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SameView XP200 Car Vehicle Front Rear 2Ch Camera Black Box HD 1280x720p GPS 16GB

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The central administrative agency, SMBA, stands for small and medium
business administration and represents to focus on growth of SMBs,
maintenance support, and innovation. And The official small and medium
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The Small & medium Business Corporation (SBC) is a non-profit, government-funded organization
established to implement government policies and programs for the sound growth and development
of korean SMEs. For more information about SBC.

CNSLink was established in 2000 primarily as a design house for the wireless network product based in Korea.
CNSLink developed Key Phone System, IAD, and IP Telephony Product mainly for Samsung Electronics.
CNSLink is now leading business in the field of Mobile Data Termincal (GPS Navigation), Car Video Recorder,
3G router, Car Audio with 20 engineers and 45 staffs for sales, management and customer service,
and 30 people for manufacturing.
In Korea we are leading business with Navigation brand "MyDean", and video recorder brand "Sameview" and
also supplying TRS modem with 7 navigation to taxis through Korean Telecom, the biggest telecom company in Korea.

MyDean XP200 Front,
Rear 2Channel Blackbox

Brand New Item Over 10 Years IT Knowhow
MyDean Blackbox
Now we introduce MyDean to you.



  Real HD Support Voice Guide Security LED GPS Connection 2 Megapixel  
  MyDean Navigation Voice Record Four Recording Modes Anti-discharging Battery Protection PC Viewer  




Well -known as Navigation MyDean

A New Generation of Its Own "XP Serise" Blackbox
A New Technology of Vehicle Navigation of MyDean over 10 years experience
MyDean XP Blackbox Securing another insurance of your car




Design Concept


- Voice guide assists with operating status
- V-Out for real time playback of navigation
- Pairing with MyDean Navigation for playback and configuration




- 2 Megapixel HD record for high resolution
- Heat resistant design and tuning for high temperature operating system
- Inbuilt battery applied for emergency recording system against power shortage
- Anti-discharging protection for car flat battery




- Front motion sensor and security operation with LED
- Self-troubleshooting system for SD memory card and device
- 3G shock sensor applied for event recording





Unavoidable Accident Voidable Unfair Situation

2 Megapixel / 1280 x 720P / 30 FPS
Experience with true 2 megapixel optimized lens for high resolution.
MyDean provides ultra clear resolution in 1280 x 720 pixel of real HD.
It records clear streaming images in 30 frames like movies.

MyDean is able to record all images for rear camera in 30 fps.



Sample for Playback

Refer this images only for instruction to comprehend recordings.
The given size in the sample may look smaller than actual size recorded in HD resolution.











If you feel it's not good enough only for front,
Now you get 2 CH for both front and rear.

2 CH blackbox record both front and rear simultaneously and assists to check all recorded data on an accident. It will provides you a good evidence for an unfair situation.







Check Point





The optimal lens configuration

MyDean provides an ultra clear displaying resolution applied the optimal lens setting. Compared to a common 2 megapixel resolution, displaying resolution may get different visibilities depending on the setting value or configuration.
  Before lens setting   After lens setting  






Recording Option

Driving Mode

It records all images in driving mode.
Saving into "NORMAL" folder, it overwrites a new files over the oldest one.



Event Mode

Applying shock sensor, it saves the events into separate "EVENT" folder.
It keeps the files securely without deleting images.



Parking Mode

In parking mode, when it gets any motion captured, it automatically saves the images into "PARKING" folder. It assists to give you a proper evidence for accident in parking. (only for power supply installed directly in vehicle battery)



Manual Mode

Whenever you wish to record some incidents, press REC button to record all images into "MANUAL" folder.



Capture Images

It save the images into JPG picture format. It saves all 200 megapixel images into "PHOTO" folder.





Make the best use of Blackbox 200%
Pairing Blackbox to the Navigation

MyDean XP200 Blackbox is perfectly compatible with MyDean Navigation.
You can check all information in the navigation.


Instant Check in Driving Mode

The navigation instantly displays the real time images in connecting of Blackbox with AV cable. It provides shooting view angle and operating status in real time.

How to Check without detaching SD Card

You no longer need to detach SD card to change a specific configuration and connect to PC. Connecting USB cable into the navigation, you can simply check all information on the screen. (other models of MyDean may not be compatible with this option)

How to Work it out with Other Brand Navigation

Apply its own AV cable of other brand navigation. You can check all real time images recording in the system. (only for a navigating supporting AV-in)






Know it Better Take it Better
It assists SD memory card to save all information in an effective way.

Driving / Event / Manual in 30 pfs



Estimated Unit for Recording Time

Its recording option is for type C saving the images with front 1 channel. 2 Channels may take different extimated time depending on the volume.




About SD Card


Micro SD card is not the item that you can use for a long period. The warranty may normally be guaranteed only for 6 month.
The SD card used for blackbox may get high risk of damages in the condition of being continuously used for a long period due to overwriting in the memory, compared to other purpose of uses.
The best way to keep it longer to maintain is to format regularly in terms of the condition. It initializes all data in the memory card and helps refreshen into the original condition. We recommend you to backup all data before formatting SD card.






Parking Record

Applied Motion Sensor

It stops recording when you park your car but it still operates when it gets any motion captured in the recording system. LED flashes faster to show the operating status and it may reduce the risk of any incidents.



Anti-discharging Battery Protection

Being continuously used in parking mode, the battery may run out and cause to recharge the battery calling a car service. To prevent a flat battery, it automatically controls the flow of power consumption or reduces the recording time length.



Permanent Cable for a direct installation to battery

MyDean blackbox offers a permanent cable to install directly into car battery and it may reduce a cost to install for DIY and it considers the optimal external design with stability of its performance. Its capacity of power supply is betwen 12V and 24V and easy to install it into any types of vehicles.





MyDean XP Blackbox
Is the overheated your major problem?

MyDean XP blackbox has many vents at the bottom and top side that assists effectively to let air cool down in the device.



Car Blackboxt Maintenance In Hot Summer

1. Park your car in a cool shady area in hot summer days if possible
2. If there's no place to park in a shady place, make sure to cut off power supply from car DVR.
3. If it gets too hot in the vehicle, plug the power off after cooling down inside of your car.
4. If it gets too hot in the vehicle, Sameview will cut off the power supply due to Auto Power Cut Off for
    the circuit in the system.



Check the operating status in LED indicator.

At the rear side of blackbox it has two buttons and LED.
Refer to the table shown as below that you can see how to operate the device.







PC Viewer for managing the record

With the PC Viewer program, you can save all recorded data of SD card into PC.
You can maintain all data you wish to save in the list.








Feature of PC Viewer

PC Viewer provides a friendly interface for a better management.



Zoom In Function
It displays the images zooming in.
Double Speed
It plays the images in faster speed.
It disply the images in reversal.
Recovering Data
It has a function to recover damaged files and data.
Save Data as Picture
It captures the recording image to save pictures into folder. (JPG)
Save Recording Images
It save all recorded files into folder. (AVI)

Media Player for PC Playback

PC Viewer helps play the recorded data in PC,
plugging SD card into the socket.














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