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Grinding media

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A tool used in surface treatment, scale removal, and polishing work.



The density and high hardness, high wear-resistance, size distribution of grinding media in grinding machine is very important as key quality factor even if performance of grinding machine for grinding and dispersion is important initially.This bead is best grinding media, which can extend life span of grinding machine and can save maintenance cost, give high production efficiency even if the investment for initial charging is higher that CZC & CZS relatively CZY can meet customer’s need as highly qualified grinding media.

Physical Properties

Features & Application
• Suitability for Automobile Paint & Ink industry as High Density and high Hardness product.
• Suitability for high efficiency horizontal mill & basket (Ring) mill.
• Suitable for Electronic Ceramic, Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical industry which require high wear resistance & contamination-free grinding media.
• Suitable for fine particle size production as high compression strength and narrow size distribution.
• < 0.1 ~ 0.3mm size bead is suitable for Nano particle size production industry.


CZC is also high quality grinding media with high density and can give very good performance for high viscosity product.
The milling efficiency is similar to CZY with cheaper price and applying for Paper and Ink property. It is acknowledged as Worldwide Standard Grinding Media that CZC applied for high viscosity CaCO₃ for paper coating as dispersion and milling media. CZC applied by breaking of general common sense that it is difficult to use small size of high density bead in big scale – vertical type grinding machine generally.
And CZC got far better production efficiency against Alumina or Zir conium Silicate Bead.

Physical Properties

Features & Application
• Suitable for CaCO₃ dispersion with big volume vertical mill.
• Suitable for high efficiency horizontal mill.
• Suitable for high viscosity paint & ink production.
• Application for TiO₂ milling and dispersion which is required high whiteness and color contamination free from milling that TiO₂ is called as bright brown color due to high wear resistance.
• Suitable for water-soluble Agricultural chemical with high milling efficiency.
• Suitable for pigment, dyes production.


CZS is excellent and attractive grinding media which has best wear-resistance and good performance in grinding and dispersion among similar products.
This bead has lower density and bulk density than Zirconia Bead and can apply for vertical and horizontal type mill and whatever grinding machine reasonably And it is also economic that Glass Bead or Alumina Bead in productivity.
CZS has not got broad size, bad roundness, big pore, like other Zircon Bead., as sintered bead.

Physical Properties

Features & Application
• Mass production for CaCO₃, Kaolin, ZrSiO₄ and such mineral. etc
• Suitable for sand mill and vertical mill.
• Suitable for Paint, Inks, Pigments, Dyes.
• Suitable for Magnetic Coating.
• Suitable for Metal mining which is Lead, Copper, Zinc Sulfide by producing by vertical mill.


CZM is the best grinding media in terms of wear-resistance and grinding efficiency among other products of the same type.



Physical Properties


Features & Application
• Suitable for the production of large-capacity minerals, such as CaCO₃, Kaolin, ZrSiO₄, etc.
• Suitable for products that are sensitive to the heat generated during the grinding process.
• Suitable for paints, inks, pigments, and dyes.
• Suitable for magnetic coatings.
• Suitable for mining metals that are made by vertical-type mills such as gold, silver, platinum, lead, copper, and zinc sulfide.


CZ-5 is a high efficient Ceramic Grinding Media



Physical Properties


Features & Application
• CZ-5 is a high efficient and low cost Ceramic Grinding Media use in high speed and high pressure grinding machine.
• CZ-5 has high strength and low wear rate as Zirconia bead
• CZ-5 is a cost effective Grinding Media.
• CZ-5 could be used in high pressure and high speed grinding machine. (Vertical and Horizontal Mill)


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We were established in 1987 and we have been supplying ceramic beads (grinding media) for over 10 years. Our main customers are paper, printing & ink companies. We supply our customers the high quality grinding media with meeting the customers' needs. **Main Items** 1. Ceramic Beads; CZY (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Bead) CZC (Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Bead) CZM (Zirconia Toughened Alumina Bead) 2. Rare Earth Compound; Cerium Acetate Dysprosium Acetate Yttrium Acetate etc.. We are pleased for any questions and inquiries for our products. Mae Lee / Assistant Manager maxone@maxone.kr
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