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ULV KB100, Mini Fogging Machine, mosquito mini Fogger, agriculture

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Country of Origin : Made in South Korea


portable kill the mosquitoes high power fogger machine
Fogger Machine : KB-100  ( Spray in ULV type / Mist type)


Anti-noise, light weight, mobility, maintenance cost

- The Coil is less clogging

- No corrosion of pump.

- The chemical effect is better

- Expanding the range of the use.

- Securing the sight. 


Mini Fogging Machine 
The mini fogger is the best multipurse internal aerosol fog and spraying generation devise in which flame projecting is possible. It can dispense a sterilizing for which can be used to fumigate all kinds of harmful insexts such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches in areas such as warehouses, parks, cattle barns, pighouses, roads, apartment complex, factories, campgrounds & etc. 
 - Fogger mosquito killing machine.
 - Orchard, farmland and kailyard,greenhouse, poultry field, city park and courtyard,basement,air raid shelter, trash transfer station and storehouse, auto, train, steamship, hospital. Restaurant and hotel etc. 
Easy to disassemble and simple to repair frame.
The fogger has been designed so it is easy to disassemble for repair or cleaning. The fuel line is also transparent, so the operator can see if fuel is needed.

The chemical is not supplied to coil for the coil component life increased. It is supply through The Chemicals supply pipe into the Bundled discharge, in order to avoid to combustion in the Coil inside (KB-100 is diesel or water supplied to in the Coil)


-The Pump is not occur corrosion, because diesel and chemicals kept separate (This product was split chemical tank and fuel thank)

-The chemicals was supplied directly to The Bundled discharge without the Coil. It is better, because it do not have the effect of heat.

-It is possible using the various the chemicals by mist work.

(Extermination of vermin, disinfection, quarantine, undiluted fertilizer and agriculture chemicals)

-Excellent to securing the sight due to the mist made of water


Difference of existing for machines

1.The Coil component life was increased.

-Existing fog machine : It is supplied the chemicals and diesel into the Coil. Than one substance, both substances (diesel + pesticide) is combustion occur more residue in the coil. Because of, occur more the coil block.

-KB-100 is supplied diesel or water to the Coil. Because, when heating the chemical is occur a lot of carbon(dregs) into the Coil inside.

(Also the diesel the occur of carbon, but the chemicals was less then a level the occur carbon, and the water was not occur carbon)

Please refer to the side picture


2. No Corrosion of Pump

- Existing fog machine : It used put in the chemicals and diesel mix into the Fuel thank. At this time, the pump was occur corrosion because PH value of the mixture is strong acids, (PH3) Due to the pump corrosion, it was a significant decrease in machine life.

-KB-100 : It was injected diesel or water in the Fuel thank The diesel and water PH value is PH 6~7. So the pump is no corrosion, because its main ingredient is stainless steel, brass, plastic. KB100 is equipped the Chemical tank inside the Case. The Chemical tank is corrosion was no problem. Because it was without pump.


3. The Chemical effect is better.

 - Existing fog machine : The mixture was be combustion while passing the carburetor to be heated, it makes loss of chemicals efficacy.

-KB-100: The Chemicals was supplied through the Chemicals supply pipe into the discharge in order to avoid to heating. Thus the Chemicals effect is better, because it do not have the effect of heat.


4. Expanding the range of the use.

- Existing fog machine : The extermination of vermin was purposed only, The other chemical is not possible using, because it was occur change by heating.

-KB-100 : The various chemicals is possible using, because it was not occur change by heating. The range expanding of use is by water, it possible the various chemical by mist work. (extermination of vermin, disinfection, quarantine, undiluted fertilizer and agriculture chemicals)


5. Securing the Sight

- Existing fog machine : The place of work was difficult to check because to smoke from diesel. In particular, a complex place, indoors, it was hard to securing the sight.

- KB-100 : It is excellent to securing the sight due to the mist made of water


Operating Principles of KB-100

-The chemicals should supply to the Bundled discharge device, it was not to pass the carburetor for avoid to heating combustion.(Orange Line)


-The Carburetor(Coil) is injected water or diesel only. The Coil component life was increased, because both substance occur less of carbon than the chemicals (Blue)

*Occur carbon, because the chemical is become combustion in the coil inside. It is the main cause of clogging the coil.


-The Fuel tank KB-100 was injected diesel or water in the Fuel tank. The pump was no corrosion, because injected without the chemical in the fuel thank.



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