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* Form Work System and Scaffolding System (Pd No. : 74485)

 Our company has been designing and manufacturing Form Work System and Scaffolding System which are essentially involved in Ferro-construction works (ex. Officetel, Condominium, Highest Building, Apartment, Factory, Bridge, Dam, Complex Buildings, etc. ) over 20 years.
 Form Work System and Scaffolding System from Korea are the best in the world.
 We are proud that the quality of our products is the best because all the staff members including CEO and executives are highly-skilled experts.
 Our major products are as below.
  1. Gang Form (It is able to be combined with Scaffolding System.)
  2. Aluminum Form
  3. Euro-Form
4. Special Form Work System (Round Form, Column Form,
 Pier Form, Coping Form, Box Culvert Form, etc.)
  5. Scaffolding System (Working Bracket, Walking Board, Hand Rail, etc.)  
 We can supply not only major products but also accessories (Joint Pin, Form Tie, Bolt & Nut, Steel Pipe, etc.) and other consumable construction materials (Support, Rebar Support, Concrete Spacers, etc.) since we are related with various manufacturers of building materials.
 We take charge of all process from designing to manufacturing when we sell our products.  If you send a blue print of your project, we will design a shop drawing and calculate item, size, and quantity which are needed for your project. According to the calculation, we will make a quotation and send it to you. If you need supervisors or technical supports during project term, we can also provide those services. 
 If you just need materials (Euro Form, Aluminum Form, etc.), please tell us specific item you need with the size and quantity (Except Gang Form: It must be customized by the blue print). Then we will send you a quotation.
 In addition, we are selling our technologies we retain. We retain lots of technologies which are to manufacture and build products in Form Work System and Scaffolding System.
 We can make an agency contract or technical cooperation.
 We are able to give you an exclusive right in your country and then we will receive royalty.
 If you want to challenge new technologies, please contact us.
 We have high-skilled technologies and we are reliable company.
 We would like to establish a good business relationship with you, so we will do our best to offer a competitive price.  We look forward to hearing good news from you
 Thank you.


* Euro Form System / Wall Form System (Pd No. : 65857)
 Ye weon Wall Forms used to be assembled in compliance with the relevant drawing and could be used repeatedly at other construction work place. This Wall Form Work system, consisting of Modular Panel, In-corner Panel, Out-corner Panel and adjustable Special Panel etc, invite steel pipe or timber as Waler and Strong Back to improve flatness and support and the lateral pressure could be protected by the Plat-Ties joining Gang Form to Euro Form. 
Ye weon’s highly experienced engineers are ready to assist you in your design and engineering of the building.
The rigid assembly and erection of Yeweon Form Works is simple and easy that it could be assembled by even an unskilled workman with only a hand hammer and a simple wedge pin.

Ye weon Wall Form System, consisting of Modular Panel, Special Panel and other subsidiary accessories could be erected and, disassembled easily for forming and concrete placement to improve productivity. This forming system is absolutely required for all kinds of concrete forming works.

* Gang Form Work System (Pd No. : 65856)
Characteristic of Ye Weon Gang Form
* Large Form Work System
* Safe Working Deck & Working Bracket
* Supply of best quality of concrete surface
* Application of Raw Material from the strict technical structure calculation.
Ye weon Gang Form Work System is especially advantageous for external wall concrete work. Gang Forms are several unit forms attached together or a single large form, usually moved into position by crane. This system reduces labor cost because it does not require scaffolding(s).
Ye weon Gang Form Work System provide the safety of the worked by jointing the hanger of the cage to the Solder at distance of less than 1200mm and finishing less than 200~250mm in the corner of walkways.
Ye weon Gang Form Work guarantees safety, economical and easier engineering on the specialized technique and is much more efficient than the traditional scaffolding system.
1)  Protect workers from the risk of drop because the Pipe Derrick could lift it in absence of tower crane.
2)  Could save the expenditures from erecting and disassembling of the scaffoldings and the use of brackets.
3)  Shorten the construction time by performing concrete placement and finishing work of concrete surface simultaneously
4)  Is simple and easy in erecting because most of production used to be done in the factory.

Ye weon Gang Form Work System used to provide safety equipment like 4~5 stairs of walkways and 10 stairs of safety(hand) rails on the working deck for workers to use.

* Special Form (Pier Form) System (Pd No. : 65096)
Ye weon Pier Form, produced with the full steel plate, make it possible to complete the high qualified concrete form work at a one lot together.
So, you could increase productivity to save the labor cost and any shapes of Pier form could be produced by our full experienced engineers for you.

Ye Weon will step up into the stage of the world.

* Column Form / Round Panel System (Pd No. : 65095)
Ye weon Column Form, designed and produced with precise structural technology and excellent
Workmanship, could apply to various shapes of column construction.

Ye Weon will step up into the stage of the world.

* Box culvert Form (Pd No. : 65855)
Ye weon Box culvert Form for the construction of underground waterway and cable culvert remind our customers of its excellent durability to use repeatedly more than 100 times and produce higher profits.

Ye Weon will step up into the stage of the world.


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