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BLK Dokkebi Firewood 1Pack (4PCS) Fast-burner Outdoor Cooking Camping Korea New

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Fast-burner & Environment-friendly
Dokkebi Firewood
Suitable for BBQ wood burners
and light ignition

Innovative idea of camping life!
New conceptual high-heat output ignition fuel

- Harmless environment-friendly source
- Fast burner in 0.1 second
- high-heat output source
- Easy complexing agent
- Light refreshments with Dokkebi firewood

Harmless environment-friendly source
Applied natural woods and natural fermented alcohol, this high quality firewood gives a low-emission, high-heat output fuel sourced from environment-friendly sources with no added chemicals.

Efficient air ventilated M shape
Designed in an efficient M shape, Dokkebi firewood gives a great effectiveness of fast air ventilation to burn with consistency and it's easy to cut to use as needed.

Fast burner in 0.1 second
Igniting firewood to burn in 0.1 second, it gives a fast burning efficiency without additional burning tools and works easily with lighter for safety. With fast burning effect, it can be used in an easy method.

High-heat output source
As it is a high-heat output source, it can cook a simple food by itself or be applied with other sources such as charcoal, oak, lignite (brown coal) and others for ignition.

Easy complexing agent
Compared to common charcoal to burn woods emitting harmful gas with additional burning tool, it gives an efficiency to reduce igniting time to burn sources with high-heat output energy.

Light refreshments with Dokkebi firewood
Lasting a long & consistent burning effect, Dokkebi firewood helps cook simple food without harmful emission for safety and efficiency.

Easy to use for everyone
When it burns for ignition, it does not give any sparks flying up to you for safety, and it has low emitting gas and little cinder after complete burnt.

Tip for safety and convenience
- Be aware of fire due to flammable material
- Avoid applying in enclosed area and apply in well-ventilated place
- After use or unpack, make sure to seal the pack properly due to alcohol
- Avoid burning food due to high-heat output source
- 1 or 2 pieces will give you an enough fire to cook.
- If not enough, you may add 1 or 2 more to keep consistent fire cooking.
- It contains 4 pieces of firewood and it has an inner sealed pack for 2 of each.

Product Name : Dokkebi Firewood
Material : High-quality solid wood, 100% of natural source
Elementary composition : 49% Carbon, 6% hydrogen, 44% oxygen, 0.1% nitrogen, 0.2~0.5% cinder
Main composition : 40~44% Cellulose, 20~32% hemacellulose, 25~35% lignin
Additional : 95% fermented alcohol
Size : 50 x 40 x 20 mm / 1.96 x 1.57 x 0.78 in


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