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Agricultural Textile / Horticulture / Gardening

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Agricultural Textile / Horticulture / Gardening

Bird Protection Net
Used to protect flowers, vegetables and fruit crops from damage caused by birds.
Type - Single ply, Double ply, Triple ply, Crossover
Application - Horticultural Crops : Grapes, Cherry etc.
Mesh - 30mm, 40mm
Width - Max 24M
Length - Max 350M
Colour - White, Black
UV Stabilised
Support Net
Material : HDPE Extruded
Applications : All the crops that need supporters
Type : 15 x 15cm, 25 x 25cm
Other types also available.
Insect Net
This net blocks penetration of insects and protects against pests.
This is to be used in cultivation of flowers and vegetables in shadehouses and nurseries.
This net is made of monofilaments which are manufactured with special UV-resistant materials, giving the net durability and longevity.
Strong tucked selvedges.
Flexible & light.
Easy to spread.
Other widths are available upon request.
Recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Windbreak Net
Investment in modern and effective windbreakers in an agricultural environment can offer long-term benefits by guaranteeing better quality and more abundant crops. Strong and severe winds are one of the biggest problems facing growers and, therefore, the erection of windbreaking structures is a vital element in protecting crops from damage. Windbreakers will benefit field crops, vegetables, flowering plants and fruit-trees. They also protect crops against the winds blown from the sea that are harmful because of the high content of salt. Depending on the structure of the net, it is possible to reduce wind-speed by 50% to 70%.
Hail Net
Used to prevent hail damage in a broad variety of crops. A high quality net with small meshes used to protect fruits, shrubs, buds and seedlings from damage caused by hail.
Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread
Placed on simple support structures.
Recyclable and resistant to agrochemicals.

Shade Cloth
High-quality knitted shade cloth used for a broad variety of crops to exclude birds, to provide uniform shadow and to control air movement in greenhouses and nurseries.
The tapes have UV resistant additives giving the net durability and longevity.
The net is recyclable and resistant to agrochemicals.
Our shade cloth guarantees U.V protection for "People", "Plants" and "Animals".
A long life knitted mono/mono and mono/tape constructed fabric, manufactured to International Quality. Testing by University of NSW has shown this product to have superior test results in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4174 than other similar looking products currently on the market.
Material : PE
Sunlight block Rate : 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%
Color : Black, Green, Maize
Maximum width : 6M
Packing : 50M/Roll We supply custom size according to customer's request.

Ground Cover(WeedMat)
Weed control without cultivation or herbicide sprays.
Permeable : Water and nutrients pass through to the plant roots to maintain optimum growing conditions. It helps to reduce the amount of water needed and thereby also reducing irrigation costs.
UV Stabilised for long life-UV block rate is 99.9%.Various roll widths and lengths are available to suit your individual needs.
Weedmat with pre-cut holes available.
Shrink wrap packing available upon request.
Regular colour spacer can be offered at customer's requirement.

PP Woven/
Non Woven


Rain Protection Cover
This product is made of woven Polypropylene tapes. It covers and protects fruits which are vulnerable to heavy rain.
Maximum Width : 4 M
Weight : 160g, 200g / sq.m
Mesh : 10 x 10 / sq.inch
UV stabilized.

PE Mulching Film

Green Mulching films are extensively used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss and to improve crop yield and precocity. From the point of view of stabilization, mulch films require a relatively short life span and normally have less contact with critical agrochemicals during their service life.
It effectively delivers infrared rays directly to the surface, which raises the soil temperature while decreasing the transmission of visible rays to prevent from weeds from growing - a next-generation film that has all the advantages of a black mulching film.
- Raises soil temperature while preventing the weeds from growing.
- Soil temperature rises 1~3°C compared to black mulching film, resulting in faster growth and production of crops.
- Clothing should be done after cultivation to prevent from weeds growing.
Thickness : 0.03mm
Width : 1M ~ 2.4M

Black and White Mulching Film
Good for culture fluid bed, cold plateau cultivation, and non-summer cultivating, it reflects off the sun to decrease temperature and keep humid and prevents the fertilizer from over decomposing.
- In summer high temperature it decreases an average of 2~4°C compared to transparent or black mulching film, so to avoid from harms caused by high temperature.
- Suitable for anti-rain greenhouse of bare ground mulching cultivation or LONG-LIFE, TRIPLE Film after May ~ June, especially for crops that needs cultivation in low temperature (such as radish, cabbage, strawberry, hemp, cucumber, herbs, and etc..)
- After rain or watering make sure that the Black & White mulching film has the white part of the surface up when mulching.
- Flatten the ridge of the surface so the film closely attached to the surface as much as possible.
Thickness : 0.03 ~ 0.15 mm
Width : 1M ~ 2.4M
Black and Silver Mulching Film
Reflective light against silver color side prevents insects from approaching to plants.
Minimises the harm from virus. Reduces the cost of insecticides.
Colour : silver and black (2-layer)
Thickness : 0.03mm
Width : 1M ~ 2.4M- After rain or watering make sure that the Black & Silver mulching film has the white part of the surface up when mulching.
- Flatten the ridge of the surface so the film closely attached to the surface as much as possible.
Bale Wrap Net
Specifications :
Warp : HDPE 560 denier 2mm
Weft : 200 denier 1mm
Standard size : 123cm x 3600 M/roll
Packing : 3" diameter paper core

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