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Wireless Car Charger(QI)

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NEW PRODUCT Wireless Car Charger.
with outstanding functionality
Wireless Car Charger for newly designed!
Throwaway an unshaped design wireless car charger!
Design up!  Functionality UP! New!
- WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is stylish designed wireless car charger cradle
- charge a smartphone without wire and can use as a cradle
- can desorb and attached very easily
-  scalablity -can extend by 105mm
- 360 degree rotatable up and down,left and right angle adjustable
- WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is stylish and simple design compare with existing products
- excellent attach power and durability due to use US Patented gel pad
- genuine gel pad is possible to clean with water when it is contaminated
- Ease of use in conjunction with a micro 5 pin charger
- WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is not wobble and no gap due to adapt Urethane coating ball head
- WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is released with two designs
Magnetic induction charge!
WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is a wireless and non-contacting charger.
Provide a power to short-range with inside coil which is inside a charger,
when you approach to mounted pad charge is started.
Point 01
Smartphone Cradle combined wireless charger
Is is possible to charge in car without wire.
Don’t it uncomfortable when phone call come in? to plug in and out the cable.
Now you can solve it with wireless charger.
When you put it on cradle it is charged automatically and easy to use very freely.
Point 02
use US Patented gel pads!
use US Patented gel pads which is excellent attach power and durability.
Isn’t is all same gel pad? Of cause not WMC-1000 use US Patented gel pad
so it is not comparable with others who just imitated.
WMC-1000 is very boast of Perfect attach power and durability.
U.S PATENT : U.S. PATENT US 7,628,362 B2
Appearance can imitate, but performance can not come along!
=> Can imitate the shape but can’t imitate performance
Amazing attaching power possibly attach on every place.
Gel pad’s own attaching power and suction’s power makes
WMC-100 can fixed every place  except for fabric, WMC-1000
can attach everywhere such as glass, wall, dash board.
=> Clean water can be used repeatedly!
Gel pad is contaminated by dust or something?
Don’t need to worry. Clean the pay with water and can use again,
whenever clean it, you can use it forever.
=> everyone can fix it easy and simple
After clean the location where you want to attach,
just push down lever it is easily attached
Due to compressed and adsorbed done at the same time.
Point 03
360 degree rotatable up and down,left and right angle adjustable
360 degree rotation and a perfectly set at any angle of the desired angle to adjust!
Can adjust at any angle what the users are want because of it is possible to
360 degree rotatable up and down, left and right angle adjustable
Also can set the smartphone horizontally and vertically.
Point 04
WMC-1000 GUT CRADLE is not wobble due to adapt Urethane coating ball head!
Even you fixed well but still move and twisted? Don’t need to worry WMC-1000 is
possibly use without movement and wobbling due to fixed the ball head
(which is rotating parts) with urethane, no need extra robber or silicon sealings.
Point 05
cradle width extended to 105mm!
It is possible to set normal smart phone, Galaxy note series and even
biggest size 6.5 inch Galaxy mega , can set most of smart phone.
can be use a desk top!
WMC-1000 is not only use in a car but also desk top at home or office
WMC-1000 can put on desk, table even it has no glass because of
excellent attach power and stability of use US Patented gel pad.



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