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Nose Clean

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Nose mask
Environmental dust, Pollen, Harmful material filtering mask
Regular and Advanced, contains Silver (AG), replaceable filter (9set)
Protect your ‘lungs’!
Hanji filter, naturally created humidity (vapor, meninges), Phytoncide humidity, 1st filter, 2nd filter
SEM photo of the insides of Hanji
Humid environment is naturally created
Phytoncide humidifier Nose Clean
  1. 3-step assembly nose-insertion filter
  2. Filtering pollen and dust
  3. Replaceable filter
  4. Natural Hanji & cotton

When purchased, average nose area size
Adolescent, Female / Male / Foreigner

* Please purchase after measuring the nostril size using the graduated ruler in the case.
Build the filter after washing the silicon tube under the following water and shaking once to get rid of the moist, once everyday when changing filter.

General: General type 1set + filter 2set
Advanced: Advanced 1set + filter 2set
Refill: Hanji filter 9set(Sanitary due to individual packaging)
General set : General type + filter 9set + storage case
Advanced set : Advanced type + filter 9set + storage case

Contains ‘Hanji filter’ and ‘Phytoncide’
  • 3-step assembly ‘nose-insertion filter mask’
  • Using natural ‘Hanji’ and ‘ Cotton’ ‘Eco-friendly Filter’
  • Replaceable one-time use Hanji filter ‘sanitary product’
  • Thin, clear silicon for ‘comfortable wearabilty’ and ‘reduction of exposal’
  • ‘Phytoncide’ added onto the filter ‘enhances virus purification’ inside the nose
  • Reusable and replaceable filter of silicon tube ‘Refill product’
  • Sizes regarding the area of the nose (L,M,S) ‘individual-customized product’
  • When worn, it attaches to the nose ‘Product that can breathe using the filter’
  • During breathing, the humidity created within the dual-tube (silicon) structure and the fine hair on the surface of the Hanji filter ‘effectively blocks micro dust’
Nose Clean is a product that can be used again by replacing the ‘Hanji’ filter.
Dual-tube made with silicon can be reused after washing in warm water.
Hanji filter (replaceable) -99.9% sanitation effect
Silicon body - smooth air regulation
Product structure-3-step assembly filter mask
Silicon tube –harmless silicon –body type customized size S/M/L

Product configuration

Body: Harmless to body LDPE
Filter: Cellulose fiber (Hanji) / ‘cotton’ / ‘polyester’(finishing ‘thread’) / ‘Phytoncide’ components
Dual-tube: Silicon that is harmless to human body (Advanced type ‘Silver’(AG) components)
Product description 1

Nose mask for blocking environmental dust, pollen, and harmful materials
Nose-insertion natural filter that used natural materials that combined Hanji and cotton

Order of making Nose Cleaner
LDPE body > natural filter > silicon tube > finished product

Harmless LDPE
  • Numerous through-tube (to maintain the air circulation)
  • Natural Hanji, cotton, Phytoncide (creates humidity due to temperature difference when breathing, humidity inside nose, maintain temperature)
  • Silicon harmless to body (fixing from escaping, sticks onto the skin inside nose, filtering using the fine hair of Hanji filter)
  • Nose Clean (Nose-insertion mask, 3-step assembly)
Product description 2

U-shape clip
- Solves the safety issues of being inserted deep inside nose
- When removing, it is designed to remove by pulling on the ring of U-shape clip

-When worn, leads to stable wearability
-Placed in the middle of the nose, so stable wearability

BI exposure
- Location confirmation when worn at front

Using Nose Clean
-Opened products cannot be refunded or exchanged.
-Refrain from operations and sports that require heavy breathing after wearing.
-Do not sleep or go inside of the water after wearing.
-Please keep away from children’s reach.
-Please remove when eating.
-Do not use if you have runny nose.
-Do not use for other purposes.
- If not worn properly, it will be difficult to breathe or feel uncomfortable. (See the example)
- Build the filter after washing the silicon tube under the following water and shaking once to get rid of the moist, once everyday when changing filter.
-Build onto the silicon after attaching the filter onto the body.
-If you have a runny nose after wearing Nose Clean, remove mucus using Q-tips or tissue.
-If the filter is wet due to mucus, change the filter.
-Store the Nose Cleaner inside the case when not using.
-Use the case by washing it once everyday after drying thoroughly.
- When inserting inside nose, push deep inside nose until the filter is unseen when facing front using index finger and thumb.
You can realize why ‘Nose Cleaner’ is great after using it just once!
We recommend it for the following people:
Pregnant women
People sensitive to dust and pollen, carrier of rhinitis disease
People who use the subway
Workers who work outside
Smoker, second-hand smoker
Workers working inside construction sites
Cooking in the kitchen, cleaning indoors and bathroom -> Housewives
People who suffer from fogging up the glasses when wearing mask
Women who cannot wear masks due to make up
Safe product that passed various tests from verification centers!
We present you clean air!
Q What is the average size being worn?
A On average, women wear S and men wear M.
*Take note that this is only average statistics
Q What are the functions of the filter?
A 1st filter: Results from the dust collection efficiency test at the Korea Energy Technique Institute, Nose Clean blocks up to 53.8%~69.1% of environmental dust (PM2.5).
  2nd filter: When breathing, the Nose Clean silicon’s dual-tube structure creates humidity, fine hair of ‘Hanji’ blocks the environmental dust effectively, and ‘Phytoncide’ added onto the filter purifies the viruses inside the nose.
Q It is difficult to breathe and wear
A This kind of discomfort may happen if the size of your Nose Cleaner does not fit you.
 *Please remove any particles inside nose before putting in.
 *Please check the S/M/L area size before ordering.
Q From what age can this be worn?
A Children from ages 10 (with small nostrils) can start using them.
  (If S fits inside the child’s nose, it is fine.) But, make sure to use with exposing the “silicon connection ring”
Q Can I use while eating?
A Please remove before eating.
Q For how long can I use it?
A Nose Clean filter: Change the filter every 4-6 hours if the density value of environmental dust in atmosphere is high or using the subway for a long time.
Change it once a day if the density value of environmental dust is normal.
Replaceable filter: There are 9 sets per box. Depending on the density value of environmental dust, you can change it once or twice a day, and you can use it up to 9 days.


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AirLab Co.,Ltd.

AirLab Co.,Ltd.

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In the midst of February 2003, Air Lap was born in a construction company while working in a subway station. In the process of going out and leaving the station, while walking inside the train, my chest felt frustrated and I could not breathe properly. Also, when we released my nose, we made a firm commitment to make a good product that can protect myself from the black foreign matter. At that time, we came to think of the mask in my nose. We started studying the products at that time, <2014> 'Jeonbuk Entrepreneurship Competition Grand Prize', 'Korea Entrepreneurship League Prize' <2015> We have been able to create the current products with various researches and expert support such as "entrance" and "selection of excellent idea of ​​creative economy town". Airlab is a company that is one of the creative companies to create "nasal implant filter" or "NOSE CLEAN" (nose clean). It is not satisfied with the current products, We will promise to be a company that contributes to society that gives priority to customer satisfaction and service. We would like to ask you for your interest and love, and I wish you always health and happiness. Thank you.
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