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ANYSES 140KVA ESD Energy Saving Device

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Power-saving device fabrication specifications and electrical characteristics

Anyses Power-saving devices are Indoor wall-mounted type, ambient temperature of -5℃+ 30℃, and should be installed less than 1000m above sea level.

Electrical Specification [100KVA]
Input Voltage

3phase 4lines 380V/220V 60HZ
Output Voltage 3phase 4lines 380V/220V 60HZ
allowed Current

Output Voltage Range 380V - 359V
Technology for Variable Output Voltage

Automatic TAP Change Method(AVR)

Capacity 140KVA
Front Display
  3. KW METER DIGITAL (Optional)


a. Dimension : 580mm X 450mm X 780mm
b. Material & : 1.6t thickness steel with front door
c. Painting : 7.5BG 6/1.5


a. By-pass function operate automatically without blackout if output voltage is lower than 359V(can be changed)
b. Mounted temperature sensor work with By-pass function and Emergency Lamp when it detect high temperature
c. TAP can be changed to maximize Power Saving Rate
d. It can generate stable 3 phase output voltage even input voltage is not same.


a. Check delivered Item is same specification
b. Input Voltage 384V (Automatic TAP1) : check output voltage 359V each phase
c. Input Voltage 378V (Automatic TAP2) : check output voltage 359V each phase
d. Input Voltage 371V (Automatic TAP3) : check output voltage 359V each phase
e. Input Voltage 370V (Bypass) : check output voltage 370V each phase
f. Disconnect R,S,T (Bypass) : check bypass function when blackout only one phase
g. Registance(isolation) test should be 500V mega //5M
h. Internal Voltage Test should be tested with regular frequency and 2000V for 1 minute (except PCB and control circuit)
i. Load test have to be passed with regular voltage and current (below 80C)


The items that not decribed here will follow Electrical Installation Technology Standard


We are introducing ANYSES
ESD (Energy Saving Device)

Providing variable environment can save electricity to overcome the limit of manual power saving, and Applying efficient economical saving system

Nation wide Energy Saving
- Carbon Dioxide Cash-back System
- OECD recommend increase electricity price
- Regulation of energy consumption is getting stronger
- 97% of Energy imported
- Consumption quarter for building
- Substitute products for increasing electric price
- Assign Carbon dioxide emission control country
- Smart energy metering system

What is Anyses
Anyses Product key technology, mutual Induction Reactor, enable to control power that providing electronic devices (ex ; lights, motor). So that saves electric consumption with controlling voltage and current that providing to load.

Principle of Anyses
There is 2 coils, 1st is voltage coil, and 2nd is current coil. If voltage apply to 1st voltage coil, current will move reverse direction on 2nd current coil, and current will induce voltage coil. And then, voltage coil current will increase and will flow to output. Increased amount will feedback to decreasing input current for the effect of mutual Induction Reactor Power saving device.
It increase saving rate with automatically control few TAPs, and it can by-pass because serial connection.


Anyses saving power recursing induction current that created on 2nd coil to 1st voltage coil Proving Voltage have maximum +-10% variance for the reason of transmission line condition P=I.V.θ
This equation shows that consuming power (P) is proportional with voltage(V) in case of continuous load and power factor(θ). ANYSES product saves consuming power with TAP and dropping voltage in case input voltage is higher than configuration.


The power saving concept of Anyses
Power saving is to conserve electricity by reducing or getting rid of unnecessary power consumption. In general, electrical device or facilities are designed to have 1.2 ~ 1.5 times more reserves by taking safety levels and a drop in efficiency into consideration. So, they consume more than necessary power.
Anyenergy enable varied devices and facilities to reduce their power consumption through the controlling of voltage levels within the required operating ranges and by improving power factors. It is a reliable power saving system that enables devices and facilities to last longer.
▪ Capability to curve the motor while controlling the authenticated voltage level

The power saving principle

Power supply
The “Electricity Utilities industry Law” stipulates that for 220V level, the standard voltage supplied by a power supplier shall range within ±26V from 354V to 406V.
The supply voltage level will differ depending on its regional areas. In general, when there is a drop in voltage is within an accepted deviation of standard voltage mentioned above. As for devices using 220V or 380V, standard voltage should range within ±10% from 198V to 242V and from 342V to 418V, respectively, for normal use and performance as defined in specs.

Power saving principle
Anyenergy is a power saving system that controls voltage and currents at the same time concerning the motor and lamps. This system checks whether the motor has the proper voltage levels needed for loading rate, limits the starting current, balances the three-phases and enhances the power factor. Through these functions, this system improves the quality of the power as a whole by bringing about a synergy effect. As for illumination actions, it maintains a proper brightness and lamp current, and copes automatically with the changes in input voltage levels. Of course, Anyenergy is a reactor-style power saving system that protects load devices while extending their life span.

The performance Anyses
- Automatic voltage Regulation
- Phase Balancing
- Extending Life Span
- Remove Noise and Harmonics
- Power Factor Correlation
▪ Saving electrical charges(Payback period : 1.5 ~ 2years / It lasts more than 15years)
▪ Protecting various electrical devices
▪ Being equipped with various protection systems(UV, OL, IOC, TH)

Anyses Price Policy(Only a reference)
Description KVA(60HZ/50HZ) Model Number End User Price In Korea(USD)
3 Phases 4(3) lines (380/220V) for multiful load 10(15A)/(13A) ANYS-60-3438-0010 1,358
20(30A)/25A) ANYS-60-3438-0020 2,167
30(46A)/(38A) ANYS-50-3438-0030 3,619
50(76A)/(63A) ANYS-50-3438-0050 5,252
60(91A)/(96A) ANYS-50-3438-0060 7,067
75(114A)/97A) ANYS-50-3438-0080 7,793
100(151A)/(125A) ANYS-50-3438-0100 8,691
140(221A)/(183A) ANYS-50-3438-0140 9,157
200(300A)/(245A) ANYS-50-3438-0200 13,589
300 ANYS-60-3438-0300 19,156
500 ANYS-60-3438-0500 32,914
600 ANYS-60-3438-0600 -
700 ANYS-60-3438-0700 -
800 ANYS-60-3438-0800 -
900 ANYS-60-3438-0900 -
1,000 ANYS-60-3438-1000 -
10(45A)/(37A) ANYS-60-1222-0010 2,359
20(91A)/(76A) ANYS-60-1222-0020 4,356
30(136A)/(123A) ANYS-60-1222-0030 5,445
40(182A)/(151A) ANYS-60-1222-0040 6,352
50(227A)(188A) ANYS-60-1222-0050 7,623
220Vforhousing 8(36A)/(30A)   700



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