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High quality dried Gastrodia Elata BL (immune&anti-fatigue)

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High quality dried Gastrodia Elata BL (immune&anti-fatigue)
Product Name : Dried Gastrodia Elata BL
   - Special hard carton box
   - Unit : Bulk
Gastrodia Elata BL is a higher plant belonging to the orchidaceous family of the order Liliales. The name "Gastrodia Elata BL" loosely means "jute dropped from the sky" because It lacked fine roots. Because It lacks leaves and fine roots, It cannot perform autotrophic nutrition.Thus, it grows only by parasitism of the mushroom mycelium of the mulberry. It cannot even absorb nutrients from the soil.It is the best medicine for cerebrovascular diseases, such as headache,Insomnia, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, hypertension, dementia, depression, and stress, and also highly effective for various diseases, such as diabetes, food poisoning, leukemia, and cancer.
This product is made from Gastrodia Elata coming from a best clean area of Choncheon, Gangwon-province. Gangwon-province's Gastrodia Elata is famous for its strong medicinal properties and effects because Gangwon has a wide range. Gastrodia Elata can be harvested only during the season so it can’t be taken continuously. Gastrodia Elata is Just dried with hot wind. It is made from 100% Gastrodia Elata only without any additives, so many people enjoy taking it. Generaly, take it by boiling with water and drinking it instead fresh water from time to time.

******** Reference *********
1. What is the Gastrodia Elata BL ?
Gastrodia extract
     a. Chiness character name : Chunma(天麻), sooyangwoo(水洋芋) 
     b. Name as herbal medicine  : GASTRODIA RIHZOMA 
     c. Scientific name : Gastrodia Elata BL 
     d. Origin
Gastrodia Elata BL was no named because the folk wisdom holds that it dropped from sky arid treating "Mamok" (麻木 : paralyzing symptom) : the "Chun" means "sky" and "Ma"means "Mamok“.
Gastrodia Elata BL is a higher plant belonging tothe orchidaceous family of the order Liliales.

It was named "Gastrodia Elata BL" to mean that it was a fine root-lacking jute dropped from the sky.
Gastrodia Elata BL is the best medicine for cerebral diseases. It is mysteriously effective for headache, insomnia, cerebral hemorrhage,hypertension, dementia, depression and stress.

It is also highly effective for various diseases, such as gastric disease,hepatic sclerosis, diabetes, food poisoning, herniated discs, leukemia, and cancer.

A researcher who studied GastrodiaElata BL for 30 years described that Gastrodia Elata BL, if used properly, is as effective as wild ginseng.

This researcher added that all diseases should be easily cured, cure should not accompany pain, cure should cost little money, and recurrence should not occur. The researcher further asserted that Gastrodia Elata BL is the right candidate for such purposes.

   e. The Effects of Gastrodia Elata BL

      1) It keeps the body and mind healthy by providing nutrition, thereby improving sexual function.It also strengthens muscle andbone, and increases physical strength.It is good for chronic fatigue and nervous breakdown.

      2) It is effective for cerebral diseases,such as cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, and highly effective for such cerebrovascular diseases as depression and dementia.

      3) It can lower the risk of circulatory diseases,such as hypertension. and reduces cholesterol level.

      4) It can effectively provide relief from stress and dizziness caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis or a weak constitution. It is also effectivefor migraine caused by Dam and Seup.Epilepsy, muscle spasm, numbnessof hands and feet, paralysis, hemiplegia, and alleviation of pain.

2. Quality Certification and Registered Patent Rights.

  a. FDA Certification
1) Raw material and processed product(Fresh juice,extracted concentration drink, pouder,pill,tea bag,leaves tea)
        - ID Code 2030950( LABORATORY NO. 02-2617, 02-2808, 03-2297-1,03-2297-2) 

   b. ISO 9001:2008 Certification

  c. Eco-friendly Agricultural Product
Gastrodia extract
  d. Certification to use Green Gangwon-province Trade Mark.
Gastrodia extract
  e.Certification for quality assurance of Gangwon-province Agricultural & Marine Indigenous Product.
Gastrodia extract
  f. Certification for the  Korea-Star Farm from National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service in Gov. Called NAQS(No. 1-135)
Gastrodia extract
  g.Registered Patent

3. Introduction of the Company
 a. Samsung Herb Medicine Co.,Ltd. ?
Samsung Herb Medicine Co., Ltd. has been directly growing of Gastrodia Elata,Phellinus Linteus,Ganoderma lucidum,Sea buckthorn (leaves, fruit) and extracting the active ingredients wiht high technology in since 2003.In addition, Samsung Herb Medicine Co., Ltd., has been making for the high quality products of the safe health food and general food items by going through the newest facility system(processing) with hygiene.

  ※ The main manufacturing products : extracted liquid, natural health drinks, powders, pill(tablet),(freeze) dried food of leaves and fruit, tea, soap and fermented drinks with vinegar, etc.
  ※ functional natural herbal drug product's material business and development : some treatment of Diet obesity and fatness,cervical and colorectal cancer, brain disease(cognitive and memory decline,high blood pressure), gas-tric health and disease (gastric ulcer, gastritis, gas-tric cancer)

Samsung Herb Medicine Co., Ltd. has been making Cooperation with Korea's Gangwon Univ., Hallym Univ., Genbuk Univ., Gangwon Agricultural Technology Research Center and our R &D Center to beat believes that focuses on developing the best quality products.

Samsung Herb Medicine Co., Ltd. is the largest of Gastrodia Elata, Phellinus Linteus, Ganoderma lucidum, Sea buckthorn (leaves, fruit) has been operating of direct farm in Korea, and received,selected and obtained a number of awards,certifications and approvals in recognition of the wide range of research and work., such as Grand Prize of Best CEO,venture business,commendation from the chief director of the SMBA,usiness transfer plan by SMBA,commendation for the Excellent Small and Medium Business people from the SMBA,promising medium-sized business of Gangwon-province,Star Business of Gangwon-province,Special Award for the 2010 Gangwon Business-man,Tech. Innovation Medium Business by SMBA and Silver prize from the Korea patent festival of 2014... etc.

In addition, Samsung Herb Medicine Co., Ltd.'s whole products have received the various  safety texting with the quality certification to you can eating and taking safely.
※ Certification : ISO 9001: 2008,FDA accepted and tested,Eco-friendly Agricultural Product,Certification to use Green Gangwon-province Trade Mark,Certification for quality assurance of Gangwon-province Agricultural & Marine Indigenous Product.Certification for the  Korea-Star Farm from National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service in Gov.

 ※  Company History

 b. Company website :  www.chunma.ne.kr
    ※ You can check our whole products out on my company website(www.chunma.ne.kr)

 c. Orga-nization

 d. Company History
     - Establishment(M/Y) : 05. 2003
     - Capital : $ 500,000
     - Benifit(Year) : $ 4,524,000
     - H.Q : 9-14, Sakju-ro 145beon-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea(S) (200-957)
     - Main Business : Raw material industry of Natural Herbal New medicine and Food, Processed Food, Health Food.
     - Intellectual prop-erty : Patent registration : 8,Patent Application 5,  Brand registration : 26
 e. Business
   1) Cultivation of environment-Friendy agricultural produtcs
     a) Certified as organic agricultural products(Gastrodia Elata,Phellinus Linteus,Ganoderma lucidum, Sea buckthorn(leaves,fruit))
   2) Research institute(R&D Center) (research and developments)
     a) Development of differentiated products for customers who seek well-being and a healthy life
   3) Developed newest production line
     a) Development own production line
     b) OEM / ODM and Custom-made PL(B)
   4) Product Distribute to Global
     a) Effective Natural herbal new remedy with  raw material
     b) Health-care, Food, Cosmetic Company
     c) Health Food, Household items

 f. Business Vision
   1) Has become one of best company of Raw material industry of Natural Herbal New medicine in the Global,Provide best Health food  with own brand on the world wide market(2S2H-Vision)
       ※ The largest producer and provider of processed and fresh products for Gastrodia Elata,Phellinus Linteus,Ganoderma lucidum,Sea buckthorn (leaves,fruit)
     a) Set up of Directly managed branch
     b) Set up of cooperation system with global company
     c) Has become the best health food company in Domestic
     d) Has continuously expanded into the health food processing business

 g. Product Flow-chart 

 h. Introduction of the operated direct-farm
            (E-CO Friendly Farm of Gastrodia Elata )


                (E-CO Friendly Farm of Phellinus Linteus)


                (E-CO Friendly Farm of Ganoderma lucidum)

                (E-CO Friendly Farm of Sea buckthorn)

   1) Annually Capacity
     a) Gastrodia Elata : 150 ton
     b) Phellinus Linteus : 50 ton
     c) Ganoderma lucidum : 50 ton
     d) Sea buckthorn : leaves 100 ton and Fresh fruit 200 ton




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  • 69-14, Sakju-ro 145beon-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do,Korea (24232)
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    69-14, Sakju-ro 145beon-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do,Korea (24232)
Eatablished in 2003. Samsung Herb Medicine manufactures general and functional food products by using the active ingredients extracted from Gastrodia roots. Sanghwang mushrooms and sea buckthorn in a safe and sanitary manufacturing process. In addition to receiveing a commendation from the Commission of the korea Inteliectual Property OFFICE. We have also been designated as Regional Innovation and specialization Leader. Promising SME. INNO-BIZ and Venture Business. You can rest assued when consuming the food products manufactured by Samsaung Herb medicine, with their top quality and safety recornized by various quality certifications and excellent safety analysis result.
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  • Main Product :
    daily vitamin
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people


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