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Bodyreching - OV-2000, OV-2100(Warming Function Is Added)

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OV-2000 is for flexibility of a body and you can enjoy exercise of riding wave in longitudinal direction and it gives a massage from ankle up to thigh automatically and also other exercise can be done with it.
In particular, OV-2000 for bodyreching improves flexibility of internal organs, waist, belly, hip, legs, knee and shoulder along with relaxing muscles.
Basic exercise posture
• Lying on the back
• Lying on the side
• Lying on the face
• and applied posture exercise

Exercise function
• Longitudinal automatic motion     
• Automatic massage from thigh to ankle       
• Arm power trainer free stretching
• Knee bending motion   
• Sole and toes massage

• Waist rest height adjustable.
• Designed ergonomically based on stretching basic posture principle for tall-plus and
basic principle of yoga by the research of biorhythm as basic principle of body structure.
• Scientifically patented with idea the most suitable for the body condition and exerciser.
• Provided with safety device for safe stop without damaging to the body even though
the power is cut off or some parts are damaged during exercise.
• Men and women of all ages and even beginner can use the product easily because
it is easy to use and control program is simple.
• Possible to perform internal organs exercise deeply inside the abdomen by circular orbital
rotary motion and exercise up to fat layer by abdominal bending and stretching.
• Robust and compact machine system and elegant and very creative design
• Provided with caster.
• Maximizes the exercise effect by forward and reverse direction of motion.
• Anyone can use the product and maximize the aerobic exercise.
• Home- Stretching can do exercise constantly as needed before or after sleeping.
• Designed to minimize noise and vibration.
• You can do exercise at lighthearted manner and comfortable posture. Great effect of
exercise and fatigue recovery.
• You can do aerobic exercise indoors where fitted with relaxation facilities and during sleep.
☞Exercise time saving. Well-Being health diet
Product Features
• As the product can relax the muscles on the stiffened waist and belly without jarring the spine or joint by spine exercise with laying on the back, laying on the side, laying on the face or sitting down, it can provide flexibility, strengthen muscle strength and remove fat, and maximize the exercise effect without side effect.
• This product is developed ergonomically based on the principle of basic  stretching posture for tall-plus and the principle of basic posture of yoga through the research of biorhythm using the basic principle of our body .
• As the product does the rotary motion, it resolves the root cause like lack of exercise and blood circulation disorder.
• Rotational direction automatic switching function prevents the tipping effect.
• Home- Stretch, You can continue exercise steadily as needed before or after your sleeping.
• Various exercise effect like spine correction, fatigue recovery, obesity resolution, prevention of many kinds of diseases.
• As the product can satisfy the effect of both treatment and prevention, it is expected to extend to hospital/clinic or secondary health care institution or general home use product.
• It resolves the fat both on the both belly and on the waist as well as spine correction and bootsing blood circulation.
⇒ It has a great effect  in keeping the balanced body line, aerobic whole body exercise and in preventing adult diseases in the elderly..
• Easy and simple to use. Beginners and men and women of all ages can use the product regardless of age.
• Provided with the most mechanical idea in exercisers and scientifically patented.
• Designed safely to stop without damage to the body even though the power is cut off
or some parts are damaged during exercise.
• Designed for exercise  of internal organs deeply inside the abdominal organs by
he circular orbital rotary motion  and up to the layer of fat by the belly bending an
stretching, and to boost the flexibility effectively as an aerobic exerciser.              
• Fitted with caster for easy carriage and move
• Maximizes the exercise effect by forward/reverse motion and provides various exercise
     effect by stretching applied motions.
• Designed to minimize noise and vibration
• Possible to exercise with easy mind and comfortable posture and provides great
      exercise effect and fatigue recovery.
• You can do aerobic exercise indoors where provided with relaxation facilities.
      ☞Exercise time saving and well-being healthy diet
• Exercise for health promotion or physical strength
⇒ Aerobic whole body exercise keeping the balanced body line.
☞Helps to prevent adult diseases in the elderly.

Surfing waist bending, stretching & rotary motion 
• You can do exercise lying on the back/side/face and sitting down
• Rotational radius adjustable
• Rotation speed adjustable
• Timer function
• Full automatic or manual rotation function:
Automatic or manual stop using button switch
• Longitudinal motion
• Transverse motion (Twist carp motion)
• Combined longitudinal and transverse (twist carp motion) motion
• Forward and reverse motion according to motion orientation

Magic exercise effect giving spine correction, increased blood circulation and removing fat on the belly and waist while exercising comfortably.
• Aerobic whole body exercise keeping well-balanced body line. 
⇒ Feeling better as it stretches whole body.                                       
• Great effect in preventing adult diseases in the elderly. 
• People of always nervous and tense disposition⇒Tension relaxed, feel better.                                                
• When sitting or standing for long hours⇒Relax waist, knees, ankle, etc.
• When feeling stiff⇒ Relax the body softly.                                   
• Before or after exercise, good for preliminary exercise or finish exercise to relieve the
relaxed or stiff muscles.
• Relieve the tense muscles and ease the body.                      
• Extends the interaction of muscles and area of action of joints.
• Prevent strain of muscles or joint injury.                               
• Enhances physical performance when doing hard exercise.
• The body doesn’t stiffen despite advancing in age by keeping fflexible.                                    
• Stimulates adolescent growth plate and helps for height growth.                         
• Good for those lack of exercise who work sitting down for long hours.
• Very good for indigestive people due to gastroenterictrouble coming from stress or eating too much because of exercise for internal
• Gives great exercise effect by the flexibility exercise as it trains and relieves the big muscles forming the central axis of the body in the upper body muscles such as stiff waist, belly, shoulder, chest, etc and in the lower body muscles such as thighs, hip, knees, legs, etc without damaging to spine or joints through the spine exercise lying on the back.                                                                             
• Possible to remove fat, gives great mental relaxing effect and  maximized many exercise effect without side effect.
• Resolved root causes such as lack of exercise or blood circulation disorder
thanks to rotary exercise.
• Various exercise effect such as spine correction, fatigue recovery, obesity
resolution, prevention of many kinds of diseases.
• Stretches lower legs and knees by relaxing the whole body through massage
stretching, and relieves the pressed and constrained growth plate, muscles and
joint portion, and gives relaxing stretch effect.

• OV-2000, OV-2100(Warming function is added)
• Exercising function: Automatic exercise longitudinally, automatic exercise laterally, circular movement up to 90 degree, automatic massaging from ankle to lower leg, knee bending exercise, massaging of soles and toes
• Height-adjustable lumbar support, convenient built-in moving wheels, minimized noise and vibration, ergonomically designed product based on basic posture of stretching of Tallplus and basic posture principle of yoga by researching body rhythm with basic principle of body structure, product with optimum safety device to stop the equipment without giving strain to the body even when the power is cut or some parts of the equipment are broken.
• Size : 1,950 x 700 x 600(mm)



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