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HTML5 based Integrated Digital InteractiveContents Producing Solution

NeoManual, an integrated digital contents producing solution, means anyone can easily produce dynamic and interactive digital contents, then serve up the contents to users of multiple devices including PCs and smart phones, etc.

[NeoManual Solution Service]
NeoManual solution provides digital interactive contents producing, CMS and user service.

Digital Interactive Production Tool providing ‘Easy to Use’

Responsive Publishing
Support HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript based responsive contents publishing

Service & Distribution Platform supporting display and sales of digital contents produced via NeoAuthor

HTMl5 based Web Streaming method digital contents viewer providing best viewing condition

[NeoManual Application Example]

Digital user's manual
Enables digitalization of vast numbers of user manuals, for example for home appliances, mobile phones, vehicles, and ships. Easy and quick to use - and at low cost. Instead of storing user manuals, users can search for the information they need, any time, any place.

Digital menu
Specify store information and create menu structures with ease. Interactive menus are useful for reflecting the latest information. A wide range of features are available to increase customer satisfaction and boost the competitiveness of small and medium-sized business owners.

Sales support
Multimedia contents (presentations, images, and videos) can trigger customer interest providing product information to its target audience. It is highly efficient in that it shrinks time and distance, and provides information in a timely fashion. This helps to enable smart sales management.

Corporate PR and marketing
Specific and segmented design templates enable creation of easy and sophisticated corporate PR contents. After registration, digital contents can be sent directly to customers via URLs or as DMs in mails.

Outdoor signage
This can deliver swift and accurate information and maximize the impact of PR by displaying active visual content and providing timely information. Easy management and distribution of content also minimizes overheads in terms of time and cost.

Digital library
Anyone can easily produce digital contents from paper books - quickly, in large numbers and at low cost. Subscribers can read the digital contents on their smart devices then share knowledge and experiences with their friends.

Digital Interactive Contents Producing Tool

NeoAuthor is optimized for the production of HTML5 and CSS3 based digital interactive contents. Its high functionality and usability enable even novice users to use it with ease. Its features include contents configuration using multimedia such as image and video, the production of user interactive contents, and reactive web publishing.

Easy to use
The intuitive and user friendly features such as drag & drop insertion of multimedia and WYSIWYG editing enable even non-professionals to easily produce digital contents.

Interactive Multimedia Contents Production
NeoAuthor supports for interactive multimedia insertion function. Not only video playback, you can enjoy various services like text scroll, image slide, background music and 3D object insert. With JavaScript, NeoReader would show your digital contents exactly same view as you expected.

Optimum Responsively Interactive Contents Publication
NeoAuthor support total editing & publishing function without formal interactive/fixed layout classify. User can make optimized digital contents regardless sort of device, OS condition and browser size.

NeoAuthor Viewer

NeoReader is a web streaming viewer that provides optimized viewing and added functions to digital interactive contents produced with NeoAuthor. It supports various display devices including PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV and DID. The contents layout configuration is automatically adjusted to the resolution of each device to offer optimized contents design and legibility to users.

Streaming Web Viewer
NeoReader is streaming web viewer. You don’t need download digital contents from store and also don’t need big storage. You can connect this viewer anywhere you are in internet condition.

Contents Downloads
Interactive contents can be stably provided through contents download, regardless of the offline environment or communication status.

N Screen based Reading & Bookmark
NeoReader supports N screen based digital contents viewing condition that is compatible with other smart devices like PC, tablet and mobile. You can keep read your page with different devices with seamless bookmark function.


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