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Strippable Auto body Spray film “Easyskin”
Make your car up with color and remove any time you want!



Color chart :
Easyskin_colorchart Easyskin_,metallic Put the mouse on below color chart to see bigger size.

Classic Color

Download color sample download

When you spray on the dark background, bright colors such as white and yellow don’t look original (loose their color). In case of that, we recommend you use white color as a primer coat to give an original color. Please see the example pictures on the left side. Two colors are same (yellow) but looks different according to the background color (Left one: bright, Right one: dark)

   Application Reference by Item
Easyskin_strippable Easyskin_peelable Easyskin_wheel_painting


♣ Tire

Non-slip coating for tire on snowy roads.

♣ Maps

Weatherproof, Wear and tear resistance. (Available in clear color)

♣ Glove

Coating on palms for slip resistance



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♣ Electric Home Appliances

Home appliances such as TV, Computer, Telephone Set, Gas Range, Lighting Fixtures and others can be uniquely designed and decorated at my own way and taste.


♣ Kitchen Stain Prevented

Keeping neat with ease of cleaning by spraying on those areas subject to oil staining like gas range hood in advance and easy peeling-off later on as desired.

♣ Stationeries

My own way of colorful design can be produced with pencil, pen, stand light and other stationeries.


♣ Furniture and Wood

Any desired color tones may be applied on furniture and wood depending on each individual taste and by season. Widely used in woodcraft workshops and furniture shops. - Bored with old furniture and its colors? Try your own DIY reformation with new colors

♣ Cover

Applicable for covers of books, pocket books and others subject to easy staining and discoloring, with which the colors may be changed any time at desired time taking advantage of ease of peeling-off. - Seal your secret books wishing to keep all by yourself off with Han Sung BCC products.


♣ Advertisement Leaflet

Clear colored adhesive for attaching advertisement leaflet.

♣ Door Handle and Automobile Door Handle

Electrostatic resistant coating



Applied Materials

♣ Metal

Functions resisting vibration, noise and corrosion, Insulating function, Withstanding extreme cold temperature.

♣ Rope/Fabrics

Weather resistance, Corrosion or tear and wear prevented. ex) Fish net, Sail, rope

♣ Plastics

Protect plastics from scratches and fragments. (TV, Microwave range, PC, Mobile phone case, Telephone sets & etc)

♣ Rubber

Weatherproof, Wear and tear resistance.

♣ Paint

Used as an alternative to conventional paints. Saving cost with addition of functions. (Noise and vibration resistance, condensation resistance, insulation and etc.)

♣ Wood

Easyskin being a rubber base paint is anticipated to receive sensational popularity from

the consumers as a next generation, alternative product replacing conventional paints taking

advantage of its powerful functionality of heat insulation, waterproofing, vibration resistance,

noise resistance, protection from insects and long durability (3 years) clearly

differentiated from common paint products.

♣ Glass

Safety glass not easily breakable when coated with transparent color (Fragments prevented.),

Vibration resistance, condensation resistance, insulation and sun light interrupting effect assured.


Application References by Function

Non-slip Application
Easyskin can be used for non-slip coating agent thanks for its unique slipping resistant characteristic of rubber when coated over the handle grip area of subject material.

- Non-slip handles for pencil, pen and other writing materials.

- Non-slip handles for hammers, pliers and other tools.

- Non-slip handles for glass cup subject to easy breakup.

- Non-slip handles for bicycle and motorcycle.

- Non-slip tires for automobiles.

- Non-slip footing for skate board.

Advertisement Leaflet Adhesive
The disadvantages of conventional way of attaching advertisement posters on automobile bodies come from the costly production of posters and difficulty when trying to take off to replace with new other posters because of strong adhesives. On the contrary, the Easyskin of Han Sung BCC offers the saving of cost and ease of taking off for not using any adhesives, by temporarily attaching the double sided tape at the backside of poster and simply coating the transparent Easyskin.
** Easyskin of Han Sung BCC does provide highly useful effect in attaching the election posters on promotion campaign vehicles for candidates.(Automobile bonnet) **

Insulation Material
Insulation feature of Easyskin allows application on electric cable with peeled off sheath as an alternative to electric insulation tape.

On-the-spot Repair
Easyskin offers the on-the-spot repair tool function against any gaps and scratches happened accidentally on wallet, bag, umbrella and etc. as a repair coating agent.

Easyskin with its excellent waterproofing function can be used as a material for final touch up finish on any potential water leakage areas.
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Waterproofing and Insulation
Easyskin can be used for condensation resistant coating agent on sign boards and street lighting fixtures subject to potential electric shortage with water leakage. (Waterproofing and electric insulation simultaneously provided.)

Protection and Safety
Easyskin helps offering protection and safety against potential impact induced at the time of vehicle collision accident with rubber characteristic of rolling up to one side providing buffer absorbing impact.

Protection against Manchurian Walnut Insect
Easyskin holds and protects the precious buildings against attack from the “insects eating up woods”, which is not possible by common paint products.

Sunlight Interrupting and Heat Insulation Effect
Spraying of Easyskin on window glass provide the effect of interrupting sunlight and insulation sustaining the room temperature. When coating the transparent paint, the effect of reducing the penetration of sunlight and viewing outside scene can be enjoyable.

Noise Resistance, Vibration Resistance, UV Interruption, Condensation Resistance and Safety Glass (Glass)
Coating of Easyskin on glass provides the effect of Noise Resistance, Vibration Resistance, UV Interruption and Condensation Resistance as well as function as a safety glass with no fragments.

Prevention of Static Electricity
Simply and lightly spray the Easyskin on any places subject to generation of static electricity such as automobile door handles, door knobs and etc.

Coating of Easyskin on windows of building under operation of air conditioning systems and any coolers (e.g., refrigerators) allows the saving of cooling or heating cost.
How to use (Aerosol)

1. Clean the area to be coated up, or wash the car and completely dry up.

2. Put the mask securely on with masking tape prior to the spraying.

3. Sufficiently (About 1 minutes) shake up before work and keep shaking as well while working.

4. Spray the product with 10~15 com distance from the point to be coated.

5. Apply thinly at the initial enough to see the ground through and apply normally from the second spray.

6. Do not spray too much amount of coat at once as it may create lumping or running down and staining.

7 .Make sure to remove the masking tape immediately after spraying over the section between edge of masking tape and coating area in order to obtain clean coating at edge area.

8. Clean the nozzle hole during the drying time after coating to prevent clogging.

- Easy and fast paining and removing works by anyone applicable. (Strippable & Peelable film)
- First spray type rubber wrapping in Korea.
- Set-to-touch Drying Time: 5 minutes, Complete Drying Time: 30 minutes
- Aerosol, Gallon type
- Property: Oil, Solvent and Water Resistant, Heat Resistant, High elongation and glossy.
- Strong on car wash
- Coverage: about car two wheels/ aerosol can, 20pcs for the whole car body.

- You have to be careful taking off the painted color for 3 days due to stabilize color in chemically.
- If you paint wrong color & remove it, please take off after waiting for 24hrs, for no damage on original material.
- In case of vehicle, you can wash your car with high-tension water & soap foam after 3 days.
- It may give some damage to repainted part of car. So you have to test it before use.
- If you spray very thinly at first, adhesion & function will be better.
- It is possible to dissolve some of plastic material. (For example : recycled plastic, EPS, etc.)

Where would you like to use Easyskin on? It all depends on your creativity.

People and Han Sung BCC keep our ears open to your voices.

Contact for Proposal with New Application Ideas : hsbcc@carmeleon.kr


youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/hansungbcc

How to spray by Aerosol?
            How to spray by Spray gun?        Why paint is going down?  

Strippable                   Easyskin resists high pressured car wash   Support waterproofing function

Clear safety film test                      Education                                      Bumper Scratch Resistance Test

Make a Coating Glove by Easyskin   Bonnet Coating (Matt Black)



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