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EDDAS Mathos Loreley Spinning Rotary Silicon Bottle Cleaner Brush New Korea

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"official partner of EBAY"
The central administrative agency, SMBA, stands for small and medium
business administration and represents to focus on growth of SMBs,
maintenance support, and innovation. And The official small and medium
business corporation, SBC promotes effectively to extend small and medium
sized businesses abroad. We both are proud to introduce the best products
developed from Korean SMBs with great pleasure.
We will always lead an excellent quality and affordable price for you all over the world.

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The Small & medium Business Corporation (SBC) is a non-profit, government-funded organization
established to implement government policies and programs for the sound growth and development
of korean SMEs. For more information about SBC.
EDDAS Co., Ltd has researched, developed, manufactured, and distributed a range of baby products and
innovative houseware products over years. Now we are proud of launching a new brand, Mathos Loreley,
to you based on our long career sales management and professional entrepreneurship.
We have been exporting our brilliant products to a number of countries such as mainly USA, Japan,
Europe and South America every year, participating in exhibitions over the world. We obtained ISO-9001
and ISO-14001 certificates guaranteed the high quality products based on our long knowhow spirit, and
honored Good Design certification mark from the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. Now we lead the
professional products as one of the reliable and recognized companies over the world.
As always, we at EDDAS will devote all our efforts to introduce better products to our valued customer
around the world, keeping a quote "All our valued customers are the world." in mind.





Mathos Loreley
Spinning Silicon Bottle Cleaner

Have you cleaned up my bottle yet?

The color may look slightly different due to the condition of monitor's resolution, brightness,
contrast and etc in different environment.




Mathos Loreley
Makes it the difference!

Mathos Loreley silicon bristles bottle cleaner is ideal for baby bottler cleaning.



Faster Effective Drying Keeps hygienic
It keeps dried in the hygienic condition



Wet Sponge
As you can see, sponge absorbs and keeps moisture well causing bacteria and germs in it. And it normally takes so long to have it dried.
Wet Silicon Bristles
Approved by FDA in US, Mathos Loreley applies Platinum catalyst formulations with silicon. With this brilliant effect on anti-bacterial material, we are proud of high quality and excellent performance. Furthermore, protecting against the risk of bacteria and germ, the silicon bristle do not absorb moisture keep hygienic condition.






Durable heat-resistance in hot water.
No worries with toxic chemicals

Mathos Loreley silicon bristle is applied chemical-free against endocrine disruptors, making it an environmental friendly and heat resistant.)





No worries with any damages
Make it possible with semipermanent silicon material

Silicon bristle do not deform easily and it lasts for a long time.



  Sponge material is not strong enough to use for a long time.   Silicon bristles maintain the same condition for a long time.   The more using brush the more contaminated in the condition.   The more using silicon bristle the more efficient in the clean condition.  
Soft and delicate bristles anti-scratches
Nylon bristles and torn sponges can damage formula bottles with scratches.
It wash off the milk residue built in the bottle.

Firm and delicate bristles clean the bottle thoroughly.
The silicon bristles helps easy to clean the bottle due to the formation angle for cleaning.




Double the convenience
The rotating handgrip

Spinning bristle handgrip enables to clean more effectively and hygienically.



A variety of usage
handy cleaning-up

Now you can easily clean up other containers like mug, thermos, glass cup, lunch boxes with ease.
Double the cleaning
more bubbles better cleaning

Even a small amount of detergent to make more bubble effectively. It makes you enjoy cleaning and washing.



Outstanding contact
Wide wise cleaning

It prevents scratching and gives smooth cleaning.




Plenty of details
Various sizes of silicon bristles

Irregular angles of the bristles give more effective cleaning throughout the surface.






Rotating silicon bristles bottle cleaner









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