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School Window

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FSC's high quality windows are combined with high strength Aluminum profile and high insulation Polystyrene profile have superior airtightness, insulation, sound proofing property, durability, interiors and keep ahead in economic feasibility. (Aluminum Window Frames
  • The thermal conductance of aluminum is high.
  • Condensation or even frost forms inside the windows. PVC Window Frames
  • Limited colors available.
  • Too much heat can rupture the frames.
  • Not easy to replace, and can be costly.
  • A fire would cause the vinyl to give off dangerous toxic fumes.)

(1) Environmental Friendly Polystyrene-3R

  • Reduce- Energy- efficient product which can reduce heating and cooling costs by high insulation performance
  • Reuse- Reuseable product which can replace only polystyrene part when it needs renovation or repairing
  • Recycle- Recycleable more than 90% so that can minimize wastes

(2) Thermal insulation of Polystyrene

Material Thermal conductivity Comparison priority Note
Polystyrene 0.055W/m.k 1 Standards
Azon 0.121W/m.k 2 2.2times
Polyamide 0.30W/m.k 3 5.5times
Aluminum 237W/m.k 4 4300times

(3) Other Benefits

  • The Appearance of Polystyrene and UV transcription coating
    - Natural wood pattern of UV transcription coating brings a similar texture like wood but its price is low. The outside aluminum is applicable by various colors and the warm natural wood feeling of inside insulating material of Polystyrene raises the effect of interior, which enables to satisfy the needs of consumers.
  • High resistance to water and vapour
    - Unlike the natural wood with its weak resistance to humidity and easy transformation, Polystyrene is resistant to water and not fall into decay enough to maintain its performance continuously even if it exposed to water.
  • Soundproof
    - Soundproof Criterion Factor
    - Polystyrene: 50dB (Aluminum: 35dB, PVC : 40dB)
Schoolyard 85dB
(Aluminum: 35dB, PVC : 40dB)
Classroom: 35dB
(Aluminum: 50dB, PVC 45dB)
Sound proof testing institution : Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea Testing method : KS F 2808:2011
  • Refractoriness
    - Polystyrene has ability to self extinguish. Moreover unlike PVC, the products do not produce toxic gas in case of fire.


School, where the children learn and play, should be the most secure environment of all.
The Complex Window of Dae-heung FSC provides the better learning environment to children. The School Windows are energy-efficient, pollution-free, environment-friendly and can protect children all year round. Quality of the School Window has already been recognized in Korea and being used in many schools. Dae-heung FSC, as a provider of aesthetic window, think about tomorrow not only today.


  • Safety Bars :
    Installed in between inner and outer window for safety and protect children from any possible accident.
  • Single Window :
    - Economical while maximizes thermal insulation and presents pleasant learning environmental year-round
  • .
  • Dual Window :
    - The Dual Window of Dae-heung FSC, which has the best thermal insulation effectively reduces the cost for air conditioning.
  • Indoor Window :
    - The School Window and Door for indoor use, which combines polystyrene on both sides in wood pattern, present cozy classroom atmosphere


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