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Power Sling set

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    Model MR-00101
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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It contains pully system for soft axis movement.
It can use helping hand principle using through various accessory in manual and exercise therapy.
It can use freely exercise and manual therapy through 3 Axis and 3 plan using 3D motion at the same time.
It can easily find Neutral Zone as do manual therapy to make gravity decreased through Total body support.
Static Stability exercise therapy is possible through the little resistance with total body support.

You can easliy do mobilization, relexation, traction, OKC, CKC, static or dynamic, stability exercise through standing, sitting, prone, supine, or various positions, etc.

[Product Features]

① Power Sling Unit 1ea
② Rope 30cm 2ea
③ Rope 60cm 4ea
④ Elastic 30㎏ 2ea
⑤ Elastic 50㎏ 2ea
⑥ 5m Rope 1ea
⑦ Small Holder 1ea
⑧ Medium Holder 2ea
⑨ Large Holder 1ea
⑩ Multi Strap 2ea
① Power Sling Unit : 570mm × 185mm × 30mm
② Rope 30cm : Ø8 × 300mm
③ Rope 60cm : Ø8 × 600mm
④ Elastic 30㎏ : Ø8 × 300mm (30㎏)
⑤ Elastic 50㎏ : Ø8 × 300mm (50㎏)
⑥ 5m Rope : Ø8 × 5,000mm
⑦ Small Holder : 670mm × 90mm
⑧ Medium Holder : 880mm × 120 mm
⑨ Large Holder : 870mm × 240 mm
⑩ Multi Strap : 340mm × 90mm



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 20 Palgwajeong-ro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do (54886)
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Marpe Co., Ltd.

Marpe Co., Ltd.

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    TaekYeon Kim
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    20 Palgwajeong-ro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do (54886)
"Marpe will become a company which leads 21 century with the goal of healthy life." 'Company leading the healthy life' Marpe Co., Ltd. was established with the objective of becoming a global health care company to cope with the drastic demand increase and market expansion of relevant rehab equipment based on continual increase in senior population and patients of rehab, musculoskeletal and nerve system. Marpe, composed of CEO with decades of clinical physiotherapy experience and young employees, has successfully developed and is selling NPT System manitaining the passion and challenging spirit of a venture enterprise. Marpe’s all products are developed after researching treatment methods on scientific foundation based on research theses home and abroad, we are continuously developing treatment equipment and exercise equipment for musculoskeletal and nerve systems after establishing company R&D center in 2013 and expanding R&D manpower. We have succeeded in launching to Chinese market by providing professional user education and are putting passionate efforts to becoming a global health care company by utilizing clinical infrastructure. 'Pursue to be a future-oriented enterprise based on respect of humanity' We intend to develop new technologies which enrich human lives, create new value with sustained innovation, and create a passionate and energetic corporate culture having a challenging spirit.
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