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Kaon Nature Luggage Cover Jacket Photo Fabric Suitcase Cover (Small)

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Kaon Nature Luggage Cover Jacket Photo

Fabric Suitcase Cover (Small)

Four Bears

Big Ben of UK (Evening)




Size S

♦ 1. Butterfly


♦ 2. Red Double-deckers of UK

♦ 3. Sydney,Australia (Sydney Opera House)


♦ 4. Big Ben of UK (Evening)


♦ 5. Four Bears


♦ 6. Black

Product Description

♦ Add more value to luxurious travelling bag


♦ Premium Span luggage Cover Jacket

♦ Let my precious travelling bag wear a cloth


♦ Why not allow my travelling bag to wear cloth for protection of pollutants


♦ Premium Fashion Cover which can be used storing your stuff as well as protecting from external shock or damage for a long travel.

♦ Innovative Travel Back

Product Description

♦ Was it not heartbreaking when you saw your suitcase being scratched on a conveyer belt thereby shortening its lifespan?


♦ It comes in various works with fabric using high-resolution digital printing that vividly reproduce global tourist attractions. It is high-elasticity spandex and water proof fabric, which keeps the water out, so it is highly durable.

♦ Highly flexible spandex fabric suitcase cover keeps your suitcase safe.


♦ High durability allows you to consign your beautiful luggage without minding the damages. you could easily find your luggage.


♦ Highly flexible spandex fabric suitcase cover has S/M/L 3 sizes for each style.

Other Designs

Sydney Australia

Red double-deckers of UK

How to Use

♦ It is easy to use. Just follow the instruction below. 


1.Check the handle on the upper side of the carrier and cover the carrier from the front side.

2.Be careful not to be locked by the attachment of the middle handle and the carrier. Pull down to the lower wheel by once.

3.Hang the second fastering rubber band on the inner side of the wheel and cover it with the button side toward the bottom.


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Kaon Nature Inc.

Kaon Nature Inc.

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We are natural naturalist-oriented manufacturing distribution and sales company. Our pursuit of honesty is trust and faith to buy, trust, honesty, customer first priority. And We are focusing on developing differentiated products for the new era. Travel Premium BBQ Prok, Travel bag cover, Tavel noodle, Portable natural soap(2-kinds), Portable healing spray mist etc. ● Lohas Mark The East Asia LOHAS certification, awarded by the‘East Asia LOHAS Association,’ is a mark that stands for LOHAS excellent products. The East Asia LOHAS Association was promoted when the heads of Korea, China and Japan LOHAS associations gathered in Jeju Island in the year of 2012 and decided to organize the ‘East Asia LOHAS Association’ for the sustainable businesses and lifestyle of East Asia.The East Asia LOHAS Association aims to cooperate in the exchange of knowledge and information, establishment of a human resource network and LOHAS education & training and pursues LOHAS business cooperation with the common theme of ‘LOHAS’ even though each member country has different cultures and environments.
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