1000 : 1 (1 Ton : 1 Liter)
4000 : 1 (4 Ton : 1 Liter)


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  • Name : lee young seo
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    69-8 Bamdwi-gil 42beon-gil Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (18524)
TECHNOBIO wants to open eco-friendly high efficiency era with you by developing POWER-Z, energy saving eco-friendly fuel additives to enhance national competitiveness and improve the quality of environment of 21C. As a promising small & mid size company (Korea Institute of Energy Research), it has completed to achieve about 20 to 50% reduction of PM(Dust), CO and NOx through successful performing primary (2003.6~2006.5) and secondary (2006.4~2009.3) project of Next Generation Core Environmental Technology Development, National Project of Ministry of Environment. We are trying to do our best to be a company contributing to the nation’s industrial competitiveness by driving export-oriented marketing strategies through our overseas sales organization. As a company specialized in energy saving and environmental protection in 21C, TECHNOBIO promises to contribute to the nation’s economic growth with continuous researches and development efforts.
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    organic chemical mixture
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    3~5 million (KRW)
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    5~10 people


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