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EDDAS Dr.i Hip-up Sitting Cushion Memory Foam Air-mesh Fabric Korea New

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EDDAS Co., Ltd has researched, developed, manufactured, and distributed a range of baby products and
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We have been exporting our brilliant products to a number of countries such as mainly USA, Japan,
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As always, we at EDDAS will devote all our efforts to introduce better products to our valued customer
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Correct Posture Dr.i hip-up sitting cushion

Certified and Patented Sitting Cushion made in Korea

The color may look slightly different due to the condition of monitor's resolution, brightness,
contrast and etc in different environment.




Correct Posture Dr.i
Somssi cushion

Have you been setting in a correct posture?
Have your children been still sitting on a hard chair?
Have you noticed that a correct posture helps enhancing concentration?
Have you noticed that the sitting cushion keeps your hip-line beautiful just by sitting on?



Students and office workers who has been sitting all day long tend to have a poor posture. Therefore a correct posture is absolutely ideal for anyone who spends a long time in the chair. Everyone knows that sitting for a long time wouldn't be worse to the spine. Selecting a good sitting cushion for the right posture is an essential factor in modern life.



How good does your back
appearance look?

If you are dreaming a stunning and beautiful appearance at the back, it's time for you to take care for the posture and it will give you confidence.



Do you feel your hips and pelvic bones alright?
Hips should be balanced and firmly shaped in the size and height. If not, you may feel tired and exhausted faster than other people when standing for a long time. You concern for health and beauty is ours and here's the functional sitting cushion for your healthy body care.




Better Solution with Dr.i
A correct posture is made only when you put your legs in the right position. It is a simple sitting cushion that provides health and beauty in keeping of attractive hip-line and legs.




Dr.i puts your legs in the right position with the memory foam
reducing a bad tension when you sit for a long time. It will make your legs and hips attractive.





Brilliant Effectiveness of Dr.i


  Common cushion   Dr.i Sitting Cushion

The red part is far-infrared ray.




Test results shows that Dr.i functional Sitting Cushion emits far-infrared ray, compared to a common cushioning mat. Far-infrared ray maintains the optimal body temperature, promotes the growth development, provides a balanced supply of nutrition, keeps the optimum level of water in the body, helps eliminating wastes in the body and dissolves various nutritions for metabolism. Dr.i functional Sitting Cushion helps keeping human body active and healthy.





Why correct posture with Dr.i?
When the pressure to the back while taking a light walk in a correct posture is supposed to be 10, the same while sitting on a chair in a correct posture is said to be around 20. In other words, roughly twice high pressure is given to the back whil sitting compared to walking. When sitting in incorrect postures like bending over the upper body or leaning back in the chair, the pressure may be given even higher.
Dr.i keeps the perfect posture by putting your legs in the right position. At the same time it reduces the pressure to the back by dispersion of weight of the lower body.

Some works and activities require overwork in the back.
Driving a car needs a long time sitting. Working all day long sitting like typing and clerical work tends to give burden to the back irrespective of age. And there are many mothers who suffer back pain during pregnancy and after childbirth.






Typical poor postures while
sitting on the chair.

-Perching on with back and hips puts forward
-Prostrated posture with upper body bent
-Crossed legs or twisted body
-Resting chin on hand or declined posture
-Hunched back and stretched neck




Poor postures not only distracts the attentiveness, but also becomes a major caused disk illness and various spinal disk disorder.
To enhance concentration, correct sitting posture should be habituated. Stick the hip completely to the back cushion and straighten the back. Stick both feet on the floor and the knees should form a right angle.



Premium Air-mesh fabric
- Premium air-mesh fabric material that lessens the discomfort against a long time use.
- The fabric has an outstanding air-permeation.
- Have cool summer and warm winter.



It is a solid air-mesh with functionality and permeability that allows an easy drying and disinfection and helps enhancing the user's health by emitting far-infrared and negative ion.

The air-mesh fabric material with 3D structure has an air layer in the middle,
bringing in the fresh air in the summer and keeping warm body temperature
in the water. Therefore, Dr.i can be ideal for all seasons.






High elasticity polyurethane memory foam




It is a kind of sponges developed by NASA in the 1960's, which restores the original shape in function.
It has the nature of restoring to the original shape slowly and easily from any forces.
It is an outstanding shock absorbent product made of Magic Wonder foam, applied the low elasticity and high density material. The material maintains the restoring force against a long term use and keeps the comfortable posture.
It transforms evenly from any forces like heavy weight or squeezing pressures. It avoids giving pressure to the body and reduces stresses to the back, as dispersed the force evenly in widening the contact surface.





The product that has the patent for an invention from KIPO- the functional sitting cushion"

Pay attention to the correct posture Dr.i

Proven and qualified design certificate : 10-2010-0000597
Product Patent : 30-2010-0002206
Correct Posture Dr.i
hip-up sitting cushion

Color : pink, Navy
Size : 380 x 380 x 80 mm / 14.96 x 14.96 x 3.14 in


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