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Aloe Essence Mask 23g, Face Mask, Mask pack

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Aloe Essence Mask 23g

Skin luciditym moisture, calming

Aloe contains excellent moisturizing ingredients, making the rough skin smooth and soft.


Ja Yeon Mapping Essence Mask

To all of our customers who care for the skin, our Excellent Natural Mapping Essence Mask Pack will offer the best satisfaction.

Different Functions!! Different quality!!

The high quality, and distinct Essences Mask Pack has various effective ingredients and diverse natural extracts so that only one-time use of it makes you feel your changing skin.

Our Natural Mapping Mask Pack promises to do the best in masking natural mapping essence mask pack as sincerely as mothers take care of their children


- Essence mask pack, effects and features natural mapping -

Ja Yeon Mapping Essence Mask

In our own natural cosmetics for the mapping to be recognized as the quality is a lot of effort.

By default, the product of the natural map of Essence Mask Pouch (aluminum packaging), non-woven fabric, not a low-cost subsidiary, and by adopting the most advanced type, to ensure the safety of the product with the best product for your pay on bringing quality products made in the qualitative The most important is the whitening essence, moisturizing, a direct effect on the elasticity of the best maps of Essen exude pride in our nature, and boasts the best pumjilryeok is essential.


We mapped the natural essence of Essence Mask sold in Korea and Japan, including high-Essence Mask Pack is rare in the natural extract containing 10 kinds of varieties, from the raw materials have differentiated products. For example, in the 6 years Red Ginseng Essence Mask contains ginseng extract, and its addition to the aloe extract, green tea extract, machihyeon extract, licorice extract, bamboo extract, tomato extract, burdock root extract, lemon extract, machihyeon extracts, natural extracts, such as which contains special ingredients and a variety of excellent anti-wrinkle moisturizing cosmetics containing natural mapping is a unique essence. We mapped the natural essence mask pack in a slight herbal fragrance endures suck natural extracts can fly on the original scent.


For example, we are using natural extracts, one of the liquorice extract, burdock root extract, bamboo extract, fragrance, and one way machihyeon extract is close to the flavor. If you like, such as Aloe scented disinfectant characteristics. The remaining very weak natural extracts that contain natural ingredients unique to the hyangyinapnida subtle.


Essence Mask natural mapping has made the most safe and natural ingredients, ingredient-friendly products created by naturalist will notify you in every way that is acceptable to use safely.


Essence Essence Mask is applied to the mapping of natural features while minimizing the chemical part of the raw materials and other natural ingredients and effective trials in the weight through a couple hundred to a proprietary technology to maximize function in quality to other brands and product differentiation free and safe for all skin problems were to be used as a single use of energy and vitality to the skin to grant Painstakingly created high quality Essence Mask Pack.


Natural mapping essence mask pack features luxury at one of the outstanding features and no sticky, yet drip of moisture on the skin for a long time (three to five times compared to the general Masque of the moisture).


Been granted jumyeo strongly with refreshing after using skin whitening, moisturizing, skin elasticity, skin, and changed it in the mirror can be found. It also happened to sleeping in the next day you can feel supple and healthier skin. Note that using the natural mapping essence mask pack hayeojusimyeon more than 30 minutes can be found more effective.


Always think like a customer, and customers with honesty and with the highest quality will be the natural map.










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