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[Fruit-Vegetables] Fresh Apples for Export

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Apples mainly contain carbohydrates, and the protein and fat contents of apples are relatively low. Apples also are rich in Vitamin C and minerals. Polyphenol controls antioxidant effects and strengthens organism immunity. The abundant dietary fiber in apples helps intestinal movements and prevents constipation. While there are thousands of apple varieties, apples can be broadly divided into apples for wine, apples for cooking and apples for dessert. Apples are generally categorized by color, size, smell, gloss and taste. Many varieties of apple contain more sugar and less tannin, and taste more sour than other fruits. People eat apples raw, or cook them in different ways. Apples are used to make pies and tarts; in fact, apple pies are considered the unofficial dessert of the United States. In Europe, fried apples are occasionally added to sausage or pork dishes.

About 32 million tons of apples are harvested each year worldwide. More than half of the apples grown in the United States are eaten raw. About 1/5 are used to make vinegar, juice, jelly and butter. About 1/6 are used to make pies and canned foods. Most of the apples grown in Europe are used to make wine and brandy. About 1/4 of the apples grown in the world are used to make apple wine. The United States, China, France, Italy and Turkey are the largest apple producers. The largest exporters are France, Italy, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and the United States.


The following is simple explanation of a few apple varieties.

  1. Ryoka[Main Items] -The peel is all red, and these apples are round. The sugar content is somewhat low, at about 13.2 degrees on average, but they taste very good and are very popular among young people. The outlook for Ryoka apples is very bright.
  2. Busa(Fuji)[Main Items] - Pulp is yellowish white and thick and juicy. The sugar content is as high as 14.6 degrees and acidity is 0.38%. Sugar and acid are properly harmonized, so Busa apples are very delicious.
  3. Tsugaru (commonly called Aori) - Apple pulp is yellowish white. Pulp is thick. These apples have thick pulp, are very juicy, and have high sugar content and a slightly sour taste.
  4. Hongno - The peel is all dark red and the pulp is white, thick and very juicy. The sugar content is very high at 15 degrees, and acidity is 0.31%. Sugar and acidity are properly harmonized, and these apples are very tasty.
  5. Sinano Sweet - The sugar content is about 14 degrees and the pulp is very soft.
  6. Seonhong - The sugar content is 14∼15% and acidity is 0.35%. These apples are delicious.
  7. Seohong - Seohong apples are similar to Tsugaru apples. These apples are round and weigh about 270g. The color of the peel is red. The sugar content is 14~15°Bx and acidity is 0.47%. As the peel is thin, people will like to eat these apples with peels.
  8. Gamhong - Gamhong apples are long round and bright red. These apples have some stripes. The sugar content is 15∼16% and acidity is 0.4%. They have a peculiar smell and are very tasty.
  9. Chugwang - Chugwang apples are red, and the base color is yellowish green. Their pulp is white. The sugar content is 13% and acidity is as low as 0.2%. These apples are somewhat bland.
  10. Honggeum - These apples are shaped like a long oval. Their weight is about 270~330g. The sugar content is 14~15°Bx and acidity is 0.35~0.40%. These are very tasty, with good harmony between sugar content and acidity.
  11. Hwahong - The sugar content is 15% and acidity is 0.2%. The acidity is somewhat low but Hwahong apples are tasty.
  12. Yanggwang - Yanggwang apples are dark red and have unclear stripes. These are round or long and round. The sugar content is 14% and acidity is 0.3%. They have a peculiar smell, and are very tasty.

Andong Trading Company annually exports a great deal of apples to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan. Our apples are getting so popular with those importing countries that the amount of our exports is increasing. We are going to export to more countries, while striving to promote recognition of apples from Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do and help the economic development of our community.


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