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eFree plus Construction Method

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Form erection

Set the semicircle of the inner periphery form in the north-south direction and the semicircle of the outer periphery form in the east-west direction. Applying tape on the form fastened section will make things easier. The method will play a small but important role in setting the inner forms. Applying cotton tape at a certain interval based on the site situation will be very useful for arranging the sections of a form into an accurate circular form.


Lower section positioning

Use designated steel angles and angle bars around the tin plate bands.


Band fixing

Fix by using specific bands at a designated interval.
Insert a steel flat bar between a bolt and a nut and reinforce the band interval by using angle bars.



When a steel angle bar is installed in a reverse way at the 1/3 position on the upper section of a pillar, it can be used as a corbel for a support fixture. Perpendicularity can be maintained easily by placing a support fixture on it.



Even though eFree plus Fabricating
Even though eFree plus is supplied after being processed to meet the site situation, there could still be some differences between the supplied product and the situation. In this case, the following procedures for processing it at site must be applied:
1. Use an inking line or a marker pen to mark the area on the form for processing.
2. Process the form by using a circular saw or a grinder along the marked line.
3. The processed cross section must then be reinforced by using a designated tape.


Beam connection

Use the tin plate belt up to the lower section of the beam and use angle bars for the beam connection section for fixing the form or when welding a bog iron wire to the steel frame slightly to fix the form. To maximize the advantageous points of paper forms that can be processed easily, they can be processed in a way that can meet the shape of the steel frame.


Long pillars

For example, in the case of an 18 m pillar, 6 m eFree plus can be reused 3 times. After concrete is placed for the lower 6 m section, the form can be lifted by using a pulley system connected to the form through the upper beam or the support. For the connection with the pulley system, a hole needs to be made in the form or angle bars used for fixing and then use bog iron wires for binding for the connection. Then, it will be possible to connect with the pulley system. When a hole needs to be made in the form, it needs be made at a position where safety can be secured by taking into consideration the weight of the form. The hole needs to be reinforced using tape to enhance the water resistance and safety during the construction. When it comes to the lower section, it is necessary to create a corbel by using angle bars on the cured concrete pillar. Inclined pillars In case of an inclined pillar, steel angles, not tin plate bands, need to be used for fixing. For placing concrete, external vibration, not a vibrator, needs to be applied for the construction. If the structure is inclined severely, side sections need to be reinforced with supports.



The form needs to be stored in a way that it is placed on angle bars while its convex side face up. It would be better to cover it with cloth to prevent it from being damaged while other materials are being transported.



Use a tool to disassemble bolts and nuts of the built tin plate bands. Disassemble manually after separating the form slightly at the end of the surface by using a tool.


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