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Zinc-galvanized Steel + PE Sheet Combined Water Tank

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Zinc-galvanized Steel + PE Sheet Combined Water Tank
Model: SIPES( Smart Innovation Polyethylene Steel)
This is an assembly-type water tank

- Square panels made of zinc-galvanized steel constitute water tank body.
And an one –piece PE (polyethylene) sheet in the form of a pouch is furnished and fused
inside the water tank body to become the inner structure of the water tank.
It is well designed and developed, so that water leak, water pollution, and corrosion are
protected. It is an economic and sanitary water container with long durability,
meeting the important requirements of water tank.

   ◈ Patent for water tank structure
    - Patent No. 10.1107619 for the pouch structure of PE sheet of
       water tank. ( Jan.12, 2012. The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
    - Patent No. 10.1107620 for the reinforcement structure at the corner
       of an assembly-type water tank.(Jan.12, 2012. The Korean Intellectual
       Property Office)
    - Patent No. 10.1107622 for the nozzle structure of a water tank.
      (Jan.12, 2012. The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
Core technology
▷PE sheet in the form of a pouch in a water tank
  1. Formed and processed metal plates constitute water tank body when being assembled by bolts.
    • Urethane is furnished inside the side bearers,
    • A one-piece PE sheet in the form of a pouch, the edges of which are overlapped to be fused, constitutes the inner structure of the water tank.
There is no danger of being leaked, because when the panels are assembled,
 no sealing tape is used,thereby making smooth surface without connection area.
 When panels are assembled, heat insulating material is furnished inside the water tank,
 and the exterior of the tank is tightened by M10 bolts and nuts.
That is why it is strong against the outside environment and is not damaged by rain or wind.
▷ The reinforcement structure at corners of an assembly-type water tank
  No corner angle is used. Instead, we fasten a sheet of one-piece panel to corner area
  by using reinforcement material and bar.
  This work increases the strength of corner area, so that internal water pressure cannot
  cause deformation of corner area..
Production method
   It is easy and efficient to manufacture, as the works for the external steel
   plates and the inner PE sheet can be done separately.

  Thickness of heat insulating material
  • Whole area 25 cm, Center area 50 cm
Insulating method
  • Selection of part or whole insulation is possible.
  • Quality is uniformly good, not because of individual panel injection type, but because of a one-piece PE sheet in the form of a pouch.
  • There is no worry that partition panels might rust.
    • There is no leak due to sealant because there is no need to use sealant.
    1.Long durability
      Because it is made of (1) PE sheet with an excellent property and (2) metal panel with high     
      strength,  its life is longer than tanks made of other material. 

    2.Best sanitation
     As being strong against acid, alkali, and oil, it does not rust.
      It is free from additives or structure material that can produce environmental hormone.

    3.Environment-friendly product
      It is recyclable. It does not produce any waste material even when its life comes to an end.
      In contrast, a water tank made by materials including glass fiber produces waste material
      at the end of its useful life. 

    4. Convenient workability
      It is assembled by bolts. As there is no need to use sealing tape on wing surface
      of panel, works are simple. And because an one-piece PE sheet in the
      form of a pouch is furnished inside water tank, the water-tightness is excellent. 

       Polyethylene with chemical resistance is not harmful to human.
      So, this material with such a good property is used to make beverage bottle or
       water storage tank.
       It can be recycled because no additive or reinforcement agent (glass fiber),
       which can produce environmental hormone, are added to it.


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