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Moblie Android POS System

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1.     About Android POS System (SEED-POS)
(1)   What is POS (Point Of Sales)?
POS or “Point Of Sales,” refers to a sales information management system. An information management system that allows users to comprehend and analyze business management, such as the status quo of business processes at a point, in a report format.
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Manu workis not necessary as all data that occurred at the site isstored in computer simultaneously at the time of transaction.
All transaction information and business information can be reviewed in real time so as to response immediately to changesin the information.
The sales process of all transaction in real time,such ascash,creditcard,creditsales, order, advanced payment, etc.
POS is a comprehensive information system, not limiting to salesinformation, which includessalesforecast data, event-occurrence 
point, and personnel data necessaryfor the future.
(2)   What is Android POS System?
Android POS system (the SEED-POS) is part of Human Computer's strategic project and the driving force of the company's new business. The company has initiated preparation of SEED-POS since 2012 and developed in earnest in 2013. We are currently developing three versions of android systems – Mobile POS, All-in-One POS, mounted-type POS(in the final process of development).
SEED-POS serves asthe foundation of a company's advancement in terms ofsales management information ofcustomers; our goal isto
continue to support ourcustomersto see their growth and further expansion.
※ SEED-POS has features and strength of previous POS. In addition:
▶ Supports for Android OS
SEED-POS supports Android JellyBean OS to ensure stable operation, and also reducesinitial and maintenance costs.
▶ Optimized Encryption
SEED-POS allowsinternal data store where data will not be exposed by external attack or access.
(Store in the internalstorage or Micro SD card)
▶ Allows you to backup and transfer your DB to your Gmail account for reliable data storage
or recovery upon device loss or damage.
▶ Easy and simple program update through Google Play Store.
2.     Product Overview
(1)   Environmentally-friendly and low-power Android POS System
Integrated POS System SEED based on Android equipment & S/W
-       Easy Data Management
-       Integrates decentralized businesses
-       heck sales and expenses via CEO’s smartphone device
(2)   SEED-POS
▶ Connects Android devices to various gears organically
- Provides easy-to-use environment than that of old POS
- Miniaturization and low-powercapacity boostcompetitivenesscompared to old POS.
- Provides a system of three versions(mobile, All-in-One, and mounted-type) depending on the application of POS.
▶ Ensures stable operation of Android POS System.
- Stable operation of input, output, and card paymentsystems.
- Ensuressafety, reliability, and 24-hourcontinuity of data.
- Android POS can be used anywhere, where power is unstable.
▶ Links with CEO's smartphones and builds a ubiquitous environment.
- Strengthenssecuritythrough Java-encrypted socketcommunication.
- Data inquiryisimpractical because of transmission of mobile phone'ssingle information and telephone numbers.
- With ubiquitous,checksales and expenditure status at anytime, anywhere.
▶ Supports electronic menu (in development)
- Supports an electronic menu that links with Android POS System.
- You can perform product presentation and demonstration through multimedia materials,such asimages and video clips.
(3) Purpose
▶ Environmentally-friendly and low-power Android POS System
▶ Affordable and multi-functioning portable POS device
▶ To dominate the Android POS market through distribution of the manufacturing technology of
Android-based POS and integral POS
▶ Rapid business conversion to the Android operating system from the Windows-oriented POS market
3.     Special Feature
Excellent price competitiveness compared to the conventional POS; saves about 600,000 to 1 million KRW.
Environmentally-friendly and ultra low-power POS Reduces electricity bill by 90% (Max. 30W/h)
No software costs by using open source Android O/S.
A screen is easy on eyes, allowing you to see at-a-glance
Takes up a minimal space than that of the conventional POS.
Excellent Security!
Store purchase/sales data inside the device Information leak is totally blocked.
Uses Android O/S Solves problems pertained to the XP support ending issue.
Provides Main POS+ Digital Menu (Option) alltogether!
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