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Hyosowon Hyosomi Digestive Enzyme for Women 4.2g x 90 pack for 30 days Korea New

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"official partner of EBAY"
The central administrative agency, SMBA, stands for small and medium
business administration and represents to focus on growth of SMBs,
maintenance support, and innovation. And The official small and medium
business corporation, SBC promotes effectively to extend small and medium
sized businesses abroad. We both are proud to introduce the best products
developed from Korean SMBs with great pleasure.
We will always lead an excellent quality and affordable price for you all over the world.

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The Small & medium Business Corporation (SBC) is a non-profit, government-funded organization
established to implement government policies and programs for the sound growth and development
of korean SMEs. For more information about SBC.
For over 15 years, HYOSOWON has been achieved as the most experienced manufacturer in specializing
enzyme based dietary supplements. Our company has a preoccupation about formulation and patented
methods to produce innovative enzyme supplements, therefore, HYOSOWON could become
"the premier place" among health food business field. The business concept of our company is to
supply trustworthy health food to the all of the people in the world.
- 4.2g x 90 pack for 30 days
Enzyme product for late 20s or over
for the beauty & health


Without enzyme, any physiological activities are not able to activate in our body. Any vitamins and minerals also doesn't work their roles properly in a body without them.
So we need more enzymes when we are getting old.
Therefore we applied the immune system and metabolic enzymes daily to clean the bloodstream of undigested food particles instead of having their full strength used to protect, energize and recover our body.
Hyosomi is especially designed for young man and woman also middle ages.
This supplement contains natural vitamins , natural minerals , essential amino acid , essential fatty acid, Isoflavone, protease, amlyase, lipase and etc.



Hyosowon Woman is an enzyme product for women's beauty and health.
It also helps to have beautiful facial contour and body shape. Hyosowon Woman could work especially for anti-aging of woman. Hyosowon Woman is made with brown rice which contains essential nutrients and soy bean which is rich in protein as medium. College woman and working women who have meals irregularly, processed food, fast food, and sugary coffee because of heavy school works can have diets with balanced nutrients by Hyosowon Woman. You can also have Hyosowon Woman with vegetables as a meal. Hyosowon Woman weighs 4.2g while the standard granule product weighs 3.8g. You can carry packets in your purse or keep them at your office.



Brilliant Choice for Good Enzyme
First, the place where it comes
The products of Hyosowon has the best quality
Hyosowon is proud to introduce the best quality product, researching and developing in the unique technology of its own recipe.


Second, Natural fermented enzyme in use of natural sources
Obtaining a manufacturing patent in the unique advanced microorganism fermentation technology, Hyosowon maintains the quality facility in factory, which enables to produce organic fermented enzyme in use of natural sources applied through successive culture rooting from the quality microorganism.


Third, the quality enzyme titer
The products of Hyosowon has the quality enzyme titer recognized up to 5400sp resulted from Soowon Basic Science Institute.
enzyme titer - test result for measurement about how much it enables to decompose substances in the rate of enzyme activity.



HYOSOWON is distinctive!
Created the quality from prestigious company that inherited in a long tradition of fermented enzyme.
Exclusively developing and producing the quality fermented enzyme.
Recognized the excellent manufacturing biotechnology
Providing an affordable price in competitive markets, producing in HYOSOWON's own factory



- 3 times a day, serve with water before or after every meals.
- portable size to carry with you.



- Keep in a room temperature
- Serve one time before or after every meals.
- Serve with warm water below 50°C or blend with fruit or vegie drink together.



Serving Size 1 pack (4.2g) / Serving per container 378g (90 serves)



- 3 times a day, eat it with water before or after every meals.
- Recommend to blend it with fruit juice or vegei juice.

- Refer to the ingredient fact in the pack if you are sensitive for allergic.
  Lift the tab to rim and pull up & back slowly. Be careful due to sharp edge.
- Storage : After opening, serve as soon as possible and close the lid and keep it in a clean and cool place.
  Avoid keeping in direct sunlight.
- Expiry date : 24 months from manufactured date







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