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Copper Alloy Casting sleeve valve disc crew nut worm wheel

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We, Samsung Nonferrous Metal are a company specializing
in the production of quality metal beating products.


I Sincerely Appreciate Your Visit To Our Samsung Website.

Even though we have a relative short history of 20 years, starting as a copper alloy casting company, we are confident in our ability to overcome the many challenges relating to East Asian economic difficulties, such as the rise of material costs. We have overcome all these difficulties with our efficient and stable production system along with good adaptation to rapid technological developments.

Our copper alloy casting products are famous and are known as the best in terms of the technology of sand casting and centrifugal casting. Our company possesses the superb technologies of sand casting and centrifugal casting. We also have sufficient experience in this field and the strong will to make perfect products.
All our members have made every effort for the continual development of technologies and the production of quality products, thus making us a reliable and trustful partner for our customers, who we will always satisfy by manufacturing highly stable and high quality products.

Now, we, Samsung, will go forward as a leader in the field of copper alloy casting by developing a more stabilized production line and maintaining our excellent technologies in this period of endless competition.

In addition, by investing in production equipment and testing devices on a continual basis, we will make every effort to develop new technologies. We will contribute to the satisfaction of our customers by producing quality products in terms of safety and technology; thereby becoming a company giving that continually gives hope and provides a good impression.

I am really thankful to our customers who keep using our products and give us support and encouragement.


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