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Urinary Incontinence Therapy Units for home use HnJ 1000

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[Product Description]

| Urinary Incontinence Therapy Units for home use HnJ 1000

Wear Type Bio-Feedback for home use

(Bio-Feedback using in clothes)

Contrary to Insertion Type Bio-Feedback, Wear Type Bio-Feedback allows the user's pelvic muscle to contract and relax directly against external load as exercising the arms with dumbbells. This helps the bulk of pelvic muscle to be increased quickly enabling to recover the bearing power of the bladder and the urethra. Our Bio-Feedback Equipment is the first "Wear Type" in the world.

- How it works

As the up-to-the-minute Bio-Feedback Equipment, through the sensor located on the center of chair, approx 10 kg weight is pressed on the patient’s pelvic muscle. The pelvic muscle is to be contracted against the physical pressure. Then the power of contraction on the pelvic muscle is sensed and the sensed value is displayed on the computer screen.

(In case of exercising the arms with empty hands, it is hard to apply pressure to the arms contrary to the intention but in case of exercising with 10 kg dumbbells, it is easy to apply pressure to the arms. Such principle is applied to our product.)


[Product Features]

- Characteristics

This is the up-to-the-minute product enabling to use conveniently in patient’s clothes and to train by applying 10 kg weight to the pelvic muscle as if exercising the arms with dumbbells. (Up-to-the-minute product developed by picking out only the advantages of Insertion Type Bio-Feedback and Magnetic Therapy Units)  

- Advantages

1) Convenient Use
2) Easy Training
3) Convenient Operation
4) Possible to use in early stage after surgical operation
5) High Effect of Training
6) Securing global key original technology

- How to Use

An appropriate weight calculated automatically is applied to the pelvic muscle, which helps to perceive the pelvic muscle easily.
After that as if containing urine, apply pressure to the pelvic muscle with watching the screen till the red line hits the bar graph of trapezoid (see the left figure).

- Purpose of Use

The use of pelvic muscle is rare at ordinary times. In case of women, injury or weakening of pelvic muscle due to pregnancy and childbirth is one of the causes of urinary incontinence and lowering of sexual function. The exercise for pelvic muscle helps its bulk to be expanded and supports the bladder and the urethra systematically. Therefore, though the abdominal pressure is high, the pelvic muscle is contracted quickly and powerfully enabling urine not to run out by blocking the descent of the bladder and the urethra.

- Suggestions in Use

•Use the outlet connected to the grounding terminal.
•Clean dust on the metal and other parts of the power plug and insert the plug in a wall outlet firmly.
•Confirm if the electric wire is connected exactly.
•Confirm if the power switch is ON on the reverse side of the body
•Watch the product and the patient carefully if there is something wrong.
•If there is something wrong in the product of patient, take a proper measure: in case of the patient, lead in a safe state; in case of the product, stop the running.
•Do not use this product if you put on the cardiac pacemakers are pregnant are menstruating take wine; take medicine; or are suffering hypertension.
•For right exercise, it is recommended not to use your body but contract only your sphincter.
•In case of finding something wrong, disconnect it from the electricity supply and pull the plug out of the socket.
•After the Power is OFF, separate the power cord.

- How to keep and Control after Use

Keep out of high temperature, high percentage of humidity, and/or the direct rays of the sun.
Do not apply excessive impact load to this product.
Do not rest other electric appliance on this product.
While not use this product, disconnect it from the electricity supply.
Terms of use - Temperature: +10℃~+40℃, humidity: not exceeding 30 ~ 75 %
Terms of Keep - Temperature: -20℃~+60℃, humidity: not exceeding 95%
Finding Malfunction or Something Wrong
In case of finding something wrong, must not disjoint or break up but contact to this company for repair service.
The repair service should be conducted by a designed technical expert.
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